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Hotel Golden Nest Resorts

With high speed wireless internet access and a multi-cuisine restaurant, Hotel Golden Nest Resort also offers yoga classes and outdoor activ... more »
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Hotel Golden Nest Resorts -Hotel_Golden_Nest_Resort_Luxury_Room_room.jpg, Yercaud Hotel Golden Nest Resorts -Hotel_Golden_Nest_Resort_Deluxe_Room_room.jpg, Yercaud Hotel Golden Nest Resorts -Facade.jpg, Yercaud Hotel Golden Nest Resorts -Restaurant_1.jpg, Yercaud Hotel Golden Nest Resorts -Deluxe_Room.jpg, Yercaud

GRT Nature Trails- Sky Rocca

1.8 km from Yercaud Lake, 3.6 km from Rose Garden, 6.3 km from Pagoda Point, Modish lounge bar. Located amidst coffee plantations, GRT Natu... more »
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GRT Nature Trails- Sky Rocca-Valley View Room2_room.jpg, Yercaud

Grand Palace Hotel and Spa

1.2 km from Deer Park, 1.3 km from Yercaud Lake, 4.3 km from Lawyers Garden, In-house restaurant and bar Located within short distance fro... more »
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Grand Palace Hotel and Spa-Grand-Palace-Hotel-and-Spa-Yercaud-Junior-Suite-Room.jpg, Yercaud Grand Palace Hotel and Spa-Grand-Palace-Hotel-and-Spa-Yercaud-Standard-Room.jpg, Yercaud Grand Palace Hotel and Spa-Grand-Palace-Hotel-and-Spa-Yercaud-Premium-Balcony-Room.jpg, Yercaud

Sri Durga Residency

Sri Durga Residency, located within 2 km radius of Shevaroy Hills and Kiliyur Falls, offers a conference hall, travel desk and in-room dinin... more »
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Sri Durga Residency-Sri-Durga-Residency-Yercaud-Double-Deluxe.jpg, Yercaud Sri Durga Residency-Sri-Durga-Residency-Yercaud-Suite.jpg, Yercaud Sri Durga Residency-Sri-Durga-Residency-Yercaud-Standard-Double.jpg, Yercaud

Rock Perch - A Sterling Holidays Resort

Around 400 m away from Gent's Seat, Rock Perch offers indoor games, conference hall, childrens play area and multi-cuisine restaurant. Rock... more »
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Rock Perch - A Sterling Holidays Resort -Rock-Perch-A-Sterling-Holidays-Resort-Deluxe-Suite.jpg, Yer Rock Perch - A Sterling Holidays Resort -Deluxe Suite_room.jpg, Yercaud Rock Perch - A Sterling Holidays Resort -Luxury Suite_room.jpg, Yercaud Rock Perch - A Sterling Holidays Resort -Junior Suite_room.jpg, Yercaud Rock Perch - A Sterling Holidays Resort -Facade.jpg, Yercaud

Grange Resort

1.8 km from Yercaud Bus Stand, 2.1 km from Killiyur Falls, 2.8 km from Pagoda Point, Restaurant Located five minutes away from the popular... more »
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Lake Forest Hotel, Yercaud

Time stops still here in the midst of coffee estate on the bunds of the Yercaud Lake. This is the Lake Forest Hotel with period and authenti... more »
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INDECO Lake Forest Hotel-INDECO-Lake-Royal-Suite.jpg, Yercaud INDECO Lake Forest Hotel-INDECO-Lake-Royal-Suite.jpg, Yercaud INDECO Lake Forest Hotel-INDECO-Lake-Eastlynn-Garden.jpg, Yercaud Lake Forest Hotel, Yercaud-English Suite Room (1)_room.jpg, Yercaud Lake Forest Hotel, Yercaud-Facade (2).jpg, Yercaud

Royal Resorts

About 2 km from Yercaud Bus Stand and Killiyur Falls, Royal Resorts has a restaurant and facilities for indoor games. Located 5 minutes aw... more »
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Royal Resorts-Royal-resort-del-non-ac.jpg, Yercaud Royal Resorts-Facade.jpg, Yercaud Royal Resorts-Exterior View1.jpg, Yercaud Royal Resorts-Exterior View.jpg, Yercaud Royal Resorts-Entrance.jpg, Yercaud

Rams Inn

Rams Inn is a 2 star property located within the close proximity to various tourist attractions like Yercaud Lake(120 m), Kiliyur Falls(2.8 ... more »
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Rams Inn-Rams In Bedroom view_room.jpg, Yercaud Rams Inn-Rams Inn - Bedroom_room.jpg, Yercaud -image1410781544681.jpg, Yercaud -image1410781551267.jpg, Yercaud -image1410781645309.jpg, Yercaud

Clifton Inn

Around 3 km from Ladys Seat and Killiyur Falls, Clifton Inn has a multi-cuisine restaurant and arranges for camp fire and trekking. Owing t... more »
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The Green Berry Resort

About 2.4 km from Yercaud Bus Stand, The Greenberry Resort has a restaurant, conference hall and kids play area and offers medical aid and p... more »
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The Green Berry Resort-The-Green-Berry-Resort-Yercaud-Deluxe-Double-Room.jpg, Yercaud

Vihal Estancia Holiday Inn

3 km from Ladys Seat, 6 km from Shevaroy Temple, In-house restaurant and conference hall Located close to Rose Garden, Hotel Vihal Estanc... more »
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Hotel Vihal Estancia Holiday Inn-Room_1.jpg, Yercaud

Atisaya Health Retreat Yercaud

Atisaya is spread across a 1 acre property with an Outdoor Cafeteria, Yoga/Meditation Area, Therapy Center ‘Swastha’ started in collaborat... more »
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-photo (1)_room.jpg, Yercaud -photo 21_room.jpg, Yercaud -Atisaya.jpg, Yercaud -Atisaya1.jpg, Yercaud -photo 14_room.jpg, Yercaud
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-11413777770739.jpg, Yercaud -21413777775671.jpg, Yercaud -31413777780875.jpg, Yercaud -51413777796692.jpg, Yercaud -41413777790484.jpg, Yercaud
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Hotels in Yercaud : 56, Yercaud Hotels Booking Online | Book Budget, Luxury, Star & Cheap Hotels in Yercaud, India

Yercaud Hotels Overview:

Yercaud is a hill station that is situated in Salem District, in Tamil Nadu, India. It located in the Shevaroys range of hills in the Eastern Ghats; the Yercaud hill area is called the Shevaroy Hills and is one of the best place for tourists. It is situated at an altitude of 1515 metres (4970 ft) above sea level, and the highest point in Yercaud is the Servarayan temple, at 5,326 feet (1,623 m). It is so named owing to the abundance of trees categorized as a forest near the lake, the name signifying Lake Forest.


There are many hotels in Yercaud that are known to provide quality services to the tourists. These Yercaud hotels are very popular because of their reasonable price and excellent service to the guests.


Best time to visit

The climate of Yercaud is moderate. The climate of Yercaud is known for its pleasant and green feel. It is not that extreme that people can’t survive and it is not that easy that it does not effect. It is in between this two facts. This is the reason there is always a flow of tourist from all over the world to these places because this type of climate provide them the perfect timing to travel any time of the year although the occasional monsoon can make things little wet but some people likes rain with them while enjoying some of the most beautiful places of the world. Winters are fairly mild, starting in September and ending in December. During winter, the hills are covered in mist. Winters range from 12 °C to 25 °C, and summers from 16 °C to 30 °C. Rainfall is 1500–2000 mm. The coffee bushes blossom in April and offer a spectacular view. The climate is also particularly pleasant for visits.


Places to visit

These tourist places are a number of the simplest spots within the entire world. These structures are designed to sustain years of struggle. A number of the monuments ar thus recent that individuals still get astounded and that they are still standing erect when thousands of struggle.

Some of them are - Yercaud Lake, Lady's Seat, Killiyur, Bear’s Cave, Green House, The Pagoda Point.


Tourists favorite

Silk Farm and Rose Garden, Trekking in Yercaud, Fairholme Bungalow, Heaven's Ledge, Karadiyur View point, Sri Lalitha Thripura, Sundari Amman Temple.


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