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After spending the whole day enjoying the above-mentioned activities, tourists can rest in the room of their hotel. Senator Pine-n-Peak, Forest Hill Resorts and Hotel Heevan are few of the known hotels in the hill station. Apt for luxury seekers, these hotels possess modern facilities and render round-the-clock services. Pahalgam also have budget hotels that provide affordable yet comfortable accommodation with basic amenities. Most of the luxurious and budget hotels in Pahalgam are situated strategically; therefore, offer convenient access to the places of tourist interest. At, there is a long list of Pahalgam budget hotels and upscale resorts.
Hotel Himalaya House
500 m from Bus Stand, 1.3 km from Golf Club Pahalgam, 2.9 km from Lidder Amusement Park, Free Wi-Fi, Multi-cuisine restaurant Located near ... more »
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Hotel Himalaya House-Upper_Cottage_Living_Room_room.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Himalaya House-Standard_room.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Himalaya House-Hotel_View.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Himalaya House-Hotel-Himalaya-House-Pahalgam-Super-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Himalaya House-Hotel-Himalaya-House-Pahalgam-House-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Pahalgam
Hotel Sun Shine
Set in the lap of nature, Hotel Sun Shine features a multi-cuisine restaurant. It arranges for trekking, sightseeing tours and picnics. Hot... more »
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Hotel Sun Shine-Hotel-Sun-Shine-Double-bed-room.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Sun Shine-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Sun Shine-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Sun Shine-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Sun Shine-Entrance_View.jpg, Pahalgam
550 m from Overa Aru Wildlife Sanctuary, 1.9 km from Golf Club, 4.4 km from Betab Valley, 5.5 km from Baisaran, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Co... more »
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Heevan-Double_room.jpg, Pahalgam Heevan-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Pahalgam Heevan-Three Bed Room_room.jpg, Pahalgam Heevan-Deluxe Suite_room.jpg, Pahalgam Heevan-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Pahalgam
Hotel Fifth Season
Hotel Fifth Season is just 650 m from Liddar Lake and 1.7 km from the Pahalgam Golf Course. It features a multi-cuisine restaurant. Overlo... more »
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Hotel Fifth Season-Standard_room.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Fifth Season-Hotel-Fifth-Season-Family-Room.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Fifth Season-Hotel-Fifth-Season-Economy-Room.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Fifth Season-Hotel-Fifth-Season-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Fifth Season-Exterior_View_11.jpg, Pahalgam
Hotel Pine Palace Resort
Close to important tourist places, Hotel Pine Palace Resort offers travel desk service Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Hotel Pine Pala... more »
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Hotel Pine Palace Resort-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Pine Palace Resort-Double_room.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Pine Palace Resort-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Pine Palace Resort-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Pine Palace Resort-Exterior_View_4.jpg, Pahalgam
Senator Pine N Peak
Located 1.8 km from Overa Aru Wildlife Sanctuary, Senator Pine-n-Peak offers a gym, mini pool, banquet hall and 3 dining options. Surrounde... more »


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Senator Pine N Peak-_Exterior_View_1.jpg, Pahalgam Senator Pine N Peak-Double_room.jpg, Pahalgam Senator Pine N Peak-Presidential_room.jpg, Pahalgam Senator Pine N Peak-Double_room1377684241039.jpg, Pahalgam Senator Pine N Peak-_Reception_1.jpg, Pahalgam
Roshan Resorts
1.9 km from Pahalgam Club Garden, 4 km from Baisaran, 4.8 km from Betab Valley, 1 km from Lidder River, Valley, Lobby, Travel desk. Dining f... more »
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Roshan Resorts-Exterior_View.jpg, Pahalgam Roshan Resorts-200x150_Roshan_Resorts_Pahalgam_Room.jpg, Pahalgam Roshan Resorts-Room.jpg, Pahalgam Roshan Resorts-Living_Area.jpg, Pahalgam Roshan Resorts-Dining_Area.jpg, Pahalgam
Tourist Palace
Hotel Tourist Palace is located within walking distance from Pahalgam Bus Stand and 7.5 km from Betaab Valley. Suitable for budget consciou... more »
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Tourist Palace -Room_room.jpg, Pahalgam Tourist Palace -Room_room1377683765016.jpg, Pahalgam Tourist Palace -Room_room1377683773110.jpg, Pahalgam Tourist Palace -Room.jpg, Pahalgam Tourist Palace -tourist palace.jpg, Pahalgam
Wood Stock Hotel
500 m from Pahalgam Bus Stand, 2.8 km from Baisaran, 2.8 km from Overa-Aru Wildlife Sanctuary, Restaurant, Lounge, Excursion facilities Woo... more »
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Wood Stock Hotel-Wood-Stock-Hotel-Pahalgam-Kashmiri-Room.jpg, Pahalgam Wood Stock Hotel-Deluxe_room.jpg, Pahalgam Wood Stock Hotel-Room_1.jpg, Pahalgam Wood Stock Hotel-Washroom.jpg, Pahalgam
Hotel Central
Featuring a multi-cuisine restaurant, Hotel Central is just 350 m from Liddar Lake and 450 m from Pahalgam Bus Station. Located amidst sce... more »
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Hotel Central-Exterior_View.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Central-Deluxe_room.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Central-Room_1.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Central-Room_2.jpg, Pahalgam
Hotel Lidder Palace
Situated at the bank of the famous 'Lidder River' Hotel Lidder Palace is ideal for tourist visiting to enjoy the Kashmir Valley view, the s... more »
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Hotel Lidder Palace-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Lidder Palace-Double_room.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Lidder Palace-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Lidder Palace-Room_1.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Lidder Palace-Room_2.jpg, Pahalgam
Hotel King Palace
2.9 km from Bus Stand, 4.7 km from Betaab Valley, 2.1 km from Pahalgam Golf Course, restaurant, Wi-Fi internet access Situated amidst sere... more »
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Hotel King Palace-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel King Palace-Hotel-King-Palace-Pahalgam-Room-2.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel King Palace-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel King Palace-Exterior_View_11.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel King Palace-Room_1.jpg, Pahalgam
Hotel Paristaan Resorts
2.8 km from Overa Aru Wildlife Sanctuary, 2 km from Betab Valley, 5.6 km from Pahalgam Bus Stand, Shopping arcade, Travel desk, Multi-cuisin... more »
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Hotel Paristaan Resorts-Exterior_View_21.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Paristaan Resorts-Hotel-Paristan-Resort-Room-11.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Paristaan Resorts-Exterior_View_23.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Paristaan Resorts-Exterior_View_33.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Paristaan Resorts-Exterior_View_44.jpg, Pahalgam
Hotel Bombay Palace
Hotel Bombay Palace is a well-established guest house located at Chandanwari road in Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir. The guest house is in... more »

Hotel Bombay Palace-l_4628_1378806395.JPG, Pahalgam Hotel Bombay Palace-l_4628_1371616014.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Bombay Palace-l_4628_1371617411.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Bombay Palace-l_4628_1378806395.JPG, Pahalgam Hotel Bombay Palace-l_4628_1378803605.JPG, Pahalgam
Hotel Ramba Palace Resort
Hotel Ramba Palace resort is located in Pahalgam with major in hospitality and modern amenities. The hotel offers rooms as suite rooms, delu... more »


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Hotel Ramba Palace Resort-l_4635_1351490586.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Ramba Palace Resort-l_4635_1360649263.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Ramba Palace Resort-l_4635_1360649094.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Ramba Palace Resort-l_4635_1351490820.jpg, Pahalgam Hotel Ramba Palace Resort-l_4635_1351490603.jpg, Pahalgam
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Pahalgam Overview: Hotels in Pahalgam

Pahalgam valley is situated at the convergence of the river Lidder and the tributaries originating from the sacred Sheshnag Lake that originates from the Sheshnag Lake. The city has an amazing charm that attracts many towards it. From the capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar, it is just at a distance of 96 km in the Anantnag district. At a height of 2,130 m above sea level, this verdant green valley is most visited place by the travelers in quest of relaxation and leisure.


The valley offers spectacular panoramic sights of the striking Himalayan Ranges. Pahalgam is the base camp for the well-known pilgrimage to Amarnath and also a popular shopping place for woolen garments. It is also known for being the producer of Saffron in Asia. Pahalgam valley is entirely appropriate for adventurous activities such as golf, horse riding, trekking and several water sports. The uncharted undulating mountainous lands and the plain valley areas are equally eye catching. The snow flowing river Lidder, the ancient Mamal Shival temple and many other such impressive and breathtaking destinations and sights of the city makes it very renowned all over the world. Far across the country, people of different countries come here to explore the natural beauty of the nature. For them there are many hotels in Pahalgam which offers a lot of facilities to the tourists.


The hospitality of the city is just amazing which compels the visitors to come again and again. The availability of cheap Pahalgam hotels and all other factors are the major reasons for the city to be crowded with tourists. For a better journey and accommodation, one can also go through the online portals which offer such amenities. Booking tickets, Pahalgam hotels etc. The packages available on the budget Pahalgam hotels are very reasonable and hence can be affordable by all. According to the need, such as number of rooms, rent etc. one can customize the search and can book Pahalgam hotels easily. By following few clicks, one can get easy accommodation in the city without even stepping down in the city.


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