Dimapur To Guwahati Trains

Following is the list of all the trains running between Dimapur to Guwahati Railway Stations:
Train Train Name Origin Departure Destination Arrival M T W T F S S
12235 Dbrg Ndls Rajex Dimapur 00:40 Guwahati 05:30 N N N N Y N N
12435 Dbrt Rajdhani E Dimapur 00:40 Guwahati 05:30 N Y N N N Y N
02435 Dbrt Ghy Ra Dimapur 00:40 Guwahati 05:30 N Y N N N Y N
05942 Dbrg Sguj Spl Dimapur 00:45 Kamakhya 06:08 Y N N N N N N
22423 Ghy Rajdhani Ex Dimapur 02:00 Guwahati 06:45 N N N N N Y N
12423 Dbrt Rajdhani E Dimapur 02:00 Guwahati 06:40 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
02423 Dbrt Ghy Ra Dimapur 02:00 Guwahati 06:45 Y Y Y Y Y N Y
15960 Dibrugarh Kamrup Expre... Dimapur 02:25 Kamakhya 08:02 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
14055 Dibrugarh Brahmputra M... Dimapur 05:35 Kamakhya 12:00 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
15906 Dibrugarh Vivek Expres... Dimapur 06:00 Guwahati 12:00 N N N N N N Y
05948 Dbrg Ghy Wkly S Dimapur 06:50 Guwahati 14:10 N Y N N N N N
15930 Dibrugarh Chennai Egmo... Dimapur 06:55 Kamakhya 15:12 Y N N N N N N
05946 Dbrg Ghy Specia Dimapur 10:32 Guwahati 16:15 N N N N N N Y
05668 Dbrg Kyq Specia Dimapur 11:35 Kamakhya 17:35 N N Y N Y N Y
05968 Dbrg Rny Specia Dimapur 11:35 Kamakhya 17:20 Y N Y N Y N Y
03281 Ntsk Rjpb Spl Dimapur 12:15 Kamakhya 18:40 Y N N N N N N
15942 Dibrugarh Jhajha Expre... Dimapur 12:25 Kamakhya 18:40 N N N Y N N N
15933 Dibrugarh Amritsar Exp... Dimapur 13:50 Guwahati 19:45 N Y N N N N N
05903 Dbrg Cdg Specia Dimapur 14:40 Guwahati 19:45 N N N N Y N N
15903 Dibrugarh Chandigarh E... Dimapur 14:40 Guwahati 19:45 Y N N N N N N
12526 Dbrg Koaa Exp Dimapur 15:45 Kamakhya 21:14 N Y N N N N N
12068 Jan Shatabdi Ex Dimapur 16:32 Guwahati 21:00 Y Y Y Y Y Y N
15666 Dimapur B G Express Dimapur 21:45 Kamakhya 04:00 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
15604 Ledo Intercity Express Dimapur 23:10 Kamakhya 05:10 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
15606 Mariani Guwahati Inter... Dimapur 23:10 Kamakhya 05:10 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
15902 Dibrugarh Bangalore ci... Dimapur 23:45 Guwahati 04:55 N N N N Y N N
05914 Dbrg Ghy Specia Dimapur 23:50 Guwahati 05:15 N N Y N N N N

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More About - Dimapur To Guwahati Trains

If you are travelling from dimapur to guwahati then there are number of trains you can choose. Some of the trains that run on this route are Dbrg Sguj Spl, Dbrt Ghy Ra, Dbrg Jhajha Exp, Brahmputra Mail, Ghy Rajdhani Ex, Kamrup Express, Dbrg Rny Specia, Dbrg Cdg Specia, Dbrt Rajdhani E, Intercity Exp and etc. There are various points from where you can catch up these trains like Dimapur. There are different trains that travel from dimapur to guwahati and time taken by these trains varies from 8 hrs 17 mins to 4 hours 28 mins. Out of these 6 trains run daily and are Dbrt Rajdhani E, Brahmputra Mail, Ghy Intercity, Intercity Exp, B G Express, Kamrup Express and 21 are on weekly basis. There are different pick up points in dimapur from Dimapur( like Jan Shatabdi Ex, Dbrg Ghy Specia, Brahmputra Mail, Dbrg Ms Express, Dbrg Cdg Specia, Ntsk Rjpb Spl, Intercity Exp, Dbrg Sbc Expres, Dbrg Jhajha Exp, Ghy Intercity ).