2 Star Hotels in Allepey

Best 2 Star Hotels, Allepey

Coir Village Lake Resort
Coir Village Lake Resort is an exquisite resort is situated at Thrikunnapuzha, a small island lying along the backwaters of Alleppey and Kol... more »
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Coir Village Lake Resort-Exterior_View.jpg, Allepey Coir Village Lake Resort-Coir-Village-Lake-Resort-Allepey-Ac-Deluxe-Cottage.jpg, Allepey Coir Village Lake Resort-Exterior_View_At_Night.jpg, Allepey Coir Village Lake Resort-Room.jpg, Allepey Coir Village Lake Resort-Dining_Area.jpg, Allepey
Anthraper Garden
The Anthraper Gardens is a beautiful heritage home stay with waterfront on three sides, an idyllic place to unwind and enjoy a lavish holid... more »
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Anthraper Garden-Exterior_View.jpg, Allepey Anthraper Garden-Anthraper-Garden-Allepey-Ac-Room.jpg, Allepey Anthraper Garden-Exterior_View.jpg, Allepey Anthraper Garden-Room.jpg, Allepey Anthraper Garden-Dressing_Room.jpg, Allepey
Lake Haven Island Resorts
Lake Haven Island Resorts, located 7 km from the railway station, features a restaurant, massage centre, conference hall and internet cafe. ... more »
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Lake Haven Island Resorts-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Allepey Lake Haven Island Resorts-Lake-Haven-Island-Resorts-Alleppey-Non-Ac-Royal-Water-Villas.jpg, Allepey Lake Haven Island Resorts-Lake-Haven-Island-Resorts-Alleppey-Non-Ac-Elegant-Lake-Facing-Room.jpg, Al Lake Haven Island Resorts-Lake-Haven-Island-Resorts-Alleppey-Non-Ac-Tree-Top-Villa.jpg, Allepey
Picasso Castle
Picasso Castle is situated in the heart of Alleppey, around 2 km from the noted Revi Karuna Karan Memorial Museum. For the convenience of gu... more »
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Picasso Castle-Exterior_View.jpg, Allepey Picasso Castle-Picasso-Castle-Allepey-Suite-Ac.jpg, Allepey Picasso Castle-Picasso-Castle-Allepey-Super-Deluxe-Ac.jpg, Allepey Picasso Castle-Room_1.jpg, Allepey Picasso Castle-Reception.jpg, Allepey
Emarald Floating Island Resort
Around 2 km from Alleppey Beach and 45 km from Alappuzha Railway Station, Pride Emarald Island offers Ayurveda massage, yoga, boat cruises a... more »
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The Pride Emarald Island Resort - Alleppey-The-Pride-Emarald-Island-Resort-Alleppey-Floating-Suite-R The Pride Emarald Island Resort - Alleppey-The-Pride-Emarald-Island-Resort-Alleppey-Superior-Floatin The Pride Emarald Island Resort - Alleppey-Overview_At_Night.jpg, Allepey The Pride Emarald Island Resort - Alleppey-Exterior_View.jpg, Allepey The Pride Emarald Island Resort - Alleppey-Exterior_View_At_Night_1.jpg, Allepey
Hotel Cosy Regency
Located in the picturesque surroundings of Alleppey, Hotel Cosy Regency is about a 10-minute drive from the popular Alappuzha Beach. Guests ... more »
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Hotel Cosy Regency-200x150_Hotel_Cosy_Regency_Alleppey_Deluxe_NonAc.jpg, Allepey Hotel Cosy Regency-Exterior View1398314996156.jpg, Allepey Hotel Cosy Regency-Double Bed Deluxe Ac Room 2_room.jpg, Allepey Hotel Cosy Regency-Double Bed Deluxe Ac Room 1_room.jpg, Allepey Hotel Cosy Regency-Exterior View 21398314998006.jpg, Allepey
Beach Village Resort
Beach Village Resort, is a beautiful two star property located at Alappuzha. The resort shares a close proximity to the Beach, museum, temp... more »
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Beach Village Resort-Exterior_View.jpg, Allepey Beach Village Resort-Entrance_Area.jpg, Allepey Beach Village Resort-Restaurant.jpg, Allepey
Riverine Resort
Featuring a restaurant and a coffee shop, Riverine Resort is situated in the evergreen banks of Pamba, Alappuzha district. This eco-friendly... more »
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Riverine Resort-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Allepey Riverine Resort-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Allepey Riverine Resort-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Allepey Riverine Resort-Exterior_Night_View.jpg, Allepey Riverine Resort-Room_1.jpg, Allepey
Seaside Residency
Though rated as 2 star this property-Seaside Residency has much more to offer to spend holidays for a memorable excursion. Offering various ... more »
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Seaside Residency-Exterior_View.jpg, Allepey Seaside Residency-Room_1.jpg, Allepey Seaside Residency-Room_2.jpg, Allepey Seaside Residency-Room_3.jpg, Allepey Seaside Residency-Room_4.jpg, Allepey
Angel Queen Houseboat
A 2-star property, 4.4 km from Alleppey Railway Station, 3.3 km from Alappuzha Beach Located 1.8 kilometres from EMS Stadium, Angel Queen... more »
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Alleppey Beach Resorts
350 m from Alappuzha Railway Station, 1 km from Alappuzha Beach, 4.6 km from Kalarcode Sri Mahadeva Temple, Wi-Fi internet, Multi-cuisine re... more »
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Alleppey Beach Resorts-Alleppey-Beach-Resorts-Allepey-Standard-Non-Ac.jpg, Allepey Alleppey Beach Resorts-Exterior View 2.jpg, Allepey Alleppey Beach Resorts-Non Ac Deluxe Room 1_room.jpg, Allepey Alleppey Beach Resorts-Non Ac Double Room 2_room.jpg, Allepey

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