Available Trains

04724   St Sgnr Spl

Ahmedabad Jn (00:50)Unjha (03:08)
19707   Aravali Express

Ahmedabad Jn (05:25)Unjha (07:16)
19105   Haridwar Mail

Ahmedabad Jn (10:05)Unjha (12:19)
19223   Adi Jat Express

Ahmedabad Jn (11:20)Unjha (13:03)
12915   Ashram Express

Ahmedabad Jn (18:30)Unjha (20:08)
04804   Adi Bgkt Spl

Ahmedabad Jn (21:00)Unjha (22:43)
12989   Ajmer Express

Ahmedabad Jn (22:30)Unjha (00:14)
04728   Bdts Bkn Sup Sp

Ahmedabad Jn (22:40)Unjha (00:32)
54805   Ajmer Passenger

Ahmedabad Jn (23:15)Unjha (02:38)

About Ahmedabad City

One of the largest cities in India, Ahmedabad is one of Gujarat's most important towns. Founded in 1411 by Sultan Ahmed Shah, Ahmedabad became known for its strong and diverse textile industry during the British colonial period, and was also very important in the Independence Movement. Known best for the Gandhi Ashram that resides on the banks of the beautiful Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad is also an important centre of learning, culture, and heritage.

More About - Ahmedabad To Unjha Trains

Planning to travel from ahmedabad to unjha via rail. Find the list of trains according to your suitability. Trains that run on this route are Ashram Express, Adi Bgkt Spl, Bdts Bkn Sup Sp, St Sgnr Spl, Haridwar Mail, Ajmer Express, Aravali Express, Ajmer Passenger, Adi Jat Express and etc. There are different starting junctions like Ahmedabad Jn. Choose trains between ahmedabad to unjha with time approximately from 3 hrs 23 mins to 1 hours 38 mins. You can choose any of the trains that run on daily basis like Ajmer Passenger, Haridwar Mail, Adi Jat Express, Aravali Express, Ashram Express or some weekly trains like St Sgnr Spl, Bdts Bkn Sup Sp, Ajmer Express, Adi Bgkt Spl and etc. Get your tickets booked on trains from Ahmedabad Jn( like Adi Bgkt Spl, Aravali Express, Ajmer Express, Adi Jat Express, Ajmer Passenger, Bdts Bkn Sup Sp, St Sgnr Spl, Ashram Express, Haridwar Mail ).