3 Star Hotels in Jodhpur

Best 3 Star Hotels, Jodhpur

WelcomHeritage Bal Samand Garden Retreat
Location WelcomHeritage Bal Samand Garden Retreat is located on Mandore Road, about 5 kilometres north of the city of Jodhpur. The airport i... more »
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WelcomHeritage Bal Samand Garden Retreat-Ac_Restaurant.jpg, Jodhpur WelcomHeritage Bal Samand Garden Retreat-Poolside_Area.jpg, Jodhpur WelcomHeritage Bal Samand Garden Retreat-Garden_Deluxe_Room_4.jpg, Jodhpur WelcomHeritage Bal Samand Garden Retreat-Reception_cum_Lobby.jpg, Jodhpur WelcomHeritage Bal Samand Garden Retreat-Swimming_Pool_2.jpg, Jodhpur
The Fern Desertscape Resort
Desertscape Resort, a beautiful desert oasis, is located on the outskirts of Jodhpur City. The resort provides comfortable accommodation an... more »
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Desertscape Resort-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Jodhpur Desertscape Resort-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Jodhpur Desertscape Resort-Enterance_View_1.jpg, Jodhpur Desertscape Resort-Enterance_View_2.jpg, Jodhpur Desertscape Resort-Enterance_View_3.jpg, Jodhpur
Hotel Heritage Shubham Haveli
A heritage property, 1 km from Umaid Bhawan Palace, 4.7 km from Jodhpur Airport Located close to Rajasthan High Court, Hotel Heritage Shu... more »
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Megh Niwas
Ambrosia Megh Niwas is located on Umed Club Road near Circuit House in Jodhpur. The Tourist Information Centre, bus stand, Jodhpur City Cen... more »
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Ambrosia Megh Niwas-Exterior_View_.jpg, Jodhpur Ambrosia Megh Niwas-Exterior_View_1_.jpg, Jodhpur Ambrosia Megh Niwas-Ambrosia-Megh-Niwas-Jodhpur-Royal-Club.jpg, Jodhpur Ambrosia Megh Niwas-Ambrosia-Megh-Niwas-Jodhpur-Suite-.jpg, Jodhpur Ambrosia Megh Niwas-Exterior_View_2_.jpg, Jodhpur
The Kothi Heritage
1.4 km from Electronics Market, 3.8 km from Jodhpur Railway Station, 3.6 km from Mehrangarh Fort, Rooftop restaurant, Ayurvedic massage cent... more »
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The Kothi Heritage-The-Kothi-Heritage-Suite.jpg, Jodhpur The Kothi Heritage-Exterior_View.jpg, Jodhpur The Kothi Heritage-Hotel_The_Kothi_Heritage_Jodhpur_Executive_Room_room.jpg, Jodhpur The Kothi Heritage-Exterior_View1.jpg, Jodhpur The Kothi Heritage-Hotel_The_Kothi_Heritage_Jodhpur_luxury_Room_room.jpg, Jodhpur
NXT Jodhpur
Located in the heart of the city, NXT Jodhpur features comfortable, modern and well-furnished rooms. In-room amenities include air-conditio... more »
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NXT Jodhpur-Deluxe Twin Bed_room.jpg, Jodhpur NXT Jodhpur-Deluxe Premier King Bed_room.jpg, Jodhpur
Karni Bhawan
Location Karni Bhawan is located on Palace Road in Jodhpur. The airport is approximately 3 kilometres away, while the railway station is app... more »
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Karni Bhawan-Deluxe_Room.jpg, Jodhpur Karni Bhawan-Reception.jpg, Jodhpur Karni Bhawan-Deluxe_Twin_Room_2.jpg, Jodhpur Karni Bhawan-Tashli_Restaurant_2.jpg, Jodhpur Karni Bhawan-Deluxe_Room_2.jpg, Jodhpur
Nirali Dhani Ethnic Resort
10.3 km from Jodhpur Airport, 9.6 km from Mehrangarh Fort, Wi-Fi facility, Multi-cuisine and Rajasthani restaurants, Shopping arcade Captur... more »
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Nirali Dhani Ethnic Resort --Nirali-Dhani-Ethnic-Resort-Jodhpur-Deluxe.jpg, Jodhpur Nirali Dhani Ethnic Resort --Nirali-Dhani-Ethnic-Resort-Jodhpur-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Jodhpur Nirali Dhani Ethnic Resort -Exterior_View_1.jpg, Jodhpur Nirali Dhani Ethnic Resort -Nirali_ Dhani_ Ethnic_ Resort_Jodhpur Super_Deluxe_Room_4_room.jpg, Jodh
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Days Inn Abhay Hotel
Centrally located, Abhay Days Inn offers comfortable accommodation in 72 well-furnished rooms that are appointed with a television, study ta... more »
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Hotel Kiran Vilas
Hotel Kiran Vilas is located on Paota C Road, in the heart of the city of Jodhpur. Noted attractions of the region - Jaswant Thada, Bal Sa... more »
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Hotel Kiran Vilas -Room_1.jpg, Jodhpur Hotel Kiran Vilas -Hotel_Kiran_Villas_Jodhpur_Deluxe_Room3_room.jpg, Jodhpur
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Shri Ram Excellency
Situated around 10 minutes from Jodhpur airport, Hotel Shri Ram Excellency features conference and banquet facilities, discotheque and rest... more »
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Shri Ram Excellency-Exterior_View.jpg, Jodhpur Shri Ram Excellency-Hotel_Shri_Ram_Excellency_Jodhpur_Superior_Room4_room.jpg, Jodhpur Shri Ram Excellency-Hotel_Shri_Ram_Excellency_Jodhpur_Deluxe_Room2_room.jpg, Jodhpur Shri Ram Excellency-Room_1.jpg, Jodhpur Shri Ram Excellency-Hotel_Shri_Ram_Excellency_Jodhpur_Superior_Room3_room.jpg, Jodhpur
Candy Rajuputana by Peppermint
Location Candy Rajputana by Peppermint is located at Panchbatti Circle, Airport Road, Ratanada in Jodhpur. Besides a comfortable stay, the h... more »
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Candy Rajuputana by Peppermint-Exterior_View.jpg, Jodhpur Candy Rajuputana by Peppermint-Super_Deluxe_Room.jpg, Jodhpur Candy Rajuputana by Peppermint-Suite_Room.jpg, Jodhpur Candy Rajuputana-Living_Room.jpg, Jodhpur Candy Rajuputana-Lobby_1.jpg, Jodhpur
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