About Cathay Pacific Airlines

Founded on 24th September 1946, Cathay Pacific is one of the most popular airlines of the world that serves as the international flag carrier of Hong Kong. Since its commencement, Cathay Pacific Airlines has crossed several milestones in the field of aviation. A converted Douglas DC3, also known as Betsy, is said to be the first aircraft of the Cathay Pacific Airlines. The airline has a fleet comprising over 130 planes, which includes the Airbus A330, Airbus A340, Boeing 777 (200, 300, 300ER) and the Boeing 747 (8 Freighter, 400ERF, 400BCF). Cathay Pacific Airlines has well-trained in-flight staff that makes sure that the passengers do not face any sort of trouble during their journey. On Cathay Pacific flights, special assistance is provided to pregnant women, infant, children and disabled people. Over the years, Cathay Pacific Airlines has won numerous awards for its outstanding services. The airline has been setting benchmarks with its hospitality, convenient schedule and low air fare system that suit all travellers. Also, acquiring air tickets has been made fairly simple with the highly efficient and organised online booking facility. Those travelling by Cathay Pacific Airlines can enjoy several in-flight entertainment facilities, including latest songs and movies.

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