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Prague Jaisalmer Air India

Prague Jaisalmer Air India International Flight Tickets

Prague to Jaisalmer Air India Tickets, Prague to Jaisalmer Air India Flight / Airlines Booking, Status, Schedules: MakeMyTrip India

About Air India

The state-owned international carrier of the country, Air India has a worldwide network offering passenger as well as cargo services across 146 destinations across east and South East Asia, south Asia and the Middle East, east Africa, Western Europe and the United Kingdom. Founded as Tata Airlines in 1932, it became a public limited company under the name of Air India in 1946 after World War II. Air India is now part of the National Aviation Corporation of India Ltd with the merger of Air India and Indian along with their two subsidiaries - Air India Express and Alliance Air. Both airlines together cater to over 52 cities within the country and offer direct connection to 35 international destinations. International destinations covered by Air India include Nairobi and Dar-e-Salaam in Africa, Hong Kong and Shanghai (China), Osaka and Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (South Korea), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Male (Maldives), Kathmandu (Nepal), Lahore (Pakistan) and Colombo (Sri Lanka). The airline also fli

Air India International Flight Status from Prague

The average delay in Air India flight departure from Prague was 0 minutes.The average delay in Air India flight arrival in Prague was 0 minutes.

Air India International Flight Status from Jaisalmer

The average delay in Air India flight departure from Jaisalmer was 0 minutes.The average delay in Air India flight arrival in Jaisalmer was 0 minutes.

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About Prague

Fondly called the 'mother of cities', 'city of a hundred spires' or 'golden city', Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. Established around 200 B.C, Prague is known for rich history and cu

About Jaisalmer

Fondly called 'The Golden City', Jaisalmer is a charming city of Rajasthan. Founded in 1156 A.D by Rawal Jaisal, the city is home to magnificent Jaisalmer Fort, beautiful havelis (mansions), wonderful

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