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KLM is Netherlands based airline headquartered at Amstelveen. It operates worldwide for various destinations. Cargo services are also offered by it.KLM Airlines was founded in 1919 but started to operate in 1920. The first flight was operated at 17 May 1920. In year 1920 it carried about 440 passenger and 22 tons of freight. Its first international flight was introduced at 1st October 1924. In 1930 it carried 15,143 passengers. The Douglas DC-2 was introduced on the Batavia service in 1934. It is known to be the oldest airline in the world and operating under its original name. In year 2004 Air France merged with it and both continued to fly under their distinct brand name. Air France-KLM alliance is also the part of Sky Team Alliance.

After Second World War it started to rebuild its network. KLM Air Lines maintains convenient services and offers it to passengers. Due to best services it has ranked top most in Netherlands. Premium hospitality services are also the main features of it. It has managed to cover many routes, which connect Netherlands to all the important economic regions of the world. In India, Mumbai and Delhi are the destinations which are covered by it.

KLM Airlines 


Frequent flyers program is also operated by it. If you are a frequent flyer then you are eligible for membership in the four-tier Flying Blue customer loyalty program. Members under frequent flyer program are offered discounts on flight tickets, priority check-in and boarding, extra baggage and access to lounges at airports around the world. The baggage capacity allowed during the travel is 23 kgs/ 50.5 lbs for economy class passengers with an addition of 3 items of check-in baggage for business class and 1 item for Flying Blue Silver, Gold and Platinum member’s passengers. Its cabin baggage is restricted to 12 kgs.

KLM ticket booking facility is available online either by its official websites or with help of various web portals. You can choose one of them.


A well co-ordinate flight schedule is offered to its passengers and it tells about many things like its close cooperation with other airlines like Northwest Airlines, Delta Airlines and Air France. With a fleet of 114 Boeing, Airbus and McDonnell Douglas aircrafts, 90 destinations are covered by it in all around the world. It has a code share agreement with 20 different airlines and loyal KLM Airlines customers can fly to an additional 35 destinations through this agreement.

Passengers of KLM Airlines are offered First Class, Business Class and Economy Class cabins. Economy class passengers are offered various best services. All passengers of flights are offered on-board meal service, benefits for frequent flying and in-flight entertainment. Cabin feature, audio video services, entertainment services on demand SMS and email services television shows, movies, music and games are available on boarding to passengers of all classes. Movies, videos, games, music and television shows are available in 10 languages. The unique service which is offered by it is long-haul service and is offered to business class passengers. Under this service they receive a small blue and white ceramic replica of a historic canal house from the Netherlands and each house contains a bottle of jenever, liquor. This service was started in 1952.

KLM Airlines History 

Founded on October 7, 1919, KLM is one of the oldest carriers of the world still functioning with its actual name. On May 17, 1920, KLM made its maiden flight from London to Amsterdam. In 1921 KLM airlines began its scheduled services to many European destinations and by 1926 it expanded its services to Amsterdam, Brussels, Bremen, Copenhagen Malmo, London and Rotterdam. In the year 1929 KLM started its intercontinental service to the then Netherland East Indies (now called Republic of Indonesia). During World War II the airline stopped its operations, and on May 21, 1946 it became the first continental European airline to start scheduled service for New York. In June 2002, KLM announced that it would renew its intercontinental fleets by replacing the old Boeing family aircraft with McDonnell Douglas MD-11 aircraft and Airbus aircraft. On September 30, 2003, KLM announced merger with Air France that came into effect in May 2004 and Air France-KLM Group came into existence. Despite merger both KLM and Air France operate with their old names.