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Lords Shahee Resort
Lords' Shahee Resort is located at Bhilar Village on Panchgani - Mahabaleshwar Highway in Panchgani, Maharasthra. A home away from home, Lor... more »
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Lords Shahee Resort-Resort_Entrance.jpg, Panchgani Lords Shahee Resort-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Panchgani Lords Shahee Resort-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Panchgani Lords Shahee Resort-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Panchgani Lords Shahee Resort-Exterior_View_4.jpg, Panchgani
Stay in 2bhk with garden
This is a 2bhk Villa of 1500sqft, which is 4kms away from panchgani towards mahabaleshwar. We have all the basic amenities available. Kitche... more »
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Stay in 2bhk with garden-img-20140102-wa0026.jpg, Panchgani Stay in 2bhk with garden-p-7.jpg, Panchgani Stay in 2bhk with garden-p-8.jpg, Panchgani Stay in 2bhk with garden-p-5.jpg, Panchgani Stay in 2bhk with garden-p-4.jpg, Panchgani
Hotel Sai Palace
For people visiting Panchgani, Hotel Sai Palace offers a reasonable staying option. Though the services offered here is less yet the place c... more »
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Hotel Sai Palace-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Panchgani Hotel Sai Palace-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Panchgani Hotel Sai Palace-Room_1.jpg, Panchgani Hotel Sai Palace-Room_2.jpg, Panchgani Hotel Sai Palace-Room_3.jpg, Panchgani
VILLA - Good for groups
Its a nice place for a big group for get together, the surrounding of the property is full of agriculture you can view strawberry garden fro... more »
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VILLA - Good for groups-20131130_203337_reduced.jpg, Panchgani VILLA - Good for groups-20131130_203037_reduced.jpg, Panchgani VILLA - Good for groups-20131130_203048_reduced.jpg, Panchgani VILLA - Good for groups-20131117_145408_reduced.jpg, Panchgani VILLA - Good for groups-20131105_133957_reduced.jpg, Panchgani
Hotel Sanai
The hotel offers accommodation in well-furnished rooms have equipped with cable television, telephone and 24-hour room service. Facilities ... more »
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Hotel Sanai-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Panchgani Hotel Sanai-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Panchgani Hotel Sanai-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Panchgani Hotel Sanai-Exterior_View_4.jpg, Panchgani Hotel Sanai-Exterior_View_5.jpg, Panchgani
An Independent Bungalow in the heart of nature
An independent Bungalow, located in Bhilar on Panchagani ?Mahabaleshwar road. Location is silent and in the heart of nature. Nishs is a la... more »
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Blue Country Resort
Location The resort is situated amongst swaying silver oaks surrounded by lush green hills. With Mother Nature playing perfect host and alo... more »
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Blue Country Resort-Exterior_View_1_.jpg, Panchgani Blue Country Resort-Exterior_View_2_.jpg, Panchgani Blue Country Resort-Deluxe_Room_1_.jpg, Panchgani Blue Country Resort-Deluxe_Room_2_.jpg, Panchgani Blue Country Resort-Standard_Room_1.jpg, Panchgani
Immerse yourself in nature
Living in a farmhouse holiday home can take you back in time, to an ancient wholesome dimension, which is lost to most people living in big ... more »
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Immerse yourself in nature-1-2.png, Panchgani Immerse yourself in nature-1-24.png, Panchgani Immerse yourself in nature-1-20.png, Panchgani Immerse yourself in nature-1-25.png, Panchgani Immerse yourself in nature-1-26.png, Panchgani
Vijay Guest House
Vijay Guest house is a Guest House which is well located at Dr. Ambedkar Colony in Panchgani, Maharashtra. The location of the guest house i... more »

Vijay Guest House-l_4858_1353649304.jpg, Panchgani Vijay Guest House-l_4858_1353649355.jpg, Panchgani Vijay Guest House-l_4858_1353649411.jpg, Panchgani Vijay Guest House-l_4858_1353649304.jpg, Panchgani Vijay Guest House-l_4858_1353649466.jpg, Panchgani
Stay in Panchgani
Located in the poshest bungalow area-5kms from Panchgani towards Mahabaleshwar, and within a stone's throw are quality restaurants. A studi... more »
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Stay in Panchgani-dsc02703.JPG, Panchgani Stay in Panchgani-dsc02707.JPG, Panchgani Stay in Panchgani-dsc02704.JPG, Panchgani Stay in Panchgani-dsc02705.JPG, Panchgani Stay in Panchgani-dsc02708.JPG, Panchgani
Baba Agro Holiday Home
Baba Agro Holiday Home is a well established budget hotel which is conveniently located at Bhilar in Panchgani, Maharashtra. The hotel livin... more »

Baba Agro Holiday Home-l_4867_1353675072.jpg, Panchgani Baba Agro Holiday Home-l_4867_1353675095.jpg, Panchgani Baba Agro Holiday Home-l_4867_1353675072.jpg, Panchgani Baba Agro Holiday Home-l_4867_1353675220.jpg, Panchgani Baba Agro Holiday Home-l_4867_1353675186.jpg, Panchgani
Unwind in a plush bungalow in Panchagani
The bungalow is located on the top of a hill in a secured society of just 16 luxury Bungalows. The locale base has great views of the backwa... more »
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Unwind in a plush bungalow in Panchagani-Red_bedroom.jpg, Panchgani Unwind in a plush bungalow in Panchagani-living-room-2-big.jpg, Panchgani Unwind in a plush bungalow in Panchagani-garden_2.jpg, Panchgani Unwind in a plush bungalow in Panchagani-terrace-3-big.jpg, Panchgani Unwind in a plush bungalow in Panchagani-living-room-4-big.jpg, Panchgani
Mayur Agro Park
Mayur Agro Park is a budget hotel which is well located at Bhilar in Panchgani, Maharashtra. The location of the hotel is its biggest asset ... more »

Mayur Agro Park-l_4866_1353669990.jpg, Panchgani Mayur Agro Park-l_4866_1353670011.jpg, Panchgani Mayur Agro Park-l_4866_1353669990.jpg, Panchgani Mayur Agro Park-l_4866_1353670143.jpg, Panchgani Mayur Agro Park-l_4866_1353670114.jpg, Panchgani
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-Outside.jpg, Panchgani -Dinings.jpg, Panchgani -Room4.jpg, Panchgani -Room3.jpg, Panchgani -Rooms1.jpg, Panchgani
Nest Holiday Home
Nest Holiday Home is a widely developed hotel property which is proudly located at Bhilar in Panchgani, Maharashtra. Nest Holiday Home is a ... more »

Nest Holiday Home-l_4877_1353908711.jpg, Panchgani Nest Holiday Home-l_4877_1353908766.jpg, Panchgani Nest Holiday Home-l_4877_1353908722.jpg, Panchgani Nest Holiday Home-l_4877_1353908711.jpg, Panchgani Nest Holiday Home-l_4877_1353908809.jpg, Panchgani

Hotels in Panchgani : 27, Panchgani Hotels Booking Online | Book Budget, Luxury, Star & Cheap Hotels in Panchgani, India

Panchgani Hotels Overview:

Panchgani, meaning the place of five hills, is a famous hill station in Maharashtra. A pulsating attractive destination, its beauty proliferates with the environment of hilly topography at one side and coastal plains at the other side. The Panchgani hill station is known for its sterilized air and is assumed that the oxygen content in atmosphere is more in comparison to other regions. Many people select this for recovering from illness. The atmosphere is very cool and calm and the superb environment is a perfect background for transformation.


You can reach your destination by train, by air, or by bus. You will even get available cheap bus tickets for Panchgani. The Hotels in Panchgani provides free breakfast, free parking, outdoor pool, indoor pool, free wifi. Panchgani hotels range from budget hotels to lavish hotels.


Best time to visit

Panchgani has a restrained climate all through the year. However, the best time to visit is from September to May. September to November is pleasing making it just right time for sightseeing and all types of tourist activities, while December to February has moderately cold weather, which is also ultimate for tourist activities but do not forget to bring light woolen clothes during this period. Monsoon offers intermediate rainfall, which is a good time for rain lovers with fewer crowds.


Places to visit

The Rajpuri Caves, Parsi Point, Sherbaug, Tableland are natural and cultural attraction spots here. Lord Karthikeya temple is a religious place here. For adventure, you can opt for paragliding and it is a popular sport among the tourists in Panchgani.


Tourists favorite

Wai, at the banks of Krishna River, is a faultless city nearby Panchgani. Wai is blessed with striking seven Ghats recognized as Gangapuri, Madhi Aali, Ganpati Aali, Dharmapuri, Brahmanshahi, Ramdoh and Bhimkund. Many temples are located in these Ghats. Parsi Point is a prominent picnic spot lieng on the Mahabaleshwar road in Panchgani. It offers panoramic views of pictorial Dhom Dam backwaters and the lush green Krishna valley. Sydney point is another incredible beautiful spot near Parsi Point. Sherbaug, a naturally well-designed landscape, is a valley in quaint hill resort of Panchagani. Serbaug blossoms with a wonderful children’s park and a beautiful rose garden. This intact and fresh land is the home to many kinds of bird fauna. Tableland is endorsed with the opportunity of being Asia’s second longest mountain Plateau. This is a wide stretch of laterite rock offering the grandeur view of Panchgani hill station itself. One can get awesome views of Rajpuri caves and the place Tableland is known as “Devil’s Kitchen. The Rajpuri Caves in Panchgani is a religiously important tourist spot. Many ponds surrounds this cave.Devotees believe that taking bath in these holy ponds will provide release from all kinds of diseases and evils. Thaipooyam festival during the month of January-February is celebrated in Lord Karthikeya temple. Paragliding is a popular sport that tourists enjoy in Panchgani. Various local adventure operators are available on the Tableland where we can take the pleasure of this sport. The charge is around Rs 1500 for a 15-minute treat. Fresh air, perfect natural beauty, spectacular views and blossoming greeneries make this place one of the most wanted hill station in Maharashtra. If you still did not visit Panchgani, then hurry without wasting your time for this breathtaking holiday that will turn your life dull life vivid once again.


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