Available Trains

14033   Jammu Mail

Ambala Cant Jn (00:25)Kathua (07:06)
11077   Jhelum Express

Ambala Cant Jn (01:32)Kathua (07:38)
12413   Aii Jat Express

Ambala Cant Jn (01:42)Kathua (06:43)
12207   Jammu Garib Rat

Ambala Cant Jn (02:33)Kathua (07:58)
18101   Tata Jat Exp

Ambala Cant Jn (02:45)Kathua (11:49)
18601   Hte Jat Exp

Ambala Cant Jn (02:45)Kathua (11:38)
18109   Rou Muri Jat Ex

Ambala Cant Jn (02:45)Kathua (11:49)
12587   Amar Nath Exp

Ambala Cant Jn (05:48)Kathua (11:04)
15651   Lohit Express

Ambala Cant Jn (05:48)Kathua (11:05)
15097   Amarnath Exp

Ambala Cant Jn (05:48)Kathua (11:05)
12475   Hapa Jat Expres

Ambala Cant Jn (08:05)Kathua (13:03)
12471   Swaraj Express

Ambala Cant Jn (08:05)Kathua (13:03)
12473   Sarvodaya Exp

Ambala Cant Jn (08:05)Kathua (13:03)
12477   Jam Jat Express

Ambala Cant Jn (08:05)Kathua (13:03)
12919   Malwa Express

Ambala Cant Jn (09:05)Kathua (14:23)
14609   Hemkunt Exp

Ambala Cant Jn (21:20)Kathua (02:43)
14645   Shalimar Exp

Ambala Cant Jn (21:45)Kathua (03:33)
13151   Jammu Tawi Exp

Ambala Cant Jn (23:10)Kathua (05:39)
12445   Uttar S Kranti

Ambala Cant Jn (23:58)Kathua (04:58)

More About - Ambala To Kathua Trains

If you are travelling from ambala to kathua then there are number of trains you can choose. Some of the trains that run on this route are Jammu Mail, Jammu Garib Rat, Tata Jat Exp, Hemkunt Exp, Amarnath Exp, Shalimar Exp, Uttar S Kranti, Jammu Tawi Exp, Rou Muri Jat Ex, Jam Jat Express and etc. You can board your train from different locations in ambala like Ambala Cant Jn. Choose trains between ambala to kathua with time approximately from 9 hrs 4 mins to 4 hours 58 mins. You can choose any of the trains that run on daily basis like Jhelum Express, Uttar S Kranti, Jammu Tawi Exp, Malwa Express, Aii Jat Express, Hte Jat Exp, Hemkunt Exp, Tata Jat Exp, Jammu Mail, Rou Muri Jat Ex or some weekly trains like Sarvodaya Exp, Hapa Jat Expres, Jam Jat Express, Lohit Express, Jammu Garib Rat, Swaraj Express, Amarnath Exp, Amar Nath Exp and etc. There are different pick up points in ambala from Ambala Cant Jn( like Jammu Mail, Shalimar Exp, Sarvodaya Exp, Hemkunt Exp, Jhelum Express, Amarnath Exp, Aii Jat Express, Swaraj Express, Uttar S Kranti, Hte Jat Exp ).