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Hotel New Green View - I
Hotel New Green View is located close to the world-famous Dal Lake in Srinagar. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi and travel desk. Located at Gha... more »
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Hotel New Green View-Garden_Area.jpg, Srinagar Hotel New Green View-Garden_Sitting_Area.jpg, Srinagar Hotel New Green View-Standard Room_room.jpg, Srinagar Hotel New Green View-Deluxe Room2_room.jpg, Srinagar
Welcome Hotel
Welcome Hotel Srinagar is a 3 star property in Srinagar that faces the beautiful Dal Lake. It is situated on the Boulevard Road and is close... more »
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Welcome Hotel-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Srinagar Welcome Hotel-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Srinagar Welcome Hotel-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Srinagar Welcome Hotel-Deluxe Room Bed View_room1400959180726.jpg, Srinagar Welcome Hotel-Deluxe Room Facing Dal Lake_room.jpg, Srinagar
The 'Heritage' by Heevan
A 4-star luxury property, 3 km from Dal Lake, 4 km from Mughal Gardens Located in the heart of the city, The 'Heritage' by Heevan feature... more »
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The 'Heritage' by Heevan-The Heritage By Heevan_Suite (2)_room.jpg, Srinagar The 'Heritage' by Heevan-The Heritage By Heevan_Deluxe Room_room.jpg, Srinagar The 'Heritage' by Heevan-The Heritage By Heevan_Te Heritage Suite_room.jpg, Srinagar The 'Heritage' by Heevan-The Heritage By Heevan_Suite_room.jpg, Srinagar
Walisons Hotel
Located 7.6 km from Bus Stand ,15.2 km from Railway station and 28.0 km from Airport Runway, Srinagar. Walisons hotel offers facilities lik... more »
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Walisons Hotel-Room1.jpg, Srinagar Walisons Hotel-Room3.jpg, Srinagar Walisons Hotel-Room2.jpg, Srinagar
The Renaissance Hotel
3.4 km from Dal Lake, 4.5 km from Royal Spring Golf Course, 6.2 km from Hyward International, Power back-up, Open Air Garden Cafe, Multi-cui... more »
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The Renaissance Hotel-Deluxe Room_room.jpg, Srinagar The Renaissance Hotel-Suite Room_room.jpg, Srinagar The Renaissance Hotel-Deluxe Room2_room.jpg, Srinagar
Vivanta By Taj-Dal View
Located 7.7 km from Bus Stop, Vivanta By Taj- Dal View offers swimming pool, spa, fitness centre, conference and banquet facilities and Wi-F... more »


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Vivanta By Taj-Dal View-Vivanta-By-Taj-Dal-View-Premium-Indulgence-room.jpg, Srinagar Vivanta By Taj-Dal View-10266, Srinagar Vivanta By Taj-Dal View-Vivanta-By-Taj-Superior-Charm.jpg, Srinagar Vivanta By Taj-Dal View-Vivanta-By-Taj-Superior-Charm.jpg, Srinagar Vivanta By Taj-Dal View-Vivanta-By-Taj-Deluxe-Delight.jpg, Srinagar
Dal View Resort
Located in proximity to the popular Dal Lake, Dal View Resort is ideal for holidaymakers. Popular tourist attractions like Shalimar Bagh and... more »
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Dal View Resort -Dal_View_Resort_Srinagar_Deluxe_Room_1_room.jpg, Srinagar Dal View Resort -Super Deluxe Room_room.jpg, Srinagar Dal View Resort -Dal_View_Resort_Srinagar_Suite_Room_room.jpg, Srinagar
Hospitality Home
Located 20 kms from Srinagar Airport, 8 kms from TRC Bus Station, 3 kms from Dal Lake Situated 3 kms from Dalgate town, Hospitality Home ... more »
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Hospitality Home-hospitality1376468519065.jpg, Srinagar Hospitality Home-DELUXE_room.jpg, Srinagar Hospitality Home-standard_room.jpg, Srinagar Hospitality Home-Corridor.jpg, Srinagar Hospitality Home-Sairwell1.jpg, Srinagar
Wangnoo Houseboats
Within 30 minutes drive from Srinagar airport and railway station, Wangnoo Houseboats offers Wi-Fi, restaurant, travel desk and money exchan... more »
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Wangnoo Houseboats-Deluxe_room.jpg, Srinagar Wangnoo Houseboats-Lobby_room1388944927992.jpg, Srinagar Wangnoo Houseboats-Candle Light Dinning Room_room.jpg, Srinagar Wangnoo Houseboats-Reading Area Wangnoo Houseboats_room.jpg, Srinagar Wangnoo Houseboats-View from balcony_room.jpg, Srinagar
Comrade Inn
11 minutes walk from Jhelem River View Park, free WiFi, Parking, Indoor Multi Cuisine Restaurant, 10 km from Srinagar International Airpo... more »
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Comrade Inn-Reception_3.jpg, Srinagar Comrade Inn-Restaurant_2.jpg, Srinagar Comrade Inn-Deluxe Room_room.jpg, Srinagar
RK Sarovar Portico
The Only 4 Star Branded hotel of the city, RK Sarovar Portico is located right in the Heart of Srinagar.The hotel is located in the most VI... more »
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RK Sarovar Portico-RK-Sarovar-Portic-Premium-room.jpg, Srinagar City Forest Resort by Royal Khazir-City-Forest-Resort-by-Royal-Khazir-Deluxe.jpg, Srinagar City Forest Resort by Royal Khazir--Presidential-Suite.jpg, Srinagar City Forest Resort by Royal Khazir--Family-Suite.jpg, Srinagar RK Sarovar Portico-RK sarovar_room.jpg, Srinagar
Jamal Resort
3 km from Dal Lake, 1.6 km from Nishat Mughal Gardens, 2.4 km from Shalimar Bagh, In-house multi-cuisine restaurant Located favourably in I... more »
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Jamal Resort-Jamal-Resort-Srinagar-Super-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Srinagar Jamal Resort-Jamal-Resort-Srinagar-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Srinagar Jamal Resort-Maharaja_Suite_room.jpg, Srinagar Jamal Resort-Reception.jpg, Srinagar Jamal Resort-Deluxe_Room_2_room.jpg, Srinagar
Hotel Ahdoos
Located 5.8 km from Bus Stand and 2.7 km from Dal Lake, Ahdoo's Hotel offers free Wi-Fi, restaurant and conference facility. Nestling on th... more »
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Hotel Ahdoos-Superior Room1_room.jpg, Srinagar Hotel Ahdoos-Deluxe Room_room.jpg, Srinagar Hotel Ahdoos-Standard Room_room.jpg, Srinagar
New Jacquline Group of Houseboats
New Jacquline Group of Houseboats,are situated within 5 km range of Hazratbal Mosque, offers travel assistance, in-room dining and gears for... more »
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New Jacquline Houseboats-New-Jacquline-Houseboats-Srinagar-Suite-Room.jpg, Srinagar New Jacquline Houseboats-new jacqline room_room.jpg, Srinagar New Jacquline Houseboats-WP_20140207_16_18_41_Panorama_room.jpg, Srinagar New Jacquline Group of Houseboats-Suite Room_room.jpg, Srinagar New Jacquline Group of Houseboats-Double Bed Room1_room.jpg, Srinagar
Hotel Pacific
1.5 km from Kashmir Golf Course, 3 km from Shankaracharaya Temple, Multi-cuisine Restaurant and Conference Hall Located on the banks of D... more »
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Hotel Pacific-Hotel_Pacific_Srinagar_Double_Deluxe_Room_4_room.jpg, Srinagar Hotel Pacific-Hotel_Pacific_Srinagar_Double_Deluxe_Room_3_room.jpg, Srinagar Hotel Pacific-Hotel_Pacific_Srinagar_Double_Deluxe_Room_2_room.jpg, Srinagar

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Srinagar Overview: Hotels in Srinagar

Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir, is arguably the most beautiful place in the country. The snow clad mountain, the lakes and the deep green valley is the dream destination of tourist. King Pravarasen II found this place in the 150 AD. The meaning of the word Srinagar is “The city of wealth and abundance”. The city is situated on the bank of river Jhelum and is surrounded by the Dal lake, Nagin lake and the Anchar Lake where the rays of the sun reflects in water making the place even more beautiful. Srinagar also holds an important part in the history of ancient India where the evidence of ancient settlement was found dated back to 5000 years.


Whether it is the coldest season or the mild summer days, Srinagar always has thousands of tourists visiting the place. While the winter visitors enjoy the beauty of the snow, the summer visitors enjoys the colour of canvas from the deep green to autumn brown to orange,. And the visit to Srinagar is incomplete if you don’t enjoy the ride of the Shikara on the Dal lake that spreads over 26 sq. Km. All the beauty of the place has led to name the place as “paradise on earth” and to reach the Paradise one can reach by train, air or by bus. Srinagar is 290 kms away from Jammu station from where it is connected to the rest of the country. Srinagar domestic airport has regular flights to other main cities and there are also bus service available to the rest f the cities.


Places to visit

Places to visit in Srinagar are Pari Mahal and Sri Pratap Singh Museum among the historical places, Dal lake,Houseboat, Mughal Garden, Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, Chashme Shahi Garden, Nagin like, Saffron field, Shikara Ride and Wular lake among the naturally gifted places and religion places are Avantipur Ruins, Dastgir Sahib Shrine, Hazratbal Mosque, Jamia Masjid, Khanqah of Shah Hamdam and Shankaracharya Temple.


Hotels in Srinagar

Hotels in Srinagar vary from Luxury hotels and Delux rooms. School and college students gets discounts if they travel in bulk. One can find rooms in Srinagar Hotels very easily depending upon their requirements and necessity.


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