Mumbai - Sharjah Flight Schedule

Airline Dep - Arr Days Duration & Stops

BOMSHJ Air Arabia (G9 402) 21:30 - 23:05 -T----- 1h 35m & Non Stop Book now

BOMSHJ Jet (9W 463) 02:55 - 22:25 MT----- 19h 30m & 1 Stop Book now

BOMSHJ Mihin Lanka (MJ 2142) 03:05 - 22:35 ------S 19h 30m & 1 Stop Book now

BOMSHJ Srilankan (UL 142) 03:05 - 22:35 ------S 19h 30m & 1 Stop Book now

BOMSHJ Qatar (QR 557) 04:10 - 10:15 MTWTFS- 6h 5m & 1 Stop Book now

BOMSHJ Jet (9W 405) 06:20 - 22:55 -----SS 16h 35m & 1 Stop Book now

BOMSHJ Jet (9W 465) 07:05 - 22:25 -T----- 15h 20m & 1 Stop Book now

BOMSHJ Jet (9W 407) 09:00 - 22:55 -----SS 13h 55m & 1 Stop Book now

BOMSHJ Egypt Air (MS 969) 09:10 - 00:05 ---T--- 14h 55m & 1 Stop Book now

BOMSHJ Jet (9W 350) 09:25 - 22:25 MT----- 13h & 1 Stop Book now

From India to the world, from world to India or even from one place in India to another – there are many routes, many roads to be travelled. One of the busiest routes is the Mumbai to Sharjah. The easiest way to get to Mumbai to Sharjah or Sharjah to Mumbai is via flights. There are many airlines that offers cheap international flight booking between Mumbai and Sharjah. The schedule of flights operating on the route between Mumbai and Sharjah helps you in booking the best possible date for your journey. Booking cheap flight tickets between Mumbai and Sharjah has never been easier than it is now with great offers from MakeMyTrip.
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Mumbai Sharjah Flights Information

The city of dreams, the city of hopes, the city of fame and the city that never sleeps is what the city of Mumbai is all about. Mumbai, previously known as ‘Bombay’ is one of the most popular city in the World. This reining land of Bollywood, is also considered to be one of the wealthiest place in India. Ranked 6th in the category of global billionaire cities, Mumbai owns a dense population of an approximate of 20.5 million.

Sharjah, as it sounds royal and majestic, emerges as one of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates. It covers a population of 800,000 (as recorded in the year 2008). The history of Sharjah traces itself 5000 years back and witnessed the rule of Al Qasimi. This city is also believed to share a sisterly city bond to Ajman as well as Dubai.

The time span of Mumbai Sharjah flights are completely based on the external conditions like air congestion, in between stoppages, delays, and so on. The minimum of time coverage these flights assure is a nonstop span of 3 hours and the maximum which can even go up to 21 hours, including stoppages. Airlines like Air Arabia start off the journey as early as 4.55 am from Mumbai which directly reaches Sharjah by 6.25 am. The travelling price package it offers is INR 6,818. The last flight takes off through the airline of Air India at 11pm which reaches Sharjah 6.35pm the next evening, which charges an amount of INR 12, 931. The maximum airfare range goes upto INR 19,321. Now if we peep into the business class fares, the lowest price range is INR 24, 599 and the maximum would be an approximate of INR 69, 358. For those flights which have a stopover, touch the airports of Doha, Muscat, Kochi, New Delhi, and Mangalore and so on.