Available Trains

04056   Ddn Ndls Ac Spl

Haridwar Jn (00:40)Roorkee (01:33)
12206   Ddn Ndls Ac Exp

Haridwar Jn (00:55)Roorkee (01:38)
18478   Kalingautkalexp

Haridwar Jn (06:00)Roorkee (06:45)
12056   Ndls Janshatabd

Haridwar Jn (06:25)Roorkee (07:03)
19566   Uttaranchal Exp

Haridwar Jn (07:45)Roorkee (08:28)
14310   Ujjaiyani Exp

Haridwar Jn (07:45)Roorkee (08:28)
14318   Ddn Indb Exp

Haridwar Jn (07:45)Roorkee (08:28)
12288   Ddn Kcvl Sup Ex

Haridwar Jn (07:45)Roorkee (08:28)
12688   Ddn Mas Exp

Haridwar Jn (08:30)Roorkee (09:28)
19020   Dehradun Exp

Motichur (12:02)Roorkee (14:43)
12053   Hw Asr Jnshtbdi

Haridwar Jn (14:30)Roorkee (15:15)
12063   Hw Uhl Link Jsh

Haridwar Jn (14:30)Roorkee (15:15)
19106   Hw Adi Mail

Haridwar Jn (15:10)Roorkee (16:21)
14711   Rksh Sgnr Exp

Haridwar Jn (16:10)Roorkee (17:23)
14609   Hemkunt Exp

Haridwar Jn (17:50)Roorkee (18:35)
12018   Dehradun Shtbdi

Haridwar Jn (18:13)Roorkee (18:48)
12912   Hw Bl Sup Exp

Haridwar Jn (18:50)Roorkee (19:38)
12172   Hw Ltt Ac Sf

Haridwar Jn (18:50)Roorkee (19:38)
24887   Hw Bme Link Exp

Haridwar Jn (19:10)Roorkee (20:06)
09639   Hw Aii Special

Haridwar Jn (20:00)Roorkee (20:55)
14631   Ddn Asr Express

Haridwar Jn (21:50)Roorkee (23:06)

More About - Haridwar To Roorkee Trains

Are you looking for a train from haridwar to roorkee? If yes, know about some of the major trains that run between these stations. Trains that run on this route are Ddn Indb Exp, Uttaranchal Exp, Ujjaiyani Exp, Ddn Asr Express, Rksh Sgnr Exp, Ddn Mas Exp, Ddn Ndls Ac Spl, Ddn Kcvl Sup Ex, Dehradun Shtbdi, Hw Ltt Ac Sf and etc. There are various points from where you can catch up these trains like Haridwar Jn. You can also choose your train according to total time taken by different trains which varies from 2 hrs 41 mins to 0 hours 35 mins. You can choose any of the trains that run on daily basis like Kalingautkalexp, Hw Bme Link Exp, Dehradun Shtbdi, Ddn Ndls Ac Exp, Ndls Janshatabd, Dehradun Exp, Ddn Asr Express, Hw Adi Mail, Rksh Sgnr Exp, Hemkunt Exp or some weekly trains like Ddn Kcvl Sup Ex, Ddn Indb Exp, Ddn Ndls Ac Spl, Ujjaiyani Exp, Uttaranchal Exp, Hw Aii Special, Hw Asr Jnshtbdi, Hw Uhl Link Jsh, Ddn Mas Exp, Hw Ltt Ac Sf and etc. Choose your pickup points from Haridwar Jn( like Ndls Janshatabd, Ddn Asr Express, Ddn Ndls Ac Exp, Hw Adi Mail, Ujjaiyani Exp, Ddn Indb Exp, Ddn Kcvl Sup Ex, Ddn Ndls Ac Spl, Hw Aii Special, Hw Bme Link Exp ), Motichur( like Dehradun Exp ).