Available Trains

11057   Amritsar Expres

Agra Cantt (00:18)Narela (05:18)
12721   Nizamuddin Exp

Agra Cantt (00:50)H Nizamuddin (04:00)
12861   Link Daksin Exp

Agra Cantt (00:50)H Nizamuddin (04:00)
12919   Malwa Express

Agra Cantt (01:25)New Delhi (05:10)
14009   Patalkot Exp

Agra Cantt (01:55)Delhi S Rohilla (06:15)
14019   Kanhan Valle Ex

Agra Cantt (02:10)Delhi S Rohilla (06:15)
02447   Mkp Nzm Spl

Agra Cantt (02:25)H Nizamuddin (05:30)
12447   U P Smprk Krnti

Agra Cantt (02:25)H Nizamuddin (05:30)
02449   Kurj Nzm Exp Sp

Agra Cantt (02:25)H Nizamuddin (05:30)
22447   Kurj Nzm Exp

Agra Cantt (02:25)H Nizamuddin (05:30)
12615   Grand Trunk Exp

Agra Cantt (02:50)New Delhi (06:20)
12779   Goa Express

Agra Cantt (03:05)H Nizamuddin (06:15)
17305   Nzm Link Exp

Agra Cantt (03:05)H Nizamuddin (06:15)
12621   Tamil Nadu Exp

Agra Cantt (03:53)New Delhi (07:00)
12171   Ltt Hw Ac Sup

Agra Cantt (04:05)H Nizamuddin (07:15)
02455   Mao Ndls Ac Spl

Agra Cantt (04:05)New Delhi (07:40)
12411   Gondwana Expres

Agra Cantt (04:18)H Nizamuddin (07:25)
12409   Gondwana Expres

Agra Cantt (04:18)H Nizamuddin (07:25)
12405   Gondwana Expres

Agra Cantt (04:18)H Nizamuddin (07:25)
12155   Bhopal Express

Agra Cantt (04:50)H Nizamuddin (08:05)
12723   A P Exp

Agra Cantt (05:23)New Delhi (09:05)
12549   Durg Jat Sf Exp

Agra Cantt (05:36)Delhi Safdarjng (09:29)
14211   Intercity Exp

Agra Cantt (06:00)New Delhi (10:20)
14317   Ind Ddn Express

Agra Cantt (06:25)H Nizamuddin (11:10)
19325   Ind Amritsar Ex

Agra Cantt (06:25)H Nizamuddin (11:10)
12627   Karnataka Exp

Agra Cantt (06:45)New Delhi (10:30)
14309   Ujjaini Express

Agra Cantt (07:10)H Nizamuddin (11:10)
12192   Jbp Ndls Sup Ex

Agra Cantt (07:35)New Delhi (11:40)
04011   Snsi Nzm Spl

Agra Cantt (07:45)H Nizamuddin (12:50)
12433   Rajdhani Exp

Agra Cantt (07:57)H Nizamuddin (10:20)
12611   Nzm Garib Rath

Agra Cantt (07:57)H Nizamuddin (10:20)
12189   Mahakaushal Exp

Agra Cantt (08:23)H Nizamuddin (11:35)
12715   Sachkhand Exp

Agra Cantt (08:40)New Delhi (12:10)
12485   Ned Sgnr Expres

Agra Cantt (09:15)New Delhi (13:10)
12421   Ned Asr Sup Exp

Agra Cantt (09:15)New Delhi (13:10)
12617   Mangala Ldweep

Agra Cantt (10:18)H Nizamuddin (13:10)
12625   Kerala Express

Agra Cantt (10:28)New Delhi (13:40)
18477   Utkal Express

Agra Cantt (10:55)H Nizamuddin (14:05)
07137   Hyb Fzr Spl

Agra Cantt (11:05)Shakurbasti (17:30)
12647   Kongu Express

Agra Cantt (11:25)H Nizamuddin (14:15)
18507   Vskp Asr Hkg Ex

Agra Cantt (11:30)New Delhi (14:45)
12807   Samta Express

Agra Cantt (13:45)H Nizamuddin (16:45)
12803   Swarnajayanti E

Agra Cantt (14:05)H Nizamuddin (17:05)
12645   Nizamuddin Exp

Agra Cantt (14:05)H Nizamuddin (17:05)
12781   Swarna Jayanthi

Agra Cantt (14:05)H Nizamuddin (17:05)
12643   Nizamuddin Exp

Agra Cantt (14:05)H Nizamuddin (17:05)
12147   Nizamuddin Exp

Agra Cantt (14:05)H Nizamuddin (17:05)
13007   U Abhatoofan Ex

Agra Fort (14:25)Shakurbasti (20:41)
12641   Tirukkural Exp

Agra Cantt (15:15)H Nizamuddin (18:00)
18237   Chattisgarh Exp

Agra Cantt (16:08)H Nizamuddin (19:45)
59386   Panchvalley Pa

Agra Cantt (16:08)H Nizamuddin (19:45)
11077   Jhelum Express

Agra Cantt (17:12)Narela (21:47)
12687   Dehradun Exp

Agra Cantt (17:30)H Nizamuddin (20:40)
06687   Ten Jammu Exp

Agra Cantt (17:30)Shakurbasti (00:41)
06317   Ten Jammu Exp

Agra Cantt (17:30)Shakurbasti (00:41)
16787   Ten Jammu Exp

Agra Cantt (17:30)Shakurbasti (00:43)
16687   Navyug Exp

Agra Cantt (17:30)Shakurbasti (00:43)
16317   Himsagar Exp

Agra Cantt (17:30)Shakurbasti (00:43)
12137   Punjab Mail

Agra Cantt (17:55)Shakurbasti (22:20)
11449   Jammutawi Exp

Agra Cantt (18:35)Shakurbasti (00:42)
16031   Andaman Express

Agra Cantt (18:35)Shakurbasti (00:43)
12279   Taj Express

Agra Cantt (18:55)H Nizamuddin (22:00)
12001   Ndls Shatabdi E

Agra Cantt (20:35)New Delhi (22:45)
22001   Ndls Shatabdi E

Agra Cantt (20:43)New Delhi (23:00)
22403   Pdy Ndls Expres

Agra Cantt (23:50)New Delhi (03:55)

About Agra City

Popularly known as the City of Taj, Agra is situated in the north India state of Agra. The city was the capital of erstwhile Mughals during 16th - 17th century, who erected several architectural wonders. Even today Agra provides a glimpse of the bygone era through its forts and monuments and draws tourists from world over. Taj Mahal, a white marble built by Shah Jahan about 350 years ago is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Agra Fort constructed by Akbar is another superb specimen of Mughal architecture. Sikandra and Fatehpur Sikri are interesting places related to Mughals, both located at a close distance from Agra. In addition to a vibrant centre of art and culture, Agra is also famous for handicrafts, leather work, brass water, carpets, jewelry, embroidery work, zari and marble work.

About Delhi City

India's capital city New Delhi is one the largest cities of the world. Politically named as national capital territory of Delhi, the city is one of the four metropolitan cities of India. Also referred to as the ‘Mini India', Delhi is home to people from almost every region of the country. A bustling capital city, Delhi presents a fine combination of old and new. The 5,000 year old city was ruled by several great dynasties and has been mentioned in great epic Mahabharata. Even today you can get fine glimpses of Delhi's rich historic past, in the old monuments.

Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Old Fort, Qutub Minar and Humayun Tomb are some of the architectural masterpieces of Delhi. Besides, the city also has new wonders like India Gate, Akshardham Temple and Lotus Temple. High rising buildings and shopping malls, lush sprawling gardens and parks, entertainment centres, eating joints and multiplexes, altogether make Delhi a prosperous capital city.

The areas located adjunct to Delhi is called as national capital region (NCR). Due to their location advantage close to Delhi these places have their special importance. Cities namely Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Noida and Gurgaon are referred as NCR and they have provided extra space to rapidly growing Delhi. Several major industries have made these cities their base that has helped a lot to Delhi and its people.

More About - Agra To Delhi Trains

If you are travelling from agra to delhi then there are number of trains you can choose. Some of the trains that run on this route are Sachkhand Exp, Andaman Express, U P Smprk Krnti, Kerala Express, Nzm Garib Rath, Kongu Express, Jammutawi Exp, Gondwana Expres, Ned Asr Sup Exp, Tirukkural Exp and etc. There are different starting junctions like Agra Cantt. There are different trains that travel from agra to delhi and time taken by these trains varies from 7 hrs 13 mins to 2 hours 10 mins. You can plan your trip according to your choice. Choose train that run on daily basis like Amritsar Expres, Goa Express, Bhopal Express, Punjab Mail, Ndls Shatabdi E, U Abhatoofan Ex, Tamil Nadu Exp, Kerala Express, A P Exp, Nizamuddin Exp or train that run weekly like Andaman Express, Ujjaini Express, Tirukkural Exp, Nizamuddin Exp, Mkp Nzm Spl, Ned Asr Sup Exp, Panchvalley Pa, Hyb Fzr Spl, Pdy Ndls Expres, Dehradun Exp etc. There are different pick up points in agra from Agra Cantt( like Kurj Nzm Exp Sp, U P Smprk Krnti, Taj Express, Karnataka Exp, Kanhan Valle Ex, Kurj Nzm Exp, Panchvalley Pa, Ned Asr Sup Exp, Jammutawi Exp, Chattisgarh Exp ), Agra Fort( like U Abhatoofan Ex ).