Asansol To Fatwa Trains

Following is the list of all the trains running between Asansol to Fatwa Railway Stations:
Train Train Name Origin Departure Destination Arrival M T W T F S S
13287 South Bihar Exp Asansol Jn 00:30 Fatwa 06:12 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
08293 Bsp Pnbe Specia Asansol Jn 07:15 Fatwa 13:10 N N N N N Y N
18183 Tata Dnr Exp Asansol Jn 12:15 Fatwa 18:10 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
13007 U Abhatoofan Ex Asansol Jn 13:35 Fatwa 20:09 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
13049 Amritsar Exp Asansol Jn 18:11 Fatwa 01:01 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12333 Vibhuti Express Asansol Jn 22:38 Fatwa 03:33 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12351 Danapur Express Asansol Jn 23:22 Fatwa 05:23 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
13111 Lal Quila Exp Asansol Jn 23:32 Fatwa 05:37 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

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Are you looking for a train from asansol to fatwa? If yes, know about some of the major trains that run between these stations. Some of the trains that run on this route are Bsp Pnbe Specia, Tata Dnr Exp, U Abhatoofan Ex, Vibhuti Express, South Bihar Exp, Danapur Express, Amritsar Exp, Lal Quila Exp and etc. Know the train routes from different locations in asansol like Asansol Jn. You can also choose your train according to total time taken by different trains which varies from 6 hrs 50 mins to 4 hours 55 mins. You can choose any of the trains that run on daily basis like Amritsar Exp, Danapur Express, Tata Dnr Exp, U Abhatoofan Ex, Vibhuti Express, Lal Quila Exp, South Bihar Exp or some weekly trains like Bsp Pnbe Specia and etc. There are different trains passing from various stations from asansol like from Asansol Jn( like Bsp Pnbe Specia, South Bihar Exp, Lal Quila Exp, U Abhatoofan Ex, Tata Dnr Exp, Amritsar Exp, Danapur Express, Vibhuti Express ).