Available Trains 

12153   Habibganj Exp

Khandwa (01:20)Habibganj (05:30)
12161   Lashkar Express

Khandwa (01:20)Bhopal Jn (05:25)
12781   Swarna Jayanthi

Khandwa (02:35)Bhopal Jn (06:25)
12147   Nizamuddin Exp

Khandwa (02:35)Bhopal Jn (06:25)
12103   Pa Lucknow Exp

Khandwa (02:35)Bhopal Jn (06:50)
12143   Ltt Sln Sup Exp

Khandwa (02:50)Bhopal Jn (07:10)
04116   Ltt Ald Spl

Khandwa (03:05)Bhopal Jn (09:05)
01094   Ald Teachers Sp

Khandwa (03:05)Bhopal Jn (09:00)
04111   Ltt Gwl Spl

Khandwa (03:05)Bhopal Jn (08:45)
01101   Ltt Gwl Spl

Khandwa (03:05)Bhopal Jn (08:45)
11077   Jhelum Express

Khandwa (04:40)Bhopal Jn (09:05)
12137   Punjab Mail

Khandwa (05:10)Bhopal Jn (09:35)
12943   Udyogkarmi Exp

Khandwa (06:40)Bhopal Jn (10:35)
11015   Kushinagar Exp

Khandwa (09:15)Bhopal Jn (13:55)
01011   Pune Hbj Spl

Khandwa (09:25)Habibganj (14:40)
11057   Amritsar Expres

Khandwa (09:40)Bhopal Jn (15:05)
12720   Hyb Aii Sup Exp

Khandwa (09:55)Bhopal Jn (14:35)
05032   Ltt Gkp Spl

Khandwa (10:45)Bhopal Jn (17:20)
07129   Kcg Aii Spl

Khandwa (10:55)Bhopal Jn (16:30)
07125   Hyb Aii Spl

Khandwa (13:05)Bhopal Jn (18:25)
11069   Tulsi Express

Khandwa (14:35)Bhopal Jn (18:40)
17305   Nzm Link Exp

Khandwa (15:10)Bhopal Jn (19:35)
12779   Goa Express

Khandwa (15:10)Bhopal Jn (19:35)
04011   Snsi Nzm Spl

Khandwa (17:00)Bhopal Jn (21:40)
12534   Pushpak Express

Khandwa (17:25)Bhopal Jn (21:00)
14313   Bareilly Exp

Khandwa (17:40)Bhopal Jn (22:25)
12627   Karnataka Exp

Khandwa (19:35)Bhopal Jn (23:25)
12421   Ned Asr Sup Exp

Khandwa (20:25)Bhopal Jn (00:20)
12485   Ned Sgnr Expres

Khandwa (20:25)Bhopal Jn (00:20)
12715   Sachkhand Exp

Khandwa (21:05)Bhopal Jn (00:50)
12542   Ltt Gkp Sup Exp

Khandwa (21:20)Bhopal Jn (01:10)
11071   Kamayani Expres

Khandwa (22:00)Bhopal Jn (02:30)
12617   Mangala Ldweep

Khandwa (22:45)Bhopal Jn (02:35)
05024   Pune Gkp Specia

Khandwa (23:00)Bhopal Jn (03:35)
01187   Ltt Gwl Specia

Khandwa (23:45)Bhopal Jn (05:25)
09716   Sur Jaipur Spl

Khandwa (23:55)Bairagarh (05:12)

More About - Khandwa To Bhopal Trains 

Planning to travel from khandwa to bhopal via rail. Find the list of trains according to your suitability. To name some trains that run from khandwa to bhopal are Kushinagar Exp, Nizamuddin Exp, Ned Asr Sup Exp, Nzm Link Exp, Hyb Aii Spl, Ltt Gwl Specia, Sachkhand Exp, Ned Sgnr Expres, Mangala Ldweep, Jhelum Express and etc. Know the train routes from different locations in khandwa like Khandwa. Choose trains between khandwa to bhopal with time approximately from 6 hrs 35 mins to 3 hours 35 mins. You can plan your trip according to your choice. Choose train that run on daily basis like Karnataka Exp, Jhelum Express, Kushinagar Exp, Goa Express, Nzm Link Exp, Mangala Ldweep, Pushpak Express, Amritsar Expres, Kamayani Expres, Ltt Gkp Sup Exp or train that run weekly like Pune Gkp Specia, Hyb Aii Spl, Ald Teachers Sp, Swarna Jayanthi, Sur Jaipur Spl, Ltt Gwl Specia, Pune Hbj Spl, Snsi Nzm Spl, Udyogkarmi Exp, Kcg Aii Spl etc. There are different pick up points in khandwa from Khandwa( like Hyb Aii Spl, Ltt Gkp Spl, Nizamuddin Exp, Swarna Jayanthi, Ltt Gwl Specia, Ned Sgnr Expres, Goa Express, Ltt Ald Spl, Kcg Aii Spl, Udyogkarmi Exp ).