Available Trains

12628   Karnataka Exp

Agra Cantt (00:05)Bhopal Jn (06:55)
11058   Asr Ltt Express

Raja Ki Mandi (00:35)Habibganj (11:25)
12622   Tamil Nadu Exp

Agra Cantt (01:10)Bhopal Jn (07:50)
12722   Dakshin Express

Agra Cantt (02:15)Habibganj (10:30)
04012   Nzm Snsi Spl

Agra Cantt (02:35)Bhopal Jn (10:40)
22404   Ndls Pdy Exp

Agra Cantt (02:55)Bhopal Jn (10:55)
12422   Asr Ned Sf Exp

Agra Cantt (02:55)Bhopal Jn (10:55)
12486   Sgnr Ned Expres

Agra Cantt (02:55)Bhopal Jn (10:55)
07138   Fzr Hyb Spl

Agra Cantt (03:10)Bhopal Jn (11:45)
12172   Hw Ltt Ac Sf

Agra Cantt (03:10)Bhopal Jn (10:30)
18238   Chhatisgarh Exp

Raja Ki Mandi (07:58)Habibganj (18:55)
12002   Bhopal Shtbdi

Agra Cantt (08:11)Bhopal Jn (14:05)
12138   Punjab Mail

Raja Ki Mandi (08:23)Habibganj (17:05)
22002   Bhopal Shtbdi

Agra Cantt (08:32)Bhopal Jn (14:20)
12644   Swarna Jayanti

Raja Ki Mandi (08:40)Bhopal Jn (17:05)
12148   Nzm Kop Exp

Raja Ki Mandi (08:40)Bhopal Jn (17:05)
12782   Swarna Jayanthi

Raja Ki Mandi (08:40)Bhopal Jn (17:05)
12804   Vskp Swrn J Exp

Raja Ki Mandi (08:40)Bhopal Jn (17:05)
12646   Ers Millenum Ex

Raja Ki Mandi (08:40)Bhopal Jn (17:05)
12642   Thirukkural Exp

Agra Cantt (10:28)Bhopal Jn (17:40)
12808   Samta Express

Raja Ki Mandi (11:02)Bhopal Jn (19:00)
12648   Kongu Express

Raja Ki Mandi (11:02)Bhopal Jn (19:00)
12618   Mngla Lksdp Exp

Agra Cantt (12:25)Bhopal Jn (19:35)
11078   Jhelum Express

Raja Ki Mandi (13:26)Habibganj (22:15)
12626   Kerala Express

Agra Cantt (14:30)Bhopal Jn (21:25)
14010   Patalkot Exp

Agra Cantt (16:20)Habibganj (00:45)
14020   Kahanvally Exp

Agra Cantt (16:20)Habibganj (00:50)
12716   Asr Ned Express

Agra Cantt (16:35)Bhopal Jn (00:15)
12191   Ndls Jbp Sup Ex

Agra Cantt (17:15)Habibganj (01:10)
12780   Goa Express

Agra Cantt (17:50)Bhopal Jn (01:10)
12612   Mas Garib Rath

Agra Cantt (18:10)Bhopal Jn (00:01)
12434   Chennai Rajdhni

Agra Cantt (18:10)Bhopal Jn (00:01)
22688   Ddn Cdg Mas Exp

Agra Cantt (18:35)Bhopal Jn (01:40)
12688   Ddn Mas Exp

Agra Cantt (18:35)Bhopal Jn (01:40)
16318   Himsagar Exp

Agra Cantt (18:35)Bhopal Jn (01:40)
16032   Andaman Express

Agra Cantt (18:35)Bhopal Jn (02:55)
14314   Be Ltt Express

Raja Ki Mandi (18:40)Habibganj (04:25)
12406   Gondwana Expres

Agra Cantt (18:50)Bhopal Jn (02:05)
12410   Gondwana Expres

Agra Cantt (18:50)Bhopal Jn (02:05)
16688   Navyug Express

Agra Cantt (19:10)Bhopal Jn (02:55)
01436   Agc Pune Sf Sp

Agra Cantt (20:20)Bhopal Jn (03:50)
12724   A P Express

Agra Cantt (20:40)Bhopal Jn (03:20)
12616   G T Express

Raja Ki Mandi (21:28)Habibganj (05:38)
12920   Malwa Express

Agra Cantt (22:50)Bairagarh (07:59)
12156   Bhopal Express

Agra Cantt (23:38)Habibganj (07:05)
12162   Lashkar Express

Agra Cantt (23:50)Habibganj (08:25)

About Agra City

Popularly known as the City of Taj, Agra is situated in the north India state of Agra. The city was the capital of erstwhile Mughals during 16th - 17th century, who erected several architectural wonders. Even today Agra provides a glimpse of the bygone era through its forts and monuments and draws tourists from world over. Taj Mahal, a white marble built by Shah Jahan about 350 years ago is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Agra Fort constructed by Akbar is another superb specimen of Mughal architecture. Sikandra and Fatehpur Sikri are interesting places related to Mughals, both located at a close distance from Agra. In addition to a vibrant centre of art and culture, Agra is also famous for handicrafts, leather work, brass water, carpets, jewelry, embroidery work, zari and marble work.