3 Star Hotels in Manali

Best 3 Star Hotels, Manali

Snow Crest Manor
Snow Crest Manor is around 2 km from Hadimba Temple, and features a restaurant, bar, gym, discotheque and conference venue. Snow Crest Man... more »
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Snow Crest Manor-Hotel_Snow_Crest_Manor_Deluxe_Bed_Room1_room.jpg, Manali Snow Crest Manor-Exterior_View.jpg, Manali Snow Crest Manor-Hotel_Snow_Crest_Manor_Standard_Room1_room.jpg, Manali Snow Crest Manor-Hotel_Snow_Crest_Manor_Deluxe_Bed_Room2_room.jpg, Manali
Snow Valley Resorts
1.3 km from Manu Temple, 2.1 km from Manali Bus Depot, In-house restaurant, Rooftop coffee shop Snow Valley Resorts is an enchanting hidea... more »
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Snow Valley Resorts-Presidential_Room.jpg, Manali Snow Valley Resorts-Snow_Vally_Resorts_Manali_Duplex_Room_room1376375432486.jpg, Manali Snow Valley Resorts-Snow-Valley-Resorts-Manali-Standard-Room.jpg, Manali Snow Valley Resorts-Snow-Valley-Resort-Maharaja-Room.jpg, Manali Snow Valley Resorts-Snow-Valley-Resort-Super-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Manali
Glacier Resorts
Glacier Resorts is a well-furnished and facilitated property in Manali that offers guests comfortable accommodation along with friendly ser... more »
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Glacier Resorts-200x150_Glacier_Resorts_Manali_Room.jpg, Manali Glacier Resorts-Exterior_View.jpg, Manali Glacier Resorts-Room_1.jpg, Manali Glacier Resorts-Room_2.jpg, Manali Glacier Resorts-Room_3.jpg, Manali
Hotel Out Town
Location Hotel Out Town is located in Aleo, on the left bank of the River Beas, approximately 2 km from the Mall, and 50 km from Bhuntar Air... more »
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Hotel Out Town-Hotel-Out-Town-Manali-Honeymoon-Suite.jpg, Manali Hotel Out Town-Hotel-Out-Town-Manali-Room.jpg, Manali Hotel Out Town-Hotel-Out-Town-Manali-Executive-Suite.jpg, Manali Hotel Out Town-Hotel-Out-Town-Manali-Deluxe.jpg, Manali Hotel Out Town-Exterior.jpg, Manali
Riverside Guest House
Riverside Guest House is a 3 star property located in the heart of old Manali. The hotel features well equipped room with basic amenities li... more »
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The Conifer
The hotel is located on Log Huts Roads, Manali. It is opposite to the Log Huts. The Manali bus stand is just 2.5 kms. away. The nearest airp... more »
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The Conifer-The-Conifer-Manali-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Manali The Conifer-The-Conifer-Manali-Deluxe-Double-Room.jpg, Manali The Conifer-Exterior_View.jpg, Manali The Conifer-Standard_Deluxe_Room.jpg, Manali The Conifer-Standard_Deluxe_Room_1.jpg, Manali
Banon Resorts
1.2 km from Manali Bus Depot, 600 m from Hadimba Devi Temple, 1.1 km from Manu Temple, 1.4 km from Mall Road, 19.5 from Beas River, Multi-cu... more »
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Banon Resorts-200x150_Banon_Resorts_Manali_Suite_Room.jpg, Manali Banon Resorts-Hotel_Banon_Resort_Manali_Cottage_Suite_room.jpg, Manali Banon Resorts-Banon_Resort_Manali_Luxury_Suite3_room.jpg, Manali Banon Resorts-200x150_Banon_Resorts_Manali_Deluxe_Room.jpg, Manali Banon Resorts-Banon_Resort_Manali_Deluxe_Suite_room.jpg, Manali
Whispering Valley Resort
Whispering Valley Resort is situated near Beas Bridge Left Bank in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. A home away from home, it offers a wonderful co... more »
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Whispering Valley Resort-Exterior_View.jpg, Manali Whispering Valley Resort-200x150_Whispering_Valley_Resort_Manali_Room_3.jpg, Manali Whispering Valley Resort-200x150_Whispering_Valley_Resort_Manali_Room_2.jpg, Manali Whispering Valley Resort-200x150_Whispering_Valley_Resort_Manali_Room_4.jpg, Manali Whispering Valley Resort-Reception.jpg, Manali
Hotel Daffodil Manali
650 from Manali Bus Stand and Tibetan Monastery, 2.6 km from Hidimba Devi Temple, Restaurant, Conference hall, Discotheque, Wi-Fi enabled L... more »
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Hotel Daffodil Manali-Hotel-Dafodil-Manali-Cottage-Room.jpg, Manali Hotel Daffodil Manali-Hotel-Dafodil-Manali-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Manali Hotel Sandhya Manali-Hotel-Sandhya-Manali-Room.jpg, Manali Hotel Daffodil Manali-Front_View.jpg, Manali Hotel Sandhya Manali-Cottage_Exterior.jpg, Manali
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Hotel Snow Park
Hotel Snow Park, situated in New Manali, offers a blissful stay to guests at affordable rates. This 3 star hotel lies in vicinity of Gayatri... more »
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Hotel Snow Park-Hotel_Snow_Park_Manali_Standard_Room7_room1377606788579.jpg, Manali Hotel Snow Park-Hotel_Snow_Park_Manali_Deluxe_Room1_room1377607019310.jpg, Manali Hotel Snow Park-Hotel_Snow_Park_Manali_Family_Suite_Interiors2_room1377606853197.jpg, Manali Hotel Snow Park-Exterior_View21377607574237.jpg, Manali Hotel Snow Park-Hotel_Snow_Park_Manali_Luxury_Room14_room1377606950099.jpg, Manali
Honeymoon Inn
2.1 km from Tibetan Monastery, 1.8 km from Manali Bus Depot, 3.8 km from Manu Temple, Conference Hall, Discotheque Honeymoon Inn is located... more »
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Honeymoon Inn-Exterior_View_.jpg, Manali Honeymoon Inn-Honeymoon-Inn-Manali-Regent-Room.jpg, Manali Honeymoon Inn-Honeymoon-Inn-Manali-Super-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Manali Honeymoon Inn-Honeymoon-Inn-Manali-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Manali Honeymoon Inn-Honeymoon-Inn-Manali-Honeymoon-Special.jpg, Manali
Apple Bud Cottages
1.5 Km from Mall Road, 3 Km from Hadimba Temple, 4 Km Manu Temple, 1.5 km short of Manali Bus Stand, Restaurant, Bar, Free Wi-Fi internet ... more »
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Apple Bud Cottages-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Manali Apple Bud Cottages-200x150_Apple_Bud_Cottages_Manali_Luxury_Room.jpg, Manali Apple Bud Cottages-Appale-Bud-Cottage-Manali-Family-Suite.jpg, Manali Apple Bud Cottages-Apple-Bud-Cottages-Manali-Standard-Non-Ac-Room.jpg, Manali Apple Bud Cottages-Apple-Bud-Cottages-Manali-The-Luxury-Cottage.jpg, Manali
The Valley View Resort
Location The Valley View Resort is located on National Highway 21, just at the start of Kullu town. This resort is situated near the Baba Ba... more »
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The Valley View Resort-Room_2.jpg, Manali The Valley View Resort-Restaurant.jpg, Manali The Valley View Resort-Restaurant_3.jpg, Manali The Valley View Resort-Room_5.jpg, Manali The Valley View Resort-Room_4.jpg, Manali
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