Available Trains

15236   Dbg Hwh Express

Durgapur (00:05)Howrah Jn (03:00)
15234   Dbg Koaa Expres

Durgapur (00:05)KOLKATA (03:10)
13022   Mithila Express

Durgapur (00:37)Howrah Jn (04:00)
15052   Gkp Kolkata Exp

Durgapur (01:00)KOLKATA (04:25)
15048   Purvanchal Exp

Durgapur (01:00)KOLKATA (04:25)
15050   Gkp Kolkata Exp

Durgapur (01:00)KOLKATA (04:25)
11447   Shaktipunj Exp

Durgapur (01:32)Howrah Jn (04:15)
23040   Rajgir Hwh Ch

Durgapur (02:08)Howrah Jn (06:05)
13186   Ganga Sagar Exp

Durgapur (02:20)Sealdah (06:55)
12360   Kol Garib Rath

Durgapur (02:37)KOLKATA (05:15)
23010   Doon Exxpress

Durgapur (03:06)Howrah Jn (06:55)
13010   Doon Express

Durgapur (03:06)Howrah Jn (06:55)
03062   Ltt Hwh Special

Durgapur (03:32)Howrah Jn (06:00)
03130   Hw Koaa Sf Spl

Durgapur (03:44)KOLKATA (06:20)
12352   Danapur Hwh Exp

Durgapur (04:17)Howrah Jn (06:35)
19305   Shipra Express

Durgapur (04:27)Howrah Jn (06:45)
12178   Chambal Express

Durgapur (04:28)Howrah Jn (06:45)
12176   Chambal Express

Durgapur (04:28)Howrah Jn (06:45)
22911   Shipra Express

Durgapur (04:28)Howrah Jn (06:45)
13006   Asr Hwh Mail

Durgapur (04:46)Howrah Jn (07:20)
12334   Vibhuti Express

Durgapur (04:57)Howrah Jn (07:30)
12312   Kalka Mail

Durgapur (05:20)Howrah Jn (07:55)
12342   Agnibina Expres

Durgapur (06:14)Howrah Jn (08:45)
13504   Intercity Exp

Durgapur (07:19)Sealdah (10:45)
12384   Intercity Exp

Durgapur (07:26)Sealdah (10:40)
12314   Sealdah Rjdhani

Durgapur (07:49)Sealdah (10:15)
12340   Coalfield Exp

Durgapur (07:52)Howrah Jn (10:25)
53046   Mayurakshi F Pa

Durgapur (08:19)Howrah Jn (11:35)
03136   Gkp Koaa Specia

Durgapur (08:53)KOLKATA (12:25)
12322   Kolkata Mail

Durgapur (09:13)Howrah Jn (11:45)
13020   Bagh Express

Durgapur (09:31)Howrah Jn (12:40)
53142   Jsme Koaa Pass

Durgapur (10:04)KOLKATA (13:35)
53140   Dghr Koaa Pgs

Durgapur (10:04)KOLKATA (13:35)
03128   Hw Koaa S F Spl

Durgapur (10:42)KOLKATA (13:15)
12495   Bkn Koaa Sup Ex

Durgapur (10:42)KOLKATA (13:15)
18628   Rnc Hwh Int Exp

Durgapur (10:59)Howrah Jn (13:50)
12024   Janshatabdi Exp

Durgapur (11:19)Howrah Jn (13:25)
03288   Pnbe Hwh Specia

Durgapur (11:19)Howrah Jn (13:25)
13050   Asr Hwh Express

Durgapur (11:57)Howrah Jn (15:45)
13026   Bpl Howrah Exp

Durgapur (12:31)Howrah Jn (15:00)
19606   Aii Koaa Expres

Durgapur (12:36)KOLKATA (15:15)
13152   Sealdah Express

Durgapur (12:45)KOLKATA (15:50)
12988   Aii Sdah Expres

Durgapur (12:53)Sealdah (15:55)
12372   Jsm Hwh Sf Exp

Durgapur (13:54)Howrah Jn (16:30)
12382   Poorva Express

Durgapur (14:13)Howrah Jn (16:55)
12304   Poorva Express

Durgapur (14:13)Howrah Jn (16:55)
12380   Jalianwala B Ex

Durgapur (14:29)Sealdah (17:25)
12330   W B Smprk Krnti

Durgapur (14:29)Sealdah (17:25)
12320   Agc Koaa Exp

Durgapur (14:29)KOLKATA (17:20)
13052   Hool Express

Durgapur (15:11)Howrah Jn (18:25)
03126   Anvt Koaa Sf Sp

Durgapur (15:22)KOLKATA (18:10)
13008   U A Toofan Exp

Durgapur (15:57)Howrah Jn (19:20)
12354   Lku Hwh Exp

Durgapur (16:22)Howrah Jn (18:55)
03066   Pnbe Hwh Spl

Durgapur (17:42)Howrah Jn (21:25)
13318   Blackdiamond Ex

Durgapur (18:21)Howrah Jn (21:25)
12020   Shatabdi Expres

Durgapur (19:00)Howrah Jn (21:10)
53050   Mka Hwh Pass

Durgapur (22:01)Howrah Jn (03:00)
13106   Bui Sdah Exp

Durgapur (23:12)Sealdah (03:35)
13158   Tirhut Express

Durgapur (23:27)KOLKATA (03:45)
13156   Mithilanchal Ex

Durgapur (23:27)KOLKATA (03:45)
03132   Rxl Koaa Specia

Durgapur (23:27)KOLKATA (03:45)

About Kolkata City

The capital of West Bengal, Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is the second largest city in India. Also known as the cultural capital of India, Kolkata, the City of Joy, exudes an energetic charm that impresses and intimidates, making you open yourself to its secrets and blossom in its glorious history. The former headquarters of the East India Company and the capital of British India, Kolkata encompasses a rich and varied heritage, a unique amalgamation of the ancient, colonial, and the modern.

More About - Durgapur To Kolkata Trains

If you are travelling from durgapur to kolkata then there are number of trains you can choose. Some of the trains running on this route are Poorva Express, Coalfield Exp, Rxl Koaa Specia, Rajgir Hwh Ch, Agnibina Expres, Ltt Hwh Special, Jalianwala B Ex, Tirhut Express, Hw Koaa Sf Spl. You can board your train from different locations in durgapur like Durgapur. You can choose any of the trains that run on daily basis like Doon Exxpress, Mayurakshi F Pa, Shaktipunj Exp, Kolkata Mail, Bagh Express, Asr Hwh Mail, Hool Express, Agnibina Expres, Sealdah Rjdhani, Bui Sdah Exp or some weekly trains like Anvt Koaa Sf Sp, Chambal Express, Intercity Exp, Dbg Hwh Express, Bpl Howrah Exp, Dbg Koaa Expres, W B Smprk Krnti, Lku Hwh Exp, Tirhut Express, Gkp Kolkata Exp and etc. There are number of trains running daily and sporadically from Durgapur( like Agnibina Expres, Rajgir Hwh Ch, Danapur Hwh Exp, Chambal Express, Bui Sdah Exp, Shatabdi Expres, Aii Koaa Expres, Kalka Mail, Rxl Koaa Specia, Kol Garib Rath ).