Available Trains

12618   Mngla Lksdp Exp

Khandwa (00:15)Kalyan Jn (08:30)
13201   Rjpb Ltt Exp

Khandwa (00:35)Lokmanyatilak T (11:30)
01188   Gwl Ltt Spl

Khandwa (00:55)Lokmanyatilak T (12:05)
12321   Hwh Mumbai Mail

Khandwa (01:05)Mumbai Cst (11:25)
12187   Mumbai Garibrat

Khandwa (02:35)Mumbai Cst (12:15)
02187   Cstm Garibrath

Khandwa (02:35)Mumbai Cst (12:15)
04112   Gwl Ltt Exp

Khandwa (02:35)Lokmanyatilak T (12:05)
01102   Gwl Ltt Special

Khandwa (02:35)Lokmanyatilak T (12:05)
01702   Jbp Cstm Spl

Khandwa (02:35)Mumbai Cst (12:15)
18609   Rnc Ltt Express

Khandwa (02:35)Lokmanyatilak T (12:05)
12168   Bsb Ltt Sup Exp

Khandwa (03:10)Lokmanyatilak T (12:30)
04115   Ald Ltt Spl

Khandwa (03:55)Lokmanyatilak T (14:50)
11094   Mahanagari Exp

Khandwa (04:15)Mumbai Cst (14:15)
05031   Gkp Ltt Spl

Khandwa (06:50)Lokmanyatilak T (17:50)
15018   Gkp Ltt Exp

Khandwa (08:20)Lokmanyatilak T (18:40)
12520   Kyq Ltt Ac Exp

Khandwa (08:40)Lokmanyatilak T (17:50)
12335   Bgp Ltt Express

Khandwa (10:05)Lokmanyatilak T (20:00)
14314   Be Ltt Express

Khandwa (10:05)Lokmanyatilak T (20:00)
15646   Ghy Ltt Exp

Khandwa (10:05)Lokmanyatilak T (20:00)
15648   Ghy Ltt Express

Khandwa (10:05)Lokmanyatilak T (20:00)
12533   Pushpak Exp

Khandwa (10:30)Mumbai Cst (20:05)
12742   Pnbe Vsg Expres

Khandwa (11:30)Kalyan Jn (20:55)
05650   Kyq Ltt Special

Khandwa (11:30)Lokmanyatilak T (22:45)
11070   Tulsi Express

Khandwa (11:30)Lokmanyatilak T (21:40)
21068   Saket Link Exp

Khandwa (11:30)Lokmanyatilak T (21:40)
11068   Saket Express

Khandwa (11:30)Lokmanyatilak T (21:40)
01048   Gkp Cstm Spl

Khandwa (11:45)Mumbai Cst (00:10)
01028   Bsb Cstm Spl

Khandwa (12:20)Mumbai Cst (23:30)
03061   Hwh Ltt Special

Khandwa (12:20)Lokmanyatilak T (23:50)
11072   Kamayani Expres

Khandwa (12:50)Lokmanyatilak T (23:05)
12162   Lashkar Express

Khandwa (13:05)Lokmanyatilak T (22:45)
01020   Lko Cstm Spl

Khandwa (16:05)Mumbai Cst (01:00)
11058   Asr Ltt Express

Khandwa (16:45)Lokmanyatilak T (03:50)
11066   Dbg Ltt Express

Khandwa (17:00)Lokmanyatilak T (03:40)
11062   Mfp Ltt Express

Khandwa (17:00)Lokmanyatilak T (03:40)
11016   Kushinagar Exp

Khandwa (17:20)Lokmanyatilak T (04:20)
01062   Mau Ltt Spl

Khandwa (17:35)Lokmanyatilak T (04:10)
12541   Gkp Ltt Sup Exp

Khandwa (18:10)Lokmanyatilak T (04:00)
12144   Sln Ltt Sf Sp

Khandwa (18:50)Lokmanyatilak T (04:10)
12361   Asn Cstm Expres

Khandwa (20:45)Mumbai Cst (06:15)
01058   Mfp Ltt Specia

Khandwa (21:05)Lokmanyatilak T (06:05)
12138   Punjab Mail

Khandwa (21:45)Mumbai Cst (07:35)
12154   Hbj Ltt Sup Exp

Khandwa (22:30)Lokmanyatilak T (07:30)

About Mumbai City

Mumbai, previously known as Bombay is the capital of the West Indian state of Maharashtra. A metropolitan city, Mumbai is also called the ‘commercial and entertainment capital of India'. Flanked by the Arabian Sea in the western side, Mumbai enjoys the moderate climate round the year. Mumbai is known world over for being the home of Bollywood one of biggest film industries in the world. In fact, Mumbai is a happening city, it never sleeps and offers lots of things to do and see. The glamorous city abounds with late night parties, eating joints and many other entertainment places open all night. Besides, the rich cultural heritage, visible in life style of common people, adding more charm to the city.

More About - Khandwa To Mumbai Trains

Are you looking for a train from khandwa to mumbai? If yes, know about some of the major trains that run between these stations. Some of the trains running on this route are Gkp Ltt Sup Exp, Cstm Garibrath, Saket Link Exp, Lashkar Express, Bgp Ltt Express, Saket Express, Mau Ltt Spl, Gwl Ltt Exp, Pushpak Exp, Rnc Ltt Express. There are different starting junctions like Khandwa. Different trains running from khandwa to mumbai takes time approximately from 12 hrs 25 mins to 8 hours 15 mins. You can plan your trip according to your choice. Choose train that run on daily basis like Pushpak Exp, Gkp Ltt Sup Exp, Kushinagar Exp, Gkp Ltt Exp, Asr Ltt Express, Punjab Mail, Rjpb Ltt Exp, Mngla Lksdp Exp, Bsb Ltt Sup Exp, Hwh Mumbai Mail or train that run weekly like Mumbai Garibrat, Saket Link Exp, Gwl Ltt Special, Gwl Ltt Spl, Saket Express, Lko Cstm Spl, Tulsi Express, Asn Cstm Expres, Mau Ltt Spl, Bsb Cstm Spl etc. There are number of trains running daily and sporadically from Khandwa( like Rnc Ltt Express, Gkp Ltt Spl, Bsb Cstm Spl, Saket Link Exp, Sln Ltt Sf Sp, Hwh Mumbai Mail, Asr Ltt Express, Mau Ltt Spl, Mngla Lksdp Exp, Asn Cstm Expres ).