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Chariot Valley
Located 2 km from Nature Park, 22 km to Jolarpettai Junction, Business Centre, Multi-cuisine restaurant and Coffee Shop Conveniently locate... more »
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Hotel Hills-Exterior_View.jpg, Yelagiri Hotel Hills-Hotel_Entrance.jpg, Yelagiri Hotel Hills-Room_1.jpg, Yelagiri Hotel Hills-Room_2.jpg, Yelagiri Hotel Hills-Lobby.jpg, Yelagiri
Hotel Aruvi
Hotel Aruvi is close to Yelagiri Lake and Nature Park. It offers multi-cuisine restaurant, conference hall and facilities for indoor games. ... more »
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Hotel Aruvi-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Yelagiri Hotel Aruvi-Hotel-Aruvi-Yelagiri-Standard-Four-Bed-Non-Ac.jpg, Yelagiri Hotel Aruvi-Hotel-Aruvi-Yelagiri-Standard-Double-Non-Ac.jpg, Yelagiri Hotel Aruvi-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Yelagiri Hotel Aruvi-Entrance_View.jpg, Yelagiri
Hill View Cottages
Hill View Cottages, located 2.9 km from Nature Park and 1.9 km from Yelagiri Lake, offers facilities like in-room dining and doctor-on-call.... more »
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Hill View Cottages-Exterior_View_1_.jpg, Yelagiri Hill View Cottages-Exterior_View_2_.jpg, Yelagiri Hill View Cottages-Room_1.jpg, Yelagiri Hill View Cottages-Room_2.jpg, Yelagiri Hill View Cottages-Room_3.jpg, Yelagiri
Hotel Lake View
Hotel Lake View, overlooking the Punganoor Lake, is about 25 minutes drive from Jolarpettai Railway Station‎. This hotel is situated in t... more »
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Hotel Lake View-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Yelagiri Hotel Lake View-Hotel-Lake-View-Yelagiri-Deluxe-Four-Bedded.jpg, Yelagiri Hotel Lake View-Hotel-Lake-View-Yelagiri-Standard-Double-Room.jpg, Yelagiri Hotel Lake View-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Yelagiri Hotel Lake View-Room_1.jpg, Yelagiri
Hotel Nigress - Emarald Dove
If you are going to Yelagiri so searching for a budget hotel with modern amenities, then Hotel Emarald Dove which was earlier Hotel Nigress... more »
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Hotel Nigress-DSC_1335_room_room.jpg, Yelagiri Hotel Nigress-DSC_1337_room.jpg, Yelagiri Hotel Nigress-DSC05601_room.jpg, Yelagiri Hotel Nigress-DSC_1339_room_room.jpg, Yelagiri
Rathna Hotel
Hotel Nigress (Rathna Hotel), a stylish and perfectly designed hotel has well-civilized staffs who delightedly welcome the guest with pleas... more »
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Rathna Hotel-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Yelagiri Rathna Hotel-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Yelagiri Rathna Hotel-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Yelagiri Rathna Hotel-Room_1.jpg, Yelagiri Rathna Hotel-Room_2.jpg, Yelagiri
Yelagiri Residency
Yelagiri Residency, located within walking distance from Athanavoor Bus Stop and Yelagiri Lake, offers travel assistance and room service. ... more »
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Yelagiri Residency-Exterior View.jpg, Yelagiri Yelagiri Residency-Room4.jpg, Yelagiri Yelagiri Residency-Room1.jpg, Yelagiri Yelagiri Residency-Room.jpg, Yelagiri Yelagiri Residency-Room3.jpg, Yelagiri
Marigold Ridge - A Sterling Holiday Resort
1.6 km from Yelagiri Forest Hill, 1.6 km from Yelagiri Lake, 5.3 km from Padavanur Village Bus Stop, Business Centre, Fitness Centre, Multi-... more »
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Sterling Yelagiri - Marigold Ridge-Sterling-Marigold-Yeligiri-Del.jpg, Yelagiri Sterling Yelagiri - Marigold Ridge-Sterling-Marigold-Yeligiri-Superior.jpg, Yelagiri Marigold Ridge - A Sterling Holiday Resort -Exterior View1.jpg, Yelagiri Marigold Ridge - A Sterling Holiday Resort -Exterior View3.jpg, Yelagiri Marigold Ridge - A Sterling Holiday Resort -Exterior View2.jpg, Yelagiri
Hotel Kumararraja Palace
A boutique hotel, 3.2 kms from Jalagamparai Falls, 900 m from Yellagiri Lake Located 1.6 kilometres from National Park, Kumararaja Palace f... more »
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Hotel Kumararraja Palace-Hotel_Kumararraja_Palace_Yelagiri_Suite_room.jpg, Yelagiri Hotel Kumararraja Palace-Hotel_Kumararraja_Palace_Yelagiri_Standard_Room_room.jpg, Yelagiri
Hotel Hill Breeze
1 km from Yelagiri Lake, 3 km from Yelagiri Forest Hill, In-house restaurant Hotel Hill Breeze is a brand new Hotel, just opened in Augus... more »
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Hotel Hill Breeze-Restaurant.jpg, Yelagiri
ISL Farms & Resorts
A luxury resort, nestled close to Yelagiri Forest Hill and Yelagiri Lake, multi-cuisine restaurant and outdoor activities ILS Farms & Res... more »
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ILS Farms & Resorts-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Yelagiri ILS Farms & Resorts-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Yelagiri ILS Farms & Resorts-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Yelagiri ILS Farms & Resorts-Kitchen_Room_1.jpg, Yelagiri ILS Farms & Resorts-Room_Interior_1.jpg, Yelagiri
Hotel Landmark
Hotel Landmark nestled in the beautiful city of Yelagiri features spotlessly clean, spacious and elegantly designed rooms. Rooms are fitted ... more »
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Hotel Landmark-Compact Room_room.jpg, Yelagiri Hotel Landmark-Deluxe Room_room.jpg, Yelagiri Hotel Landmark-Compact Room_room_room.jpg, Yelagiri
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-gal-big6.jpg, Yelagiri -gal-big15.jpg, Yelagiri
Luxury Vacation Villas on Hills
Luxury Vacation Villas nestled around the lush green valley... more »
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Luxury Vacation Villas on Hills-img-20131104-wa0020.jpg, Yelagiri Luxury Vacation Villas on Hills-dsc_0242.jpg, Yelagiri Luxury Vacation Villas on Hills-dsc_0104.jpg, Yelagiri Luxury Vacation Villas on Hills-img-20131104-wa0002.jpg, Yelagiri Luxury Vacation Villas on Hills-img-20131104-wa0007.jpg, Yelagiri

Hotels in Yelagiri | Find 28 Yelagiri Hotels Online | Book Budget, Cheap & Star Hotels in Yelagiri, India

Yelagiri Overview: Hotels in Yelagiri

Yelagiri is a hill station in the Vellore district of Chennai in India. Orchards, green valleys and rose gardens surround Yelagiri. The hill station dates back to the British colonial days. The Yelagiri is famous for paragliding and rock climbing activities. It is best opted for the trekkers in India. Whenever individuals visit these places or visit Asian country there's continuously a maxim that goes o.k. with the places. Individuals say there's some reasonably magic in these places which is that the reason why they are available up here once more and once more insearch of salvation, hapiness, peace and the culture


There are not many hotels in Yelagiri. Hotels in Yelagiri offers Multi-Cuisine restaurant with all types of dishes, well maintained and is clean. Yelagiri hotels also provide transportation is available by buses, trains, by taxi. Hotels are one such place that provides a comfortable stay after a tiring trip and these hotels exactly serves the purpose. These hotels like any other hotels in India give the tourist a royal treatment after all India is a royal country which has its roots from thousands of years back. The services are known for its excellence and the quality is better than the rest. So this work of excellence has been served well to the thousands of people who turn up to this pace every year from all corners of the world.


Best time to visit

Although Yelagiri has a moderate climate, the best time to visit Yelagiri is from November to February. Pongal during January and Deepavali during October are two central festivals celebrated with much cheerfulness and keenness. Summer festival in the month of May for three days is very striking and during this, period tourists assemble to this place.


Places to visit

Swami Malai is a trekking spot, which is an effortless climb of few hours with irregular breaks. Jalagamparai Waterfalls is a tough trek with a temple at its top. Punganur Lake is an artificial lake where one can enjoy boating through pedaling and rowing boats. One can visit rose farms even.


Tourist favorite

The main tourist hot spots in yelagiri are Velavan Temple, Nilavoor Lake, Jalagamparai Falls, Jalagandeeswarar Temple, Vainnu Bappu Observatory, Government Herbal Farm. The main attractions of Yelagiri are the tribal and their custom, habits as well as the unique structure of their houses.


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