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Ponmari Residency

Ponmari Residency can be reached within 10 minutes from Ooty Lake. It offers a restaurant, bar, conference hall, massage centre and health c... more »
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Ponmari Residency-Ponmari-Residency-Ooty-Royal-Honeysuite.jpg, Ooty Ponmari Residency-Exterior.jpg, Ooty Ponmari Residency-Ponmari-Residency-Ooty-Royal-Deluxe.jpg, Ooty Ponmari Residency-Ponmari-Residency-Ooty-Royal-Family.jpg, Ooty Ponmari Residency-Ponmari-Residency-Ooty-Royal-Economy.jpg, Ooty

Fern Hill - A Sterling Holidays Resort

Fern Hill, A Sterling Holidays Resort is nestles amidst green fern plants overlooking the lovedale valley. The property lets you luxuriate a... more »
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Sterling Holidays -Fern Hill-Sterling-Fern-Hill-Ooty-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Ooty Fern Hill -  A Sterling Holidays Resort-Restaurant.jpg, Ooty Fern Hill -  A Sterling Holidays Resort-Deluxe Suite1_room.jpg, Ooty Fern Hill -  A Sterling Holidays Resort-Superior Room1_room.jpg, Ooty Fern Hill -  A Sterling Holidays Resort-Junior Suite1_room.jpg, Ooty

Nahar Nilgiris Hotel

Nahar Nilgiris Hotel located 1 km from Ooty Lake and railway station. It has multi-purpose halls, restaurant and travel desk. Located in o... more »
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Nahar Nilgiris Hotel-Hotel_Nahar_Nilgiris_Ooty_Deluxe_double_Room_room.jpg, Ooty Nahar Nilgiris Hotel-Hotel_Nahar_Nilgiris_Ooty_4_Bedded_Room_room.jpg, Ooty Nahar Nilgiris Hotel-Hotel_Nahar_Nilgiris_Ooty_Club_Class_Suite3_room.jpg, Ooty Nahar Nilgiris Hotel-Hotel_Nahar_Nilgiris_Ooty_Club_Class_Double_Room1_room.jpg, Ooty Nahar Nilgiris Hotel-Hotel_Nahar_Nilgiris_Ooty_Deluxe_double_Room1_room.jpg, Ooty

Elk Hill - A Sterling Holidays Resort

The resort give you a stunning bird's eye view of the entire Ooty valley and town. The snaky mountain road passing through the dense forests... more »
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Elk Hill - A Sterling Holidays Resort-Facade.jpg, Ooty Elk Hill - A Sterling Holidays Resort-Luxury Suite_room.jpg, Ooty Elk Hill - A Sterling Holidays Resort-Deluxe Suite1_room.jpg, Ooty Elk Hill - A Sterling Holidays Resort-Junior Suite_room.jpg, Ooty Elk Hill - A Sterling Holidays Resort-Deluxe Suite_room.jpg, Ooty

Deccan Park Resort

3.5 km from Fernhill Railway Station, 2.8 km from Ooty Lake, 13.1 km from Doddabetta, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Bar, Heath club Located in ... more »
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Deccan Park Resort-Room_3_room.jpg, Ooty Deccan Park Resort-deccan park resort_ooty_deluxe_image1_room.jpg, Ooty Deccan Park Resort-deccan park resort_ooty_deluxe_image2_room.jpg, Ooty Deccan Park Resort-deccan park resort_ooty_deluxe_image9_room.jpg, Ooty

Palve Sugavasam

1.4 km from Fernhill Railway Station, 2.4 km from Rose Garden, 9.6 km from Doddabetta Peak, Wi-Fi, Conference Hall, In-house multi-cuisine r... more »
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Palve Sugavasam-Hotel_Palve_Sugavasam_Ooty_Coral_Plus_Room1_room.jpg, Ooty Palve Sugavasam-Hotel_Palve_Sugavasam_Ooty_Emerald_Room_room.jpg, Ooty Palve Sugavasam-Palve-Sugavasam-Ooty-Palatinum-Room.jpg, Ooty Palve Sugavasam-Palve-Sugavasam-Ooty-Ruby-Room.jpg, Ooty Palve Sugavasam-Hotel_Palve_Sugavasam_Ooty_Diamond_Room2_room.jpg, Ooty

Sagar Holiday Resort

Located amidst breathtaking natural surroundings on Grand Duff Road, Sagar Holiday resort is one of the most sought after 3 star properties ... more »
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Sagar Holiday Resort-Exterior1.jpg, Ooty Sagar Holiday Resort-Sagar-Holiday-Resort-ooty-Cottage.jpg, Ooty

Gem Park Ooty

500 m from Sacred Heart Church, 900 m from Botanical Garden, In-house Chinese speciality restaurant. A 4 star hotel, Gem Park Ooty is locat... more »
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Gem Park Ooty-Gem_Park_Ooty_Ooty_Suite_Room4_room.jpg, Ooty Holiday Inn Gem Park-Deluxe_Room.jpg, Ooty Gem Park Ooty-Gem_Park_Ooty_Ooty_Presidential_Suite1_room.jpg, Ooty Gem Park Ooty-Gem_Park_Ooty_Ooty_Suite_Room_room.jpg, Ooty Gem Park Ooty-Exterior1.jpg, Ooty

Hill Country Lovedale, Ooty

2.9 km from Rose Garden, 4.5 km from Ooty Railway Station, 9.9 km from Raja Rajeshwari Temple, Massage centre, Game Centre, Restaurant Hill... more »
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Hill Country Holiday Resort-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Ooty Hill Country Lovedale, Ooty-HILL COUNTRY OOTY (1)1404467583752.jpg, Ooty Hill Country Lovedale, Ooty-HILL COUNTRY OOTY (2)1404467744874.jpg, Ooty Hill Country Lovedale, Ooty-PREMIUM SUITE (1)_room_room.jpg, Ooty

Berry Hills

A beautiful with 3 star facilities resort cum hotel in Ooty, Berry Hills offers travel assistance, conference facility and high-speed intern... more »
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Berry Hills-gbqgbgekqp799c34hc4nscd5005a1394088117389.jpg, Ooty Berry Hills-Superior Room_room.jpg, Ooty Berry Hills-Deluxe Room_room.jpg, Ooty Berry Hills-Deluxe Room 1_room.jpg, Ooty

La Flora Amberley Resort

La Flora Amberley Resort is nested in the well known hill station of Ooty. Airport and Railway station is located within close proximity to ... more »
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La Flora Amberley Resort-IMG-20141004-WA021.jpg, Ooty La Flora Amberley Resort-IMG-20141107-WA008_room.jpg, Ooty La Flora Amberley Resort-IMG-20141107-WA009_room.jpg, Ooty La Flora Amberley Resort-IMG-20141107-WA014.jpg, Ooty

The Kurumba Village Resort

14.1 km from Coonoor Train Station, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Indoor/outdoor games, Ayurvedic therapies, Swimming pool, Travel desk Located... more »
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The Kurumba Village Resort-The_Kurumba_Village_Resort_Ooty_Cottage_room.jpg, Ooty The Kurumba Village Resort-The_Kurumba_Village_Resort_Ooty_Suite_room.jpg, Ooty The Kurumba Village Resort-Hotel_Kurumba_Village_Resort_Ooty_Jacuzzi_Suite_room.jpg, Ooty The Kurumba Village Resort-Hotel_Kurumba_Village_Resort_Ooty_Kurumba_Cottage_room.jpg, Ooty The Kurumba Village Resort-Exterior.jpg, Ooty

Hotel Lake View

Hotel Lake View offers quality service and comfortable stay to travellers. The hotel is located minutes away from the Ooty Railway Statio... more »
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Hotel Lake View-Room.jpg, Ooty Hotel Lake View-Room_Dining_Area.jpg, Ooty Hotel Lake View-Image_6.jpg, Ooty Hotel Lake View-Suite 1_room.jpg, Ooty Hotel Lake View-Deluxe 1_room.jpg, Ooty

Sinclairs Retreat Ooty

Ooty Railway Station and Bus Stand is 4.5 km away from Hotel Sinclairs. Restaurant, bar, conference hall, gym and spa are offered here. Flit... more »
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Sinclairs Retreat Ooty-03_room.jpg, Ooty Sinclairs Retreat Ooty-Suite 1_room.jpg, Ooty Sinclairs Retreat Ooty-Superior Room_room.jpg, Ooty Sinclairs Retreat Ooty-Premium Room_room.jpg, Ooty Sinclairs Retreat Ooty-Facade.jpg, Ooty

Vinayaga Inn

Vinayaga Inn is 1.3 km away from the Stone House and 2.5 km from the Ooty Railway Station. It features a restaurant and bar. Putting up at ... more »
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Vinayaga Inn-Vinayaga_Inn_Ooty_Front_Suite_Room1_room.jpg, Ooty Vinayaga Inn-Vinayaga-Inn-Ooty-Double-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Ooty Vinayaga Inn-Vinayaga-Inn-Double-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Ooty Vinayaga Inn-Vinayaga-Inn-Double-Double-Deluxe.jpg, Ooty Vinayaga Inn-Vinayaga_Inn_Ooty_Front_Suite_Room2_room.jpg, Ooty
Hotels in Ooty : 190, Ooty Hotels Booking Online | Book Budget, Luxury, Star & Cheap Hotels in Ooty, India

Ooty Hotels Overview:

Udhagamandalam, famously known as Ooty, is the capital of Nilgiri district which comes under the state of Tamil Nadu. Ooty being located in the Western Ghats, 2240 km above sea level, Mother Nature has always been generous to the place. This place was much visited during the time of Colonial period and later became a major tourist destination for summer and weekends. One its way one can see the eucalyptus, pine and coniferous trees and kurunji flower greets the visitors to the valley. Ooty is also famous for its tea and coffee plantation which covers most of the slopes of the hills, giving the place a fresh evergreen look.


Though the old inhabitant of the place were mainly the Toda tribes, but Ooty became famous only when it came under the Britishers, who encouraged establishing the tea, Cinchona and teaks and also helped establishing the first railway line which made the summer capital of Madras Presidency. The railway line which connects Ooty is Mettupalayam, is one of the best options to travel because of the hair- rising curves and beautiful view of the tea plantation with fearful tunnels. Apart from train the nearest airport for Ooty is Coimbatore Airport which approx. 100 kms away from Ooty whereas road transportation is also a very good option. Ooty Hotels being in abundance gives visitors a pleasant stay where one could choose the hotels according their necessity and ranging from ones budget to luxury.


Places to visit

The economy of the place being dominated by the tourism industry, Ooty draws a huge number of tourists every year. The famous tourist visiting spots are Government Rose Garden, Lake Park, Ooty Botanical Garden, St. Stephen’s Church,Ooty Lake, Toda Huts, Stone house and Deer park. And around Ooty the places to visit are Doddabetta, Pykara Lake, Madumalai National Park, Parsons Valley Reservoir, Mukurthi National Park Kamaraj Sagar Dam, and Emerald Lake, Avalanche Lake, Frog Hill viewpoint and Porthumund Dam.


The diverse climate of the place helps the visitors to enjoy various adventurous games such as hang gliding. Apart from Hang Gliding, fly fishing and spinning are adventurous for fish hunters. One can also enjoy snookers, Golfing and horse racing. Ooty is also famous for trekking.


Ooty being the a famous picnic spots is also a weekend gateway for peoples from nearby metro cities and Ooty hotels provide the relaxing view of the place scenic beauty.


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