Available Trains

18239   Gad Ngp Exp

Gondia Jn (01:50)Nagpur (05:30)
16327   Krba Tvc Expres

Gondia Jn (02:25)Nagpur (04:35)
58111   Tata Itr Pass

Gondia Jn (03:40)Itwari (06:45)
12860   Gitanjali Exp

Gondia Jn (05:15)Nagpur (07:20)
02870   Hwh Ltt Spl

Gondia Jn (05:55)Nagpur (08:20)
12870   Hwh Cstm Expres

Gondia Jn (06:00)Nagpur (08:20)
12574   Hwh Snsi Expres

Gondia Jn (06:00)Nagpur (08:20)
11040   Maharashtra Exp

Gondia Jn (08:20)Ajni (11:03)
22846   Hte Pune Exp

Gondia Jn (08:35)Nagpur (10:55)
18473   Puri Ju Express

Gondia Jn (08:35)Nagpur (10:55)
18030   Shm Ltt Express

Gondia Jn (10:15)Ajni (13:48)
08612   Hte Ngp Special

Gondia Jn (10:36)Nagpur (13:15)
12409   Gondwana Expres

Gondia Jn (10:39)Nagpur (12:45)
17006   Dbg Hyb Express

Gondia Jn (10:57)Nagpur (13:40)
12810   Hwh Mumbai Mail

Gondia Jn (12:00)Nagpur (14:10)
18405   Puri Adi Exp

Gondia Jn (12:37)Nagpur (14:35)
12994   Puri Gimb Exp

Gondia Jn (12:37)Nagpur (14:35)
12843   Puri Adi Exp

Gondia Jn (12:37)Nagpur (14:35)
22827   Puri Surat Exp

Gondia Jn (12:37)Nagpur (14:35)
12743   Puri St Wkly Ex

Gondia Jn (12:37)Nagpur (14:35)
22619   Bsp Ten Express

Gondia Jn (12:55)Nagpur (15:05)
12787   Bsp Ten Express

Gondia Jn (12:55)Nagpur (15:05)
22815   Bsp Ers S F Exp

Gondia Jn (12:55)Nagpur (15:05)
12130   Azad Hind Exp

Gondia Jn (13:39)Nagpur (15:40)
12102   Jnaneswarisupdl

Gondia Jn (14:15)Nagpur (16:20)
12906   Hwh Pbr Okhaex

Gondia Jn (14:15)Nagpur (16:20)
12106   Vidarbha Expres

Gondia Jn (14:55)Ajni (17:22)
12152   Samarsata Exp

Gondia Jn (15:40)Nagpur (17:50)
12950   Pbr Kaviguru Ex

Gondia Jn (15:40)Nagpur (17:50)
12146   Bbs Ltt Sup Exp

Gondia Jn (15:40)Nagpur (17:50)
12849   Bsp Pune Sup Ex

Gondia Jn (16:10)Nagpur (18:20)
12834   Hwh Adi Express

Gondia Jn (16:48)Ajni (19:19)
12441   Bsp Ndls Raj Ex

Gondia Jn (18:24)Nagpur (20:25)
18237   Chattisgarh Exp

Gondia Jn (19:23)Nagpur (21:40)
12807   Samta Express

Gondia Jn (20:05)Nagpur (22:25)
12855   Nagpur Intercit

Gondia Jn (20:55)Nagpur (23:00)
08060   Shm Ltt Sf Spl

Gondia Jn (21:40)Nagpur (00:05)
12812   Hte Ltt Super

Gondia Jn (21:40)Nagpur (00:05)
12880   Bbs Ltt Sf Exp

Gondia Jn (21:40)Nagpur (00:05)

More About - Gondia To Nagpur Trains

Planning to travel from gondia to nagpur via rail. Find the list of trains according to your suitability. Some of the trains that run on this route are Dbg Hyb Express, Hwh Ltt Spl, Hwh Cstm Expres, Hte Pune Exp, Bsp Ten Express, Vidarbha Expres, Puri Gimb Exp, Chattisgarh Exp, Bsp Ndls Raj Ex, Shm Ltt Express and etc. The train starts from various stations in gondia like Gondia Jn. There are different trains that travel from gondia to nagpur and time taken by these trains varies from 3 hrs 40 mins to 1 hours 58 mins. Out of these 11 trains run daily and are Shm Ltt Express, Gad Ngp Exp, Hwh Adi Express, Chattisgarh Exp, Maharashtra Exp, Vidarbha Expres, Hwh Mumbai Mail, Gitanjali Exp, Nagpur Intercit, Tata Itr Pass and 28 are on weekly basis. There are number of trains running daily and sporadically from Gondia Jn( like Hwh Adi Express, Puri St Wkly Ex, Bbs Ltt Sf Exp, Hte Ltt Super, Hte Pune Exp, Hwh Snsi Expres, Bsp Pune Sup Ex, Pbr Kaviguru Ex, Shm Ltt Sf Spl, Hwh Mumbai Mail ).