About Air France

Founded on October 7 1933, Air France is the national flag carrier of France with its main hub at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. The merger of Air Union, Compagnie Generale Aeropostale, Societe Generale De Transport Aerien (SGTA), Air Orient and Compagnie International de Navigation Aerienne (CIDNA) resulted in the formation of Air France. On May 5, 2004, Air France merged with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. However, both companies under Air France-KLM merger maintain their own schedule and fly under their own brands. With reasonable air fare and convenience factor like online booking of air tickets, Air France has managed to become a favourite of passengers world over. The inaugural Air France Flight flew between Paris and French Antilles on July 6, 1947. This flight marked the opening of the air route between the mainland France and French West Indies. Air France has been able to serve its passengers in the best possible manner owing to its workforce of 58, 485 and world-class fleet. With the help of subsidiaries like Servair, BlueLink, HOP!, CityJet and Transavia France, Air France strives to become one of the best airlines in times to come. Air France also has a charitable foundation that works for sick and disabled children.

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