Available Trains

16360   Pnbe Ers Expres

Khammam (00:37)Tirupati (09:50)
07509   Adb Qln Spl

Khammam (01:06)Tirupati (10:45)
07111   Skzr Qln Spl

Khammam (01:06)Tirupati (10:45)
07505   Awb Qln Spl

Khammam (01:06)Tirupati (10:45)
07145   Sc Tpty Spl

Khammam (03:45)Tirupati (12:00)
07503   Nsl Tpty Spl

Khammam (09:32)Tirupati (18:30)
07405   Awb Tpty Spl

Khammam (10:02)Tirupati (19:00)
17406   Krishna Exp

Khammam (10:11)Tirupati (21:25)
16318   Himsagar Exp

Khammam (17:10)Tirupati (01:20)
07166   Hyb Qln Spl

Khammam (18:40)Tirupati (04:45)
16688   Navyug Express

Khammam (20:20)Tirupati (06:05)
07109   Hyb Qln Spl

Khammam (20:39)Renigunta Jn (06:20)
12764   Padmavati Exp

Khammam (22:25)Tirupati (07:00)
02762   Krmr Tpty Spl

Khammam (23:15)Tirupati (07:55)

More About - Khammam To Tirupati Trains

If you are travelling from khammam to tirupati then there are number of trains you can choose. Some of the trains that run on this route are Pnbe Ers Expres, Hyb Qln Spl, Navyug Express, Adb Qln Spl, Krishna Exp, Padmavati Exp, Skzr Qln Spl, Awb Qln Spl, Awb Tpty Spl and etc. Know the train routes from different locations in khammam like Khammam. There are different trains that travel from khammam to tirupati and time taken by these trains varies from 11 hrs 14 mins to 8 hours 10 mins. You can book your tickets on trains that run daily like Krishna Exp or trains that run weekly like Awb Qln Spl, Nsl Tpty Spl, Himsagar Exp, Krmr Tpty Spl, Skzr Qln Spl, Navyug Express, Sc Tpty Spl, Adb Qln Spl, Padmavati Exp, Awb Tpty Spl and etc. Get your tickets booked on trains from Khammam( like Krmr Tpty Spl, Skzr Qln Spl, Himsagar Exp, Awb Tpty Spl, Hyb Qln Spl, Pnbe Ers Expres, Padmavati Exp, Adb Qln Spl, Sc Tpty Spl, Krishna Exp ).