Available Trains

22828   Surat Puri Exp

Durg (01:55)Raipur Jn (02:40)
12744   Surat Puri Exp

Durg (01:55)Raipur Jn (02:50)
58112   Itr Tata Passgn

Durg (04:00)W R S Colony Ph (05:39)
18240   Ngp Bilaspur Ex

Durg (04:10)Raipur Jn (04:55)
12869   Howrah Sup Exp

Durg (05:15)Raipur Jn (05:50)
02869   Ltt Hwh Special

Durg (05:20)Raipur Jn (05:55)
12573   Snsi Hwh Sup Ex

Durg (05:20)Raipur Jn (05:50)
22845   Pune Hatia Sup

Durg (06:05)Raipur Jn (06:40)
12808   Samta Express

Durg (06:05)Raipur Jn (06:55)
13287   South Bihar Exp

Durg (07:25)Raipur Jn (08:10)
18238   Chhatisgarh Exp

Durg (08:55)Raipur Jn (09:45)
12442   Bilaspur Rjdhni

Durg (09:30)Raipur Jn (10:05)
18209   Drz R Express

Durg (10:30)Raipur Jn (11:50)
12856   Bsp Intercity

Durg (10:45)Raipur Jn (11:30)
08296   Pune Bilaspur S

Durg (11:00)Raipur Jn (11:45)
12823   C G Smprk Krnti

Durg (12:00)Raipur Jn (12:35)
07005   Hyb Dbg Spl

Durg (12:00)Raipur Jn (12:35)
12549   Durg Jat Sf Exp

Durg (12:00)Raipur Jn (12:35)
17005   Hyb Dbg Expres

Durg (12:00)Raipur Jn (12:35)
12410   Gondwana Expres

Durg (13:30)Raipur Jn (14:05)
12850   Pa Bilaspur Exp

Durg (13:30)Raipur Jn (14:05)
22905   Okha Howrah Exp

Durg (13:43)Raipur Jn (14:20)
12905   Pbr Howrah Exp

Durg (13:43)Raipur Jn (14:20)
12101   Jnaneswari Delx

Durg (13:43)Raipur Jn (14:20)
12129   Azad Hind Exp

Durg (14:10)Raipur Jn (14:45)
12949   Kaviguru Expres

Durg (14:55)Raipur Jn (15:30)
12145   Ltt Puri Sup Ex

Durg (14:55)Raipur Jn (15:35)
12151   Samarsata Exp

Durg (14:55)Raipur Jn (15:30)
12809   Howrah Mail

Durg (15:30)Raipur Jn (16:05)
18406   Adi Puri Exp

Durg (15:45)Raipur Jn (16:30)
12844   Adi Puri Exp

Durg (15:45)Raipur Jn (16:30)
18207   Durg Aii Exp

Durg (16:00)Raipur Jn (16:45)
18426   Durg Puri Exp

Durg (16:10)Raipur Jn (17:00)
02993   Gimb Puri Exp

Durg (16:35)Raipur Jn (18:40)
12070   Janshatabdi Exp

Durg (17:10)Raipur Jn (17:45)
08059   Ltt Shm Sup Spl

Durg (17:50)Raipur Jn (18:25)
12852   Bilaspur Expres

Durg (17:50)Raipur Jn (18:25)
12811   Hatia Express

Durg (17:50)Raipur Jn (18:25)
12853   Amarkantak Exp

Durg (18:20)Raipur Jn (18:55)
58529   Durg Vskp Pgr

Durg (18:30)Raipur Jn (19:50)
18029   Ltt Shalimar Ex

Durg (18:35)Raipur Jn (19:25)
12788   Ten Bilaspur Ex

Durg (18:55)Raipur Jn (19:35)
18474   Ju Puri Express

Durg (18:55)Raipur Jn (19:30)
22816   Ers Bilaspur Ex

Durg (18:55)Raipur Jn (19:30)
08611   Ngp Hatia Spl

Durg (18:55)Raipur Jn (19:35)
22620   Ten Bilaspur Ex

Durg (18:55)Raipur Jn (19:30)
18201   Durg Ntv Exp

Durg (19:40)Raipur Jn (20:25)
18203   Betwa Express

Durg (19:40)Raipur Jn (20:25)
18205   Durg Ntv Exp

Durg (19:40)Raipur Jn (20:25)
15160   Sarnath Express

Durg (20:30)Raipur Jn (21:10)
18241   Durg Abkp Ex Pa

Durg (20:55)Raipur Jn (21:35)
16328   Korba Express

Durg (21:50)Raipur Jn (22:40)
12833   Howrah Express

Durg (22:15)Raipur Jn (22:55)
12859   Gitanjali Exp

Durg (22:50)Raipur Jn (23:25)
12251   Wainganga Exp

Durg (23:50)Raipur Jn (00:25)

More About - Durg To Raipur Trains

If you are travelling from durg to raipur then there are number of trains you can choose. Some of the trains that run on this route are Durg Aii Exp, Bilaspur Rjdhni, Betwa Express, Kaviguru Expres, Drz R Express, Pbr Howrah Exp, Okha Howrah Exp, Howrah Sup Exp, Snsi Hwh Sup Ex, Pune Hatia Sup and etc. Know the train routes from different locations in durg like Durg. Different trains running from durg to raipur takes time approximately from 2 hrs 5 mins to 0 hours 30 mins. Out of these 15 trains run daily and are Howrah Mail, Amarkantak Exp, Ltt Shalimar Ex, Itr Tata Passgn, Azad Hind Exp, Sarnath Express, Chhatisgarh Exp, Gitanjali Exp, Durg Puri Exp, South Bihar Exp and 40 are on weekly basis. There are different trains passing from various stations from durg like from Durg( like Howrah Sup Exp, Howrah Express, Pa Bilaspur Exp, Howrah Mail, Pune Hatia Sup, Amarkantak Exp, Durg Ntv Exp, Ten Bilaspur Ex, Ers Bilaspur Ex, Gondwana Expres ).