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Kinara Niwas Nyahari
Located at Wayri Bhootnath in Taluka, Kinari Niwas Nyahari offers a budget accommodation with basic facilities and in-room services. It has ... more »
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Kinara Niwas Nyahari -Exterior_View_1.jpg, Tarkali Kinara Niwas Nyahari -Exterior_View_2.jpg, Tarkali Kinara Niwas Nyahari -Room_1.jpg, Tarkali Kinara Niwas Nyahari -Room_2.jpg, Tarkali Kinara Niwas Nyahari -Room_3.jpg, Tarkali
Yahoo Resort - Homestay
Located at Wayri Bhutnath, Yahoo Resort provides homestay in well-furnished rooms with basic in-room services for the comfort of the guest. ... more »
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Yahoo Resort - Homestay-Exterior_View.jpg, Tarkali Yahoo Resort - Homestay-Room_1.jpg, Tarkali Yahoo Resort - Homestay-Room_2.jpg, Tarkali Yahoo Resort - Homestay-Room_3.jpg, Tarkali Yahoo Resort - Homestay-Washroom.jpg, Tarkali
Vinayak Resort
The resort offers comfortable accommodation in spacious and well-furnished rooms. Facilities available include parking facility, doctor on c... more »
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Vinayak Resort-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Tarkali Vinayak Resort-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Tarkali Vinayak Resort-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Tarkali Vinayak Resort-Room_1.jpg, Tarkali Vinayak Resort-Room_2.jpg, Tarkali
Gharmithibavkaranche Home Stay
Located at Wayri Tarkarali in Malwan, Gharmithibhavkaranche is a homestay ideal for both long and short stay in the city. It offers 10 well... more »
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Gharmithibavkaranche Home Stay-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Tarkali Gharmithibavkaranche Home Stay-200x150_Gharmithibavkaranche_Home_Stay_Tarkali_Room_3.jpg, Tarkali Gharmithibavkaranche Home Stay-200x150_Gharmithibavkaranche_Home_Stay_Tarkali_Room_2.jpg, Tarkali Gharmithibavkaranche Home Stay-200x150_Gharmithibavkaranche_Home_Stay_Tarkali_Room_1.jpg, Tarkali Gharmithibavkaranche Home Stay-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Tarkali
Visava Beach Home Stay
The most trusted budget hotel, Visava Beach Home Stay, Tarkarli offers the best holiday and business trip within budget and also ensure qua... more »
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Visava Beach Home Stay-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Tarkali Visava Beach Home Stay-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Tarkali Visava Beach Home Stay-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Tarkali Visava Beach Home Stay-Entrance_View.jpg, Tarkali Visava Beach Home Stay-Room_1.jpg, Tarkali
Tarkarli Niwas Nyahari
Featuring a restaurant, Tarkarli Niwas Nyahari is located just 250 m away from the famous Tarkali Beach. Owing to its proximity to the bea... more »
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Tarkarli Niwas Nyahari-Exterior_View.jpg, Tarkali Tarkarli Niwas Nyahari-Room_1.jpg, Tarkali Tarkarli Niwas Nyahari-Room_2.jpg, Tarkali Tarkarli Niwas Nyahari-Corridor.jpg, Tarkali Tarkarli Niwas Nyahari-Tarkali niwas AC Room_room.jpg, Tarkali
Leesha Beach HomeStay
The hotel offers well-furnished rooms to the guests to spend their holidays. It is a perfect destination for looking wanting to spend a pea... more »
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Leesha Beach HomeStay-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Tarkali Leesha Beach HomeStay-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Tarkali Leesha Beach HomeStay-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Tarkali Leesha Beach HomeStay-Room_1.jpg, Tarkali Leesha Beach HomeStay-Room_2.jpg, Tarkali
Bhavani Home Stay
Inspite of limited facilities Bhawani Home Stay is an intelligent choice for leisure travellers. Bhawani Home Stay offers well-furnished roo... more »
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Tarkali Hotels Overview:

Tarkali is a hub of activity. While in Tarkali you can really enjoy your holiday by visiting many places in and around the Tarkali. When you choose to take a break in Tarkali there are many things to see and do. You can go sightseeing by road or go walking in the area you are in Tarkali. There are many ways you can reach Tarkali. Tarkali is accessible by road from nearby towns. When you are visiting Tarkali next, you can come here for a family holiday, weekend break and general vacation tour. Take a break from the activities of daily life and head to Tarkali. A holiday here will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.


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