Available Trains

11093   Mahanagari Exp

Allahabad Jn (00:45)Varanasi Jn (04:40)
14259   Rmm Varanasi Ex

Allahabad Jn (01:25)Varanasi Jn (04:40)
11045   Dikshabhoomi Ex

Allahabad Jn (01:25)Varanasi Jn (04:40)
16359   Ers Patna Exp

Allahabad Jn (01:25)Varanasi Jn (04:40)
19569   Okha Bsb Expres

Allahabad Jn (02:00)Varanasi Jn (05:30)
12382   Poorva Express

Allahabad Jn (02:50)Varanasi Jn (05:10)
14006   Lichchavi Exp

Allahabad Jn (02:55)Varanasi Jn (06:15)
12560   Shiv Ganga Exp

Allahabad Jn (04:00)Varanasi Jn (07:25)
12669   Gangakaveri Exp

Allahabad Jn (04:15)Varanasi Jn (07:05)
12165   Ltt Bsb Sup Exp

Allahabad Jn (04:15)Varanasi Jn (07:05)
12562   Swatantrta S Ex

Allahabad Jn (06:00)Varanasi Jn (08:30)
11107   Bundelkhand Exp

Naini (06:25)Varanasi Jn (10:50)
21107   Kurj Bsb Link E

Naini (06:25)Varanasi Jn (10:50)
11039   Maharashtra Exp

Naini (07:47)Varanasi City (13:08)
15017   Gorakhpur Exp

Naini (07:47)Varanasi City (13:08)
11061   Muzaffarpur Exp

Naini (10:22)Varanasi City (14:18)
11065   Darbhanga Exp

Naini (10:22)Varanasi City (14:18)
18632   Rnc Garib Nawaz

Allahabad Jn (10:25)Varanasi Jn (13:50)
18201   Durg Ntv Exp

Allahabad Jn (10:45)Varanasi Jn (14:05)
12791   Sc Pnbe Express

Allahabad Jn (11:25)Varanasi Jn (14:25)
15160   Sarnath Express

Naini (11:50)Varanasi City (16:39)
12334   Vibhuti Express

Allahabad City (15:40)Kashi (18:18)
11071   Kamayani Expres

Allahabad Jn (16:05)Varanasi Jn (19:25)
11033   Darbhanga Exp

Allahabad Jn (16:20)Varanasi City (20:08)
11031   Gyan Ganga Exp

Allahabad Jn (16:20)Manduadih (19:20)
18610   Ranchi Express

Allahabad Jn (16:20)Varanasi Jn (19:45)
22131   Gyan Ganga Exp

Allahabad Jn (16:20)Manduadih (19:20)
11037   Pa Gorakhpur Ex

Allahabad Jn (16:20)Varanasi Jn (19:45)
15003   Chaurichauraexp

Allahabad Jn (21:10)Varanasi City (00:48)

More About - Allahabad To Varanasi Trains

Planning to travel from allahabad to varanasi via rail. Find the list of trains according to your suitability. Trains that run on this route are Gyan Ganga Exp, Sc Pnbe Express, Ers Patna Exp, Okha Bsb Expres, Gangakaveri Exp, Maharashtra Exp, Lichchavi Exp, Chaurichauraexp, Poorva Express, Sarnath Express and etc. There are various points from where you can catch up these trains like Naini, Allahabad Jn, Allahabad City. There are different trains that travel from allahabad to varanasi and time taken by these trains varies from 5 hrs 21 mins to 2 hours 20 mins. You can book your tickets on trains that run daily like Mahanagari Exp, Chaurichauraexp, Sc Pnbe Express, Kamayani Expres, Lichchavi Exp, Swatantrta S Ex, Vibhuti Express, Sarnath Express, Gorakhpur Exp, Shiv Ganga Exp or trains that run weekly like Kurj Bsb Link E, Okha Bsb Expres, Pa Gorakhpur Ex, Dikshabhoomi Ex, Darbhanga Exp, Poorva Express, Muzaffarpur Exp, Ers Patna Exp, Gangakaveri Exp, Ranchi Express and etc. Get your tickets booked on trains from Allahabad Jn( like Dikshabhoomi Ex, Ltt Bsb Sup Exp, Lichchavi Exp, Sc Pnbe Express, Okha Bsb Expres, Mahanagari Exp, Chaurichauraexp, Kamayani Expres, Ers Patna Exp, Rnc Garib Nawaz ), Naini( like Darbhanga Exp, Maharashtra Exp, Sarnath Express, Muzaffarpur Exp, Kurj Bsb Link E, Bundelkhand Exp, Gorakhpur Exp ), Allahabad City( like Vibhuti Express ).