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The Taj Gateway Hotel Gir
Set on the fringe of Gir Forest, The Gateway Hotel Gir Forest offers a pool, spa, Wi-Fi access, banquet hall and restaurant. The Gateway H... more »
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The Gateway Hotel Gir Forest-The-Gateway-Hotel-Sasangir-Standard-Room-.jpg, Sasan Gir The Gateway Hotel Gir Forest-The-Gateway-Hotel-Sasangir-Standard-Room-.jpg, Sasan Gir The Taj Gateway Hotel Gir -Facade_1.jpg, Sasan Gir The Taj Gateway Hotel Gir -Facade_Riverside_1.jpg, Sasan Gir The Taj Gateway Hotel Gir -Lobby_1.jpg, Sasan Gir
Lion Safari Camp
Location Lion Safari Camp is strategically located near Hirneshwar Temple, at Balcheel Village in Sasan Gir, about 65 km away from Junagarh,... more »
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Lion Safari Camp -Restaurant.jpg, Sasan Gir Lion Safari Camp -Ac_Luxury_Tent.jpg, Sasan Gir Lion Safari Camp -Exterior_Dining_Area.jpg, Sasan Gir Lion Safari Camp -Exterior_View.jpg, Sasan Gir
Gir Jungle Lodge
Stay close to nature in this 3 star property, walking distance from the Gir National Park- home to the famous Asiatic Lions in the world. S... more »
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Gir Jungle Lodge-Front_View.jpg, Sasan Gir Gir Jungle Lodge-Gir_Jungle_Lodge_Sasan_Gir_Standard_Room_room.jpg, Sasan Gir Gir Jungle Lodge-Entrance.jpg, Sasan Gir Gir Jungle Lodge-Restaurant.jpg, Sasan Gir Gir Jungle Lodge-Bungalow.jpg, Sasan Gir
Sukh Sagar Gir Resort
Offering lawns/gardens, conference hall, internet facility, Sukh Sagar Gir Resort is located 40 kilometers from railway station and 85 kilo... more »
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Sukh Sagar Gir Resort-Exterior_View.jpg, Sasan Gir Sukh Sagar Gir Resort-Sukh-Sagar-Gir-Resort-Sasan-Gir-Deluxe.jpg, Sasan Gir Sukh Sagar Gir Resort-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Sasan Gir Sukh Sagar Gir Resort-Exterior_View_4.jpg, Sasan Gir Sukh Sagar Gir Resort-Room_1.jpg, Sasan Gir
Family Rooms Homestay
Located in Sasan Gir, well known as a best place for wildlife lovers, the hotel is a perfect destination for those who want to witness natu... more »
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Family Rooms Homestay-Room_1_.jpg, Sasan Gir Family Rooms Homestay-Room_2_.jpg, Sasan Gir Family Rooms Homestay-Room_3_.jpg, Sasan Gir Family Rooms Homestay-Outdoor_Dining_Area_.jpg, Sasan Gir
Hotel Leo
Situated at Sasan-Junagarh Road in the area of Bhachel Gir in Junagarh has convenient distance of 40 kilometers from Keshod Airport and Rail... more »
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Hotel Leo-Exterior_.jpg, Sasan Gir Hotel Leo-Hotel-Leo-Sasan-Gir-Ac-Double_.jpg, Sasan Gir Hotel Leo-Ac_Room_.jpg, Sasan Gir Hotel Leo-Room_.jpg, Sasan Gir Hotel Leo-Room_Sitting_Area_.jpg, Sasan Gir
The Fern Gir Forest Resort
Ideally located adjacent to Gir Lion Sanctuary, The Fern Gir Forest Resort features outdoor activities, swimming pool , lawns/gardens and h... more »


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Fern Gir Forest Resort-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Sasan Gir Fern Gir Forest Resort-Fern-Gir-Forest-Resort-Sasan-Gir-Haze-Suite.jpg, Sasan Gir Fern Gir Forest Resort-Fern-Gir-Forest-Resort-Sasan-Gir-Fern-Tent.jpg, Sasan Gir Fern Gir Forest Resort-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Sasan Gir Fern Gir Forest Resort-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Sasan Gir
Asiatic Pride Resort (90 KM away from Sasan Gir)
Location Asiatic Resorts is located on the upcoming Ambardi Interpretation Park on the State Highway 33 on Chalala Dhari Road at Dhari villa... more »
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Hotel Asiatic Pride Resort-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Sasan Gir Hotel Asiatic Pride Resort-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Sasan Gir Hotel Asiatic Pride Resort-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Sasan Gir Hotel Asiatic Pride Resort-Exterior_View_4.jpg, Sasan Gir Hotel Asiatic Pride Resort-Hotel_Entrance_1.jpg, Sasan Gir
United 21 Vanvaso
6.3 km from Sasan Gir Railway Station, 8.5 km from Lion Safari Camp, 7.7 km from Lunadar Mahadev Mandir Borvav Gir Hotel Vanvaso Resort ... more »
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Vanvaso Resort-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Sasan Gir Vanvaso Resort-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Sasan Gir Vanvaso Resort-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Sasan Gir Vanvaso Resort-Exterior_View_4.jpg, Sasan Gir Vanvaso Resort-Exterior_View_5.jpg, Sasan Gir
Hotel Annapurna
Located in Sasan Gir area of Gujarat, Hotel Annapurna is around an hours drive from Veraval railway station. It can be reached in about 50 m... more »
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Hotel Annapurna-Exterior_View.jpg, Sasan Gir Hotel Annapurna-Room_1.jpg, Sasan Gir Hotel Annapurna-Room_2.jpg, Sasan Gir Hotel Annapurna-Room_3.jpg, Sasan Gir Hotel Annapurna-Room_4.jpg, Sasan Gir
Hotel Green Park
Famous as one of the best and peaceful picnic point within forest area, the hotel Green Park provides highest standards of hospitality and ... more »
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Hotel Green Park-Exterior_View.jpg, Sasan Gir Hotel Green Park-Room_1.jpg, Sasan Gir Hotel Green Park-Room_2.jpg, Sasan Gir Hotel Green Park-Childern_Playing_Area.jpg, Sasan Gir
Maneland Jungle Lodge
Located at Gir Lion Sanctuary & National Park, Sasan Gir, Maneland Jungle Lodge is considered as an abode of peace, tranquility and comfort... more »
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Maneland Jungle Lodge-Room_1.jpg, Sasan Gir Maneland Jungle Lodge-Room_2.jpg, Sasan Gir Maneland Jungle Lodge-Room_3.jpg, Sasan Gir Maneland Jungle Lodge-Room_4.jpg, Sasan Gir Maneland Jungle Lodge-Room_5.jpg, Sasan Gir
Hotel Anil Farm House
Hotel Anil Farm House is in proximity to Sasan Gir National Park, Mahabat Maqbara, Somnath Temple, Kamleswar Dam, Girnath Mountain and Durba... more »
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Hotel Anil Farm-Hotel-Anil-Farm-Sasan-Gir-Standard-Double.jpg, Sasan Gir Hotel Anil Farm-Hotel-Anil-Farm-Sasan-Gir-Double-Bed.jpg, Sasan Gir Hotel Anil Farm-Hotel-Anil-Farm-Sasan-Gir-River-View-Deluxe.jpg, Sasan Gir Hotel Anil Farm House-Enterance Way.jpg, Sasan Gir Hotel Anil Farm House-Reception.jpg, Sasan Gir
Saavaj Resort
A 3-star resort in forest of Gir National Park, 4 kms from Sasan Gir Town, 15 kms from Junagadh Set in 2 acres of virtually virgin forest ... more »
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Saavaj Resort-Saavaj_Resort_Sasan_Gir_Deluxe_room.jpg, Sasan Gir Saavaj Resort-Saavaj_Resort_Sasan_Gir_Standard_Puff_room.jpg, Sasan Gir Saavaj Resort-Saavaj_Resort_Sasan_Gir_Luxury_Cottage_room.jpg, Sasan Gir Saavaj Resort-Saavaj_Resort_Sasan_Gir_Super_Deluxe_room.jpg, Sasan Gir Saavaj Resort-Saavaj_Resort_Sasan_Gir_Standard_room.jpg, Sasan Gir
Lion's Paw Resort
Lion's Paw Resort is ideally located in the lap of Sasangir Wildlife Sanctuary, which is considered as a home of Asiatic Lions and Leopards... more »
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Lion's Paw Resort-DSC_1115_room1400600271405.jpg, Sasan Gir Lion's Paw Resort-4.jpg, Sasan Gir Lion's Paw Resort-DSC_1130_room.jpg, Sasan Gir
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Sasan Gir Overview: Hotels in Sasan Gir

Sasan Gir is also known by the name of The Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. Located in Gujarat, India, and established in the year 1965, it is quite a tour-worthy site. It is believed to be the solitary home of pure Asiatic Lions; hence it is amongst the most important protected wildlife areas. The former Nawab of the state of Junagadh declared the forest area of Gir and its lions “protected” in the early 1900s. The conservation of the then-less-in-numbers lions started since then and is being carried out till date. The result of the Government diligence is evident in the environment of this place where diverse flora and fauna flourish.


Hiran, Shetrunji, Datardi, Shingoda, Machhundri, Godavari and Raval are the seven major rivers of the Gir region that flow yearlong. The huge reservoir called Kamleshwar Dam located in Sasan Gir has been given the title of “the lifeline of Gir”. The breeding centers in the area are maintained by the Lion Breeding Programme, which is also involved in the studies on the nature and behavior of the Asiatic Lions. If you are planning a trip to this place, be assured that the accommodation will not be a problem. Sasan Gir contains an assortment of hotels that include quite a fair number of budget Sasan Gir Hotels.


Depending on the hotel fare, facilities offered, rank and location, you may select from a wide variety of Sasan Gir Hotels. Whatever your choice might be, you are sure to be catered to the hilt. Book Sasan Gir hotels via; which is a tourism portal that will assist you in every way related to making the trip. Make My Trip is a convenient means to get to the place of your choice. If you do not want to spend much on accommodation, you can also choose from a number of cheap Sasan Gir Hotels which are popular for the hospitality that they deliver at reasonable rates. The customer experiences a feeling of comfort and satisfaction during their stay at the hotels in Sasan Gir. This place is unmatched and hotels in Sasan Gir escalate the experience of your tour. The popularity of the place and its sheer wildlife experience is worth a visit.


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