Adra To Kharagpur Trains

Following is the list of all the trains running between Adra to Kharagpur Railway Stations:
Train Train Name Origin Departure Destination Arrival M T W T F S S
12816 Nandan Kanan Ex Adra Jn 02:20 Kharagpur Jn 04:55 N Y N Y Y N Y
12949 Kaviguru Expres Adra Jn 03:05 Kharagpur Jn 06:03 N N N N N N Y
12151 Samarsata Exp Adra Jn 03:05 Kharagpur Jn 06:03 N N N N Y Y N
12828 Prr Hwh Exp Adra Jn 06:20 Kharagpur Jn 09:20 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
22812 Bubneswr Rjdhni Adra Jn 08:15 Kharagpur Jn 10:35 Y Y N N N Y N
12576 Prr Kgp Exp Adra Jn 12:49 Kharagpur Jn 15:50 N N Y Y N N Y
12886 Aranyak Express Adra Jn 14:05 Kharagpur Jn 16:55 Y Y Y Y Y Y N
12884 Rupasibangla Ex Adra Jn 16:24 Kharagpur Jn 19:15 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
58014 Bksc Hwh Pas Adra Jn 22:00 Kharagpur Jn 01:30 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

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More About - Adra To Kharagpur Trains

Are you looking for a train from adra to kharagpur? If yes, know about some of the major trains that run between these stations. Some of the trains that run on this route are Aranyak Express, Bubneswr Rjdhni, Prr Kgp Exp, Samarsata Exp, Prr Hwh Exp, Nandan Kanan Ex, Bksc Hwh Pas, Rupasibangla Ex, Kaviguru Expres and etc. There are various points from where you can catch up these trains like Adra Jn. There are different trains that travel from adra to kharagpur and time taken by these trains varies from 3 hrs 30 mins to 2 hours 20 mins. Out of these 3 trains run daily and are Rupasibangla Ex, Prr Hwh Exp, Bksc Hwh Pas and 6 are on weekly basis. There are different trains passing from various stations from adra like from Adra Jn( like Nandan Kanan Ex, Kaviguru Expres, Aranyak Express, Rupasibangla Ex, Prr Hwh Exp, Samarsata Exp, Bubneswr Rjdhni, Prr Kgp Exp, Bksc Hwh Pas ).