Amritsar Railway Station


Amritsar is a charming city located in north Indian state of Punjab. The largest city of Punjab, it is a major business and commercial hub of the state. Literally meaning pool of nectar, Amritsar is city of historic as well as religious significance. Amritsar is a sacred place for the people following Sikh religion. The city is home to world famous Golden Temple also known as Harimandir Sahib, which attracts believers from all over the world. Golden temple is considered as the symbol of strength and conviction of the Sikhs across the world. Amritsar is also known for incident of Jallianwala Bagh massacre in 1919 under British rule. Other places of tourist interest in the city include Akal Takhat, Durgiana Temple and the summer palace of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. A visit to Wagha border (Indo-Pak border) in the evening is a wonderful experience, when Indian and Pakistan border troops take part in change of guard ceremony.Check your PNR status and IRCTC Seat Availability. Also,book your IRCTC Tickets Online.

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There are a number of trains you can choose from if you are traveling from Amritsar to different parts of India. Here are some trains that run from Garib Rath Exp, Asr Jaipur Exp, Amritsar shaheed Express, Amritsar Howrah express, Asr Cdg Sup, Asr Ned Express, Ned Asr Sup Exp, Tatanagar jammu Tawi Express, Amritsar dehradun Express, Hw Asr Jnshtbdi etc. Out of these 35 trains like Amritsar dehradun Express, Asr Ndls Exp, Paschim Express, Sachkhand Exp, Dehradun Amritsar Express, Jammu Tawi Muri Rourkela Express, Amritsar Howrah express, Amritsar hisar Passenger, Asr Cdg Sup, Howrah amritsar Mail etc. run daily and while some 37 run on weekly basis like Jaynagar Shaheed Express, Jalianwala B Ex, Tatanagar jalianwala Bagh Express, Jaipur Asr Exp, Amritsar dibrugarh Express, Jp Asr Express, Amritsar Shtbdi, Ned Asr Sup Exp, Garib Rath Exp, Asr Koaa Sup Ex etc.