Available Trains 

51196   Bpq Wr Pass

Badnera Jn (00:23)Mumbai Cst (12:00)
12140   Sewagram Exp

Badnera Jn (00:23)Mumbai Cst (12:00)
12812   Hte Ltt Super

Badnera Jn (03:03)Lokmanyatilak T (13:35)
08060   Shm Ltt Sf Spl

Badnera Jn (03:03)Lokmanyatilak T (13:35)
12860   Gitanjali Exp

Badnera Jn (10:18)Mumbai Cst (21:20)
12870   Hwh Cstm Expres

Badnera Jn (11:25)Mumbai Cst (23:20)
02870   Hwh Ltt Spl

Badnera Jn (11:25)Lokmanyatilak T (23:15)
18030   Shm Ltt Express

Badnera Jn (17:05)Lokmanyatilak T (04:50)
12810   Hwh Mumbai Mail

Badnera Jn (17:53)Mumbai Cst (05:25)
01098   Ngp Cstm Sup Sp

Badnera Jn (17:53)Mumbai Cst (05:25)
12102   Jnaneswarisupdl

Badnera Jn (19:15)Lokmanyatilak T (05:45)
12112   Amravati Cstm E

Badnera Jn (19:25)Mumbai Cst (06:25)
01014   Ngp Cstm Spl

Badnera Jn (19:40)Mumbai Cst (08:15)
01422   Nagpur Ltt Spl

Badnera Jn (19:45)Lokmanyatilak T (08:15)
12106   Vidarbha Expres

Badnera Jn (20:00)Mumbai Cst (07:00)
12146   Bbs Ltt Sup Exp

Badnera Jn (20:48)Lokmanyatilak T (07:30)
12152   Samarsata Exp

Badnera Jn (20:48)Lokmanyatilak T (07:30)

About Mumbai City 

Mumbai, previously known as Bombay is the capital of the West Indian state of Maharashtra. A metropolitan city, Mumbai is also called the ‘commercial and entertainment capital of India'. Flanked by the Arabian Sea in the western side, Mumbai enjoys the moderate climate round the year. Mumbai is known world over for being the home of Bollywood one of biggest film industries in the world. In fact, Mumbai is a happening city, it never sleeps and offers lots of things to do and see. The glamorous city abounds with late night parties, eating joints and many other entertainment places open all night. Besides, the rich cultural heritage, visible in life style of common people, adding more charm to the city.

More About - Badnera To Mumbai Trains 

Planning to travel from badnera to mumbai via rail. Find the list of trains according to your suitability. Some of the trains that run on this route are Vidarbha Expres, Shm Ltt Sf Spl, Shm Ltt Express, Nagpur Ltt Spl, Ngp Cstm Spl, Bpq Wr Pass, Gitanjali Exp, Jnaneswarisupdl, Amravati Cstm E, Ngp Cstm Sup Sp and etc. Know the train routes from different locations in badnera like Badnera Jn. Out of these 7 trains run daily and are Gitanjali Exp, Sewagram Exp, Hwh Mumbai Mail, Bpq Wr Pass, Shm Ltt Express, Amravati Cstm E, Vidarbha Expres and 10 are on weekly basis. Get your tickets booked on trains from Badnera Jn( like Bbs Ltt Sup Exp, Hwh Mumbai Mail, Samarsata Exp, Vidarbha Expres, Hwh Ltt Spl, Gitanjali Exp, Ngp Cstm Spl, Hte Ltt Super, Hwh Cstm Expres, Shm Ltt Sf Spl ).