Available Trains 

12698   Tvc Chennai Exp

Ernakulam Town (00:25)Podanur Jn (04:49)
07165   Hyderabad Exp

Ernakulam Town (00:25)Coimbatore Jn (05:00)
08570   Qln Vskp Exp

Ernakulam Town (00:25)Coimbatore Jn (05:05)
07614   Nizamabad Exp

Ernakulam Town (03:40)Coimbatore Jn (07:40)
07106   Hyderabad Exp

Ernakulam Town (03:40)Coimbatore Jn (07:40)
07110   Hyderabad Exp

Ernakulam Town (03:40)Coimbatore Jn (07:40)
07116   Hyderabad Exp

Ernakulam Town (04:55)Podanur Jn (08:48)
07212   Kakinadatown Ex

Ernakulam Town (05:55)Coimbatore Jn (10:05)
07218   Narsapur Exp

Ernakulam Town (06:30)Podanur Jn (10:43)
12788   Ten Bilaspur Ex

Eranakulam Jn (08:30)Coimbatore Jn (13:30)
02852   Santragachi Exp

Ernakulam Town (09:00)Coimbatore Jn (13:25)
12678   Bangalore Exp

Eranakulam Jn (09:10)Coimbatore Jn (12:45)
07506   Tirupathi Exp

Ernakulam Town (09:45)Coimbatore Jn (14:00)
07216   Qln Mtm Express

Ernakulam Town (09:45)Podanur Jn (13:38)
07214   Qln Bza Express

Ernakulam Town (09:45)Coimbatore Jn (14:00)
12512   Raptisagar Exp

Eranakulam Jn (10:10)Coimbatore Jn (15:20)
16326   Ahilyanagari Ex

Eranakulam Jn (10:10)Coimbatore Jn (15:20)
12522   Raptisagar Exp

Eranakulam Jn (10:15)Coimbatore Jn (15:20)
16328   Korba Express

Ernakulam Town (10:15)Coimbatore Jn (15:20)
06544   Yesvantpur Exp

Eranakulam Jn (14:20)Coimbatore Jn (19:40)
06004   Chennai Exp

Ernakulam Town (15:10)Coimbatore Jn (19:40)
06056   Chennai Express

Eranakulam Jn (15:15)Coimbatore Jn (19:45)
06026   Chennai Express

Ernakulam Town (15:20)Podanur Jn (19:23)
12625   Kerala Express

Eranakulam Jn (15:55)Coimbatore Jn (20:00)
12683   Bangalore Sf Ex

Eranakulam Jn (17:00)Podanur Jn (21:04)
16309   Patna Express

Eranakulam Jn (17:10)Coimbatore Jn (21:35)
06080   Chennai Express

Ernakulam Town (17:15)Coimbatore Jn (21:30)
12515   Guwahati Exp

Ernakulam Town (17:15)Coimbatore Jn (21:35)
12778   Hubli Exp

Ernakulam Town (17:15)Podanur Jn (21:19)
16042   Chennai Express

Eranakulam Jn (17:20)Coimbatore Jn (22:25)
12643   Nizamuddin Exp

Eranakulam Jn (19:00)Coimbatore Jn (23:40)
12645   Nizamuddin Exp

Eranakulam Jn (19:00)Coimbatore Jn (23:40)
06346   Chennai Exp

Eranakulam Jn (19:00)Coimbatore Jn (23:25)
16322   Bangalore Exp

Eranakulam Jn (20:35)Coimbatore Jn (00:55)
12659   Gurudev Express

Ernakulam Town (20:40)Coimbatore Jn (01:20)
06316   Bangalore Exp

Eranakulam Jn (20:55)Coimbatore Jn (01:25)
16323   Shalimar Exp

Eranakulam Jn (21:00)Coimbatore Jn (01:20)
12258   Yesvantpur Exp

Ernakulam Town (21:15)Coimbatore Jn (01:40)
12507   Guwahati Exp

Eranakulam Jn (21:15)Coimbatore Jn (01:20)
06347   Bangalore Exp

Eranakulam Jn (21:30)Podanur Jn (01:38)
12696   Tvc Chennai Exp

Ernakulam Town (21:50)Coimbatore Jn (02:05)
16866   Ers Karaikalexp

Eranakulam Jn (22:05)Coimbatore Jn (03:00)
08578   Qln Vskp Expres

Ernakulam Town (22:35)Podanur Jn (03:03)

About Cochin City 

Kochi also known as Cochin is the commercial and industrial capital of Kerala state. Situated along the Arabian Sea, Kochi is one of the oldest ports in India. Gifted with a natural harbour, Kochi offers a perfect fusion of old tradition and modernity. Kochi abounds with tranquil backwaters, coconut lagoons, old churches, synagogues and temples. The coastal city consists of the mainland Ernakulam, Fort Kochi, Mattanchery, Willingdon Island, Vypeen Island, Bolghatty Island and Vallarpadam Island. Main attractions of Kochi are Bolghatty Palace, Mattancherry Palace, Jewish Synagogue, Fort Kochi Beach, St Francis Church, Chinese Fishing Nets, Pallipuram Fort, Cherai Beach and Mangalavana Bird Sanctuary. 

More About - Cochin To Coimbatore Trains 

Book your train tickets from cochin to coimbatore. Trains that run on this route are Bangalore Exp, Hubli Exp, Bangalore Sf Ex, Ers Patna Exp, Nizamuddin Exp, Santragachi Exp, Qln Bza Express, Chennai Express, Sabari Express and etc. There are various points from where you can catch up these trains like Eranakulam Jn, Ernakulam Town. Choose trains between cochin to coimbatore with time approximately from 5 hrs 20 mins to 3 hours 35 mins. You can plan your trip according to your choice. Choose train that run on daily basis like Kakinadatown Ex, Tvc Chennai Exp, Cape mumbai Exp, Sabari Express, Dhanbad Express, Chennai Express, Kerala Express, Bangalore Exp, Ers Karaikalexp or train that run weekly like Ers Bilaspur Ex, Guwahati Exp, Chennai Exp, Hyderabad Exp, Bangalore Exp, Tirupathi Exp, Chennai Exp, Ahilyanagari Ex, Ten Bilaspur Ex, Himsagar Exp etc. There are different pick up points in cochin from Ernakulam Town( like Tvc Chennai Exp, Tirupathi Exp, Himsagar Exp, Qln Vskp Expres, Kakinadatown Ex, Gurudev Express, Sabari Express, Dbrg Vivek Exp, Yesvantpur Exp, Qln Vskp Exp ), Eranakulam Jn( like Bangalore Exp, Patna Express, Ahilyanagari Ex, Kerala Express, Bangalore Exp, Ers Karaikalexp, Nizamuddin Exp, Bangalore Sf Ex, Shalimar Exp, Ers Bilaspur Ex ).