Aeroflot Russian Airlines

Aeroflot Russian AirlinesThe national flag carrier of Russia, Aeroflot, is the largest airline in Russia. One of the most recognised airlines in the country, Aeroflot is also counted among oldest airlines in the world. Established on 17th March, 1923, Aeroflot was the first carrier from Russia to be a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in 1989. This airline has its hub at the Sheremetyevo Airport, Moscow and has 122 destinations across 52 countries in the world in its schedule. In Russia, Aeroflot operates from St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Vladivostok. Back in 2011, Aeroflot opened the doors of its own aviation school to provide training on 120 aviation specialities to 160 pilots every year. The carrier provides air tickets to major destinations in the world at reasonable air fare, which can be booked conveniently, using the online booking system. Aeroflot flights connect Russia to major destinations in the world with direct and frequent flights. The airline is the winner of the 'Absolute Brand – 2012', which was awarded to it for being one of most expensive aviation brand. It is also one of the top 20 most valuable brands in the global aviation industry. The airlines continues to expand its routes to different parts of the world. less
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Destination & Services

One of the top airlines in the history of commercial aviation industry, Aeroflot offers air tickets at reasonable air fare to major business and leisure destinations in the world. The airline covers regions like America, Asia, Russian Federation and CIS, Europe, Africa and Middle-East in its schedule. Passengers can easily book any of the Aeroflot flights conveniently using the online booking service. In the American region the airline flies to destinations like Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, Washington, Miami and Cancun. There are a large number of flights to premium European destinations as well. In Spain, there are flights to Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga, while in France it flies to Paris and Nice. Other European destinations served by Aeroflot include Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, Norway, Sweden and Finland, among others. The airlines also flies to many destinations in Asia including Delhi, Male, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo. On domestic front, the airline offers flights to Tashkent, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Vladivostok, Ufa and Kazan, among others. The extensive route network of the airline helps it serve its customers better with world-class facilities. Less
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Presently Aeroflot has a fleet of 91 aircraft belonging to Airbus, Boeing and Ilyushin II-96-300 family aircraft. Aeroflot's fleet includes 33 Airbus A320-200 aircraft, 15 Airbus A319-100 aircraft, 16 Airbus A321-200 aircraft, 5 Airbus A330-200 aircraft, 5 Airbus A330-300 aircraft, 11 Boeing 767-300ER aircraft and 6 Ilyushin II-96-300 aircraft. The airline will undergo expansion further and had already placed order for 100 aircraft.

Baggage Allowance

Aeroflot baggage policy any passenger's free baggage allowance depends on his/her flight destinations and service class. Aeroflot's cabin baggage including the handbag that has to be carried has to be shown to the check-in staff. Aeroflot cabin baggage size can not exceed 20 kgs/44 lbs for an economy class (including children above 2 years in age) passenger and 30 kgs/ 66 lbs for a business/ premiere/ president or Kommersant class. However, a child below 2 years without separate seats is allowed to carry 10 kg/ 22 lbs as per the Aeroflot baggage rules.

Awards & Recognition

Aeroflot has won a number of awards and special recognition for its excellent services and performance.

Aeroflot Russian Airlines History

Aeroflot is one of the world's oldest existing airlines and established on February 23, 1923. The airline made its operations on July 15, 1923 with inaugural flight between Moscow and Nizhni Novgord. Aeroflot became the largest airline of the world in late 1930s and began international operations in 1937. With induction of Tupolev TU-104 jets in 1956, Aeroflot became the first airline in the world to operate regular jet airline services. During the Soviet era Aeroflot was national airline of Soviet and also crowned the position of world's largest airline. However, in 1992 with the dissolution of the Soviet Union Aeroflot divided into more than 300 regional airlines. At the meantime, Aeroflot replaced its old fleet of Russian manufactured Antonov, Ilyushin and Tupolev aircraft with modern Western aircraft. Soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992, Aeroflot took an Airbus A310-300 aircraft on lease that was first foreign aircraft of the airline. Further in 1994, Aeroflot took another foreign aircraft from Boeing family (Boeing 767 - 300ER). After the dissolution of the USSR, Aeroflot also transformed from a state-owned carrier to a semi-privatised enterprise. Aeroflot underwent many changes later on and become a member of SkyTeam in April 2006.
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