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According to the on-site facilities and the services offered, hotels in Shimla fall into different categories. Two major categories are star-rated hotels and budget properties. Be it a budget or a star-rated hotel, all the hotels in the region endeavour to surpass the expectations of guests by offering them the best of safety and comfort. This has earned Shimla resorts and hotels countless testimonials from tourists. Tourists can read more information about star-rated and budget hotels in Shimla at
Asia The Dawn
Location Hotel Asia the Dawn is located just a couple of kilometres before Shimla in Katchi Ghati, Tara Devi. It is in a calm, serene spot ... more »
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Asia The Dawn-Exterior_View.jpg, Shimla Asia The Dawn-Asia-The-Dawn-Shima-Double-Deluxe.jpg, Shimla Asia The Dawn-Asia-The-Dawn-Shima-Garden-Room.jpg, Shimla Asia The Dawn-Deluxe_Room_1.jpg, Shimla Asia The Dawn-Deluxe_Room_2.jpg, Shimla
The Fort Nalagarh
Location A heritage property, The Fort Nalagarh is an ideal place to enjoy a memorable vacation with family and friends. Guests at this old ... more »
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The Fort Nalagarh -41408707990413.jpg, Solan The Fort Nalagarh -61408707990471.jpg, Solan The Fort Nalagarh -51408707991307.jpg, Solan The Fort Nalagarh -71408707995698.jpg, Solan The Fort Nalagarh -21408707995830.jpg, Solan
Hotel Chail Residency
Set amidst serene and lush green surroundings of Chail, around 32 km from Shimla, Hotel Chail Residency is an ideal choice for holidaymakers... more »
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Hotel Chail Residency-Exterior_View_1_.jpg, Chail Hotel Chail Residency-Hotel-Chail-Residency-Chail-Superior-Room.jpg, Chail Hotel Chail Residency-200x150_Hotel_Chail_Residency_Chail_Super_Deluxe_Room_.jpg, Chail Hotel Chail Residency-200x150_Hotel_Chail_Residency_Chail_Deluxe_Room_.jpg, Chail Hotel Chail Residency-Hotel_Chail_Residency_Chail_Super_Deluxe_Room_2_room1380880832299.jpg, Chail
Aamod Tethys Ski Resort and Spa
A 3-star property located in the midst of the apple belt of Himachal, 65 kms from Shimla Perched at a height of 9,000 ft, Aamod Tethys S... more »
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Tethys Ski Resort-65 kms from Shimla
Perched at a height of 9,000 ft, Tethys Ski Resort is built in the old Colonial style and offers comfortable accommodation in well-appointed... more »
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Tethys Ski Resort-Facade.jpg, Narkanda Tethys Ski Resort-65 kms from Shimla-Deluxe Room_room.jpg, Narkanda Tethys Ski Resort-Dining Area.jpg, Narkanda Tethys Ski Resort-Bonfire.jpg, Narkanda Tethys Ski Resort-Room 1.jpg, Narkanda
Golden Heights Residency
Golden Heights Residency nestled in the beautiful city of Sirmour and features comfortable and well-appointed rooms with modern in-room amen... more »
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Golden Heights Residency-Exterior view.jpg, Sirmour Golden Heights Residency-Room1400049861055.jpg, Sirmour Golden Heights Residency-Room 11400050003797.jpg, Sirmour
Hotel Shingar
Located in the heart of Shimla, Hotel Shingar offers a conference hall, multi-cuisine restaurant and bar Conveniently located on The Mall R... more »
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Hotel Shingar-Hotel-Shingar-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Shimla Hotel Shingar-Restaurant.jpg, Shimla Hotel Shingar-Terrace.jpg, Shimla Hotel Shingar-Super Deluxe Room 1_room.jpg, Shimla Hotel Shingar-Facade.jpg, Shimla
Hotel Grand Sunset
Hotel Grand Sunset is located within 5 minutes from Sidh Baba Ka Mandir. The hotel offers a conference hall, restaurant, and indoor games fa... more »
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Hotel Grand Sunset-Hotel-Grand-Sunset-Chail-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Chail Hotel Grand Sunset-Family_Room_2.jpg, Chail Hotel Grand Sunset-Family_Room_3.jpg, Chail Hotel Grand Sunset-Family_Room_1.jpg, Chail Hotel Grand Sunset-Exterior_View.jpg, Chail
Hotel Utsav
Hotel Utsav is located at Mall Road, Solan. The hotel offers various kinds of rooms as executive rooms, super deluxe rooms and deluxe rooms ... more »

Hotel Utsav-l_4670_1351494016.jpg, Solan Hotel Utsav-l_4670_1351494016.jpg, Solan Hotel Utsav-l_4670_1351494311.jpg, Solan Hotel Utsav-l_4670_1351494282.jpg, Solan Hotel Utsav-l_4670_1351494241.jpg, Solan
Hotel Amar
Hotel Amar is a budget hotel which is located at Mall Road , Solan, Himachal Pradesh. The hotel is about 21 kms from Simla airport and 2 kms... more »

Hotel Amar-l_5518_1358243224.jpg, Solan Hotel Amar-l_5518_1358246600.jpg, Solan Hotel Amar-l_5518_1358243374.jpg, Solan Hotel Amar-l_5518_1358243394.jpg, Solan Hotel Amar-l_5518_1358246573.jpg, Solan
Hotel Hill Inn
Situated about 1950 meters above sea level & nestling in the lap of the Shivaliks, a 3-star property, Hotel Hill is almost midway between th... more »
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Hotel Hill Inn-Overview_1.jpg, Solan Hotel Hill Inn-Overview_2.jpg, Solan Hotel Hill Inn-Exterior_View.jpg, Solan Hotel Hill Inn-Night_View_Exterior.jpg, Solan Hotel Hill Inn-_Back_Side_Exterior.jpg, Solan
V Resorts - Narkanda Cottage-65 kms away from Shimla
In the apple valley of Himachal with stunning view of Churadhar ranges lies your offbeat holiday abode. Located off the main highway from K... more »
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V Resorts - Narkanda Cottage-V_Resort_Narkanda_Narkanda_Deluxe_Room11370598446867.jpg, Narkanda V Resorts - Narkanda Cottage-V_Resort_Narkanda_Narkanda_Deluxe_Room2_room.jpg, Narkanda V Resorts - Narkanda Cottage-Cottage_View_2.jpg, Narkanda V Resorts - Narkanda Cottage-Cottage_View_3.jpg, Narkanda V Resorts - Narkanda Cottage-Cottage_View_5.jpg, Narkanda
Mayur Hotel Bar & Restaurant
Mayur Hotel Bar & Restaurant is a well established budget hotel located at the Mall Road in Solan, Himachal Pradesh. The hotel is about ... more »

Mayur Hotel Bar & Restaurant-l_4696_1351602894.jpg, Solan Mayur Hotel Bar & Restaurant-l_4696_1375191103.JPG, Solan Mayur Hotel Bar & Restaurant-l_4696_1375191417.jpg, Solan Mayur Hotel Bar & Restaurant-l_4696_1351603084.jpg, Solan Mayur Hotel Bar & Restaurant-l_4696_1351603113.jpg, Solan
Hotel Willow Banks
Hotel is located on Mall Road; 2.0 km from Hanuman Temple Jakhu, 2.2 km from Railway Station, 5.5 km from Kamna Devi Temple Situated on the... more »
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Hotel Willow Banks-200x150_Hotel_Willow_Banks_Superdeluxe.jpg, Shimla Hotel Willow Banks-200x150_Hotel_Willow_Banks_Permiumroom.jpg, Shimla Hotel Willow Banks-200x150_Hotel_Willow_Banks_deluxe.jpg, Shimla Hotel Willow Banks-Exterior_View_1_.jpg, Shimla
Rashi Resorts
Rashi Resorts is a quaint, lively looking property which was started in 2002. It is a lone structure located down a slope from the main road... more »
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Rashi Resorts-Rashi-Resorts-Chail-Single-Bed-Room.JPG, Chail Rashi Resorts-Exterior_VIew.jpg, Chail Rashi Resorts-Entrance_View.jpg, Chail Rashi Resorts-Deluxe_Room.jpg, Chail Rashi Resorts-Deluxe_Bedroom.jpg, Chail
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Shimla Overview: Hotels in Shimla

The rise of the town of Shimla can be credited to the nineteenth century at the time of the termination of the Gurkha Wars in 1815-16. At that time, the triumphant British decided to cling to certain pockets as military outposts. In 1922, a most tyrannical dandy instructed that the home be built for him in the location called and alleged variously as Sheyamalaya Shumlah, Shimlu and Shemlah. The European invalids began to move in to the hill station mesmerized by the climate. The only prerequisite presented by the local chief who possessed the land was that there should not be cutting of trees or any cattle slaughtered. “The Summer Capital of India” is what the John Lawrence, Viceroy anointed Shimla as, in the year 1864; which was called Simla back then. Thereafter, began the coming of the Viceroy Council, the Imperial Secretariat, representatives of the Indian Princes and foreign envoys.


As the popularity of the hill-station has always been on the rise, Shimla Hotels have been burgeoning since many decades. Himland East is a three-star hotel near the Mall; it consists of all the modern facilities. Many other hotels are also being considered of having an enthusiastic-level of services. Hotel Deepwoods is nestled in the blooming pine woods; Hotel Crystal Palace is nearby the golf course, horticulture research institute, Tatapani sulphur springs, etc. and Hotel such Sagar is located amidst the deodar and kail trees. The setting of Shimla Hotels is also another feature that attracts many a tourist. Centrally positioned Hotel honeymoon Inn is at a mere distance of 10 minutes’ walk from the mall and very well follows its name. Hotel Sangeet is what you will find under budget hotels in Shimla. In Lakkar Bazar sphere, you’ll find another hotel called Hotel Auckland. Amongst top-rated cheap Shimla Hotels in Shimla you may also have your hands at Hotel Surya.


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