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The Byke Heritage
5.1 km from Raj Bhawan, 140 m from Charlotte Lake, 240 m Alexander Point, Rain dance, Discotheque, Restaurant, Bar The Byke Heritage is a 3... more »
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The Byke Heritage-byke_room.jpg, Matheran
Hotel Cecil
The Nest Residency can be reached within 10 minutes from Mysore Railway Station. It offers Wi-Fi access, travel assistance and 24-hour room ... more »
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Hotel Cecil-Hotel-Cecil-Matheran-Standard-Plus-Non-Ac.jpg, Matheran Hotel Cecil-Hotel-Cecil-Matheran-Heritage-Bungalow-Non-Ac.jpg, Matheran Hotel Cecil-Hotel-Cecil-Matheran-Heritage-Bungalow-Ac.jpg, Matheran Hotel Cecil-Standard_Plus.jpg, Matheran
ADAMO -The Resorts
2.4 km from Dasturi Naka Bus Station, 1.9 km from Alexander Point, Conference hall, Swimming pool, Spa, Jacuzzi, Steam, Discotheque, Health ... more »
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ADAMO -The Resorts-Exterior_View.jpg, Matheran ADAMO -The Resorts-ADAMO-The-Resorts-Matheran-Royale-Bedroom.jpg, Matheran ADAMO -The Resorts-ADAMO-The-Resorts-Matheran-Regent-Deluxe-Room-2.jpg, Matheran ADAMO -The Resorts-ADAMO-The-Resorts-Matheran-Regent-Deluxe-Room-1.jpg, Matheran ADAMO -The Resorts-ADAMO-The-Resorts-Matheran-Regency-Deluxe-Room-2.jpg, Matheran
Adamo Village
2.4 km from Dasturi Naka Bus Station, 1.7 km from Charlotte Lake, 2.8 km from One Tree Hill Point, Swimming pool, Live entertainment, Childr... more »
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Adamo Village-_Exterior__View__1.jpg, Matheran Adamo Village-Adamo_Village_Matheran_Suite_Outside_Sitting_room.jpg, Matheran Adamo Village-Adamo Village_Matheran_Deluxe_AC_Room_room.jpg, Matheran Adamo Village-Adamo Village_Matheran_Deluxe_Non_AC_Room_room.jpg, Matheran Adamo Village-Adamo_Village_Matheran_Super_Deluxe_2_room.jpg, Matheran
Hotel Regal - Pure Veg
11.6 km from Neral Railway Station, 3.4 km from Dasturi Naka Bus Station, 2.5 km from Porcupine point, 290 m from Charlotte Lake, Children's... more »
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Hotel Regal - Pure Veg-Hotel-Regal-Pure-Veg-Super-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Matheran Hotel Regal - Pure Veg-Hotel-Regal-Pure-Veg-Regal-Suite.jpg, Matheran Hotel Regal - Pure Veg-Hotel-Regal-Pure-Veg-Deluxe-Cottage.jpg, Matheran Hotel Regal - Pure Veg-Hotel-Regal-Pure-Veg-Ac-Cottage.jpg, Matheran Hotel Regal - Pure Veg-Hotel-Regal-Pure-Veg-Regal-Cottage.jpg, Matheran
Neemrana's Verandah in the Forest
A heritage property Neemrana's The Verandah in the Forest offers a holistic experience in the midst of wilderness surrounding. One can enjoy... more »
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Neemrana's The Verandah in the Forest-_Exterior_View_1.jpg, Matheran Neemrana's The Verandah in the Forest-The-Verandah-in-the-forest-kot.jpg, Matheran Neemrana's The Verandah in the Forest-The-Verandah-in-the-forest-Jeejey.jpg, Matheran Neemrana's The Verandah in the Forest-The-Verandah-in-the-forest-SAssan.jpg, Matheran Neemrana's The Verandah in the Forest-The-Verandah-in-the-forest-Chenoy.jpg, Matheran
Hotel Kumar Plaza
The three star property Hotel Kumar Plaza is ideal for business & leisure travellers is located in Matheran. Matheran Railway Station is at ... more »
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Hotel Kumar Plaza-Exterior_View.jpg, Matheran Hotel Kumar Plaza-Room_1.jpg, Matheran Hotel Kumar Plaza-Room_2.jpg, Matheran Hotel Kumar Plaza-Room_3.jpg, Matheran Hotel Kumar Plaza-Room_4.jpg, Matheran
Horseland Hotel and Mountain Spa
Horseland Hotel and Mountain Spa is the oldest and most beautiful resort in Matheran.Among all the hotels in Matheran, Horseland Hotel and ... more »
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Horseland Hotel and Mountain Spa-ac Deluxe Room_room.jpg, Matheran Horseland Hotel and Mountain Spa-deluxe Non Ac_room.jpg, Matheran Horseland Hotel and Mountain Spa-Superior  ac_room.jpg, Matheran Horseland Hotel and Mountain Spa-Horseland 2.jpg, Matheran
Rangoli Retreat Pure Veg
Rangoli Retreat, just 1.4 km from Charlotte Lake, features a vegetarian restaurant, children's play area, disco room and pool. Located in M... more »
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Rangoli Retreat Pure Veg-Corridor_1.jpg, Matheran Rangoli Retreat Pure Veg-Corridor_2.jpg, Matheran Rangoli Retreat Pure Veg-Dining_Area.jpg, Matheran Rangoli Retreat Pure Veg-Swimming_Pool.jpg, Matheran Rangoli Retreat Pure Veg-Room_1.jpg, Matheran
Radha cottage
Radha Cottage in Matheran is one of the most reputed Budget Hotels in Matheran and offers a strategic location along with a host excellent f... more »
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Radha cottage-radha cottage 2.jpg, Matheran Radha cottage-radha cottage1.jpg, Matheran
Hotel Paramount
Hotel Paramount, Matheran located near Khandala Point and features 25 comfortable and well-appointed rooms equipped with modern convenience... more »
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Hotel Paramount-Exterior View.jpg, Matheran Hotel Paramount-Outdoor Sitting Area.jpg, Matheran Hotel Paramount-Reception.jpg, Matheran Hotel Paramount-Corridor.jpg, Matheran Hotel Paramount-Balcony Sitout.jpg, Matheran
Discover Resort
Neral Railway Station is 2.8 km and Keki Baug is 5.7 km away from Discover Condos. It has restaurant, 2 bars and award-winning Sohum Spa. D... more »
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Discover Resort-Discover Resort_Matheran_Studio_Room1_room.jpg, Matheran Discover Resort-Discover Resort_Matheran_Studio_Room_room.jpg, Matheran Discover Resort-Discover Resort_Matheran_Studio_Loft_Room_Interior_room.jpg, Matheran
stay in the isolated western ghats
The paths once cleared by the British in the forests of Matheran, making it the last British hill station have acquired a new identity as th... more »
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stay in the isolated western ghats-16816-4jpg, Matheran stay in the isolated western ghats-16816-2jpg, Matheran stay in the isolated western ghats-16816-3jpg, Matheran stay in the isolated western ghats-16816-1jpg, Matheran
Misty Matheran
Tucked into a little corner of the Western Ghats, Misty Matheran offers people visiting Matheran a comfortable staying option. The hotel is ... more »
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Misty Matheran-Misty-Matheran-Couple-Room-.jpg, Matheran Misty Matheran-Misty-Matheran-Family-Room-.jpg, Matheran Misty Matheran-Misty-Matheran-Duplex-Ac.jpg, Matheran Misty Matheran-Balcony_Sitting_Area_2_.jpg, Matheran Misty Matheran-Balcony_Sitting_Area_1_.jpg, Matheran
Stay in a Villa in Matheran
Apt for nature lovers, travelers and adventurous homosapiens who are in search of experiencing the old world charm and travel back in time. ... more »
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Stay in a Villa in Matheran-11b42b3d5011a71ce569a5a5d6e81a22.jpg, Matheran Stay in a Villa in Matheran-6c0d8aa4d04b5475dea914d8537e4b98.jpg, Matheran Stay in a Villa in Matheran-49f8bb58e266b38d2f4d52365c1b2cce.jpg, Matheran Stay in a Villa in Matheran-01f4508a937209ff271f32e878967dbb.jpg, Matheran

Hotels in Matheran : 28, Matheran Hotels Booking Online | Book Budget, Luxury, Star & Cheap Hotels in Matheran, India

Matheran Hotels Overview:

Smallest hill station in India-Matheran is located on the Western Ghats above sea level in the state of Maharashtra. It is an admired weekend escape for the urban locals. Matheran means forest on the forehead. Matheran is stated as an eco sensitive region by the Indian government. It is the only automobile free hill station in Asia.


It has an abundance of hotels in Matheran of different varieties. The Matheran hotels provide new modern facilities to the people so that each one of them can easily stay there free of tension without putting any kind of headache. Most of the hotels provide free breakfast, free parking, free Wi-Fi, laundry, spa, restaurant, room service, bar, business center. You can travel only by means of the ambulance provided by the municipality. One cannot use a private automobile in that area. Other than the ambulance, one can use horses and hand pulled rickshaws during travel.


Best time to visit

Matheran is pleasant and less humid all throughout the year but the best time to visit Matheran is during the month of October until May. September to June is bouncy and ultimate for sight-seeing. July and August are rainy and may opt for trip by those tourists liking rainy day out.


Places to visit

There is a variety of choices left over for you in Matheran. The sightseeing places are Echo Point that offers you a chance to outlook the whole area and enjoy your own echoes. Charlotte Lake is the main source of water supply in Matheran and looks relaxing during the rain. King George point is preferable during rains as it captures the waterfalls created in the monsoon. If you want to go for worshipping, then there is a temple located near Charlotte Lake-Shri Pisarnath Temple. Then is the Khandala Point that is necessary visit in the monsoons as the greenery and waterfalls win over even more. Then is the Prabal Fort that enfolds a high fortune within it until the date.


Tourists favorite

Prabal Fort, a historic fort, is seen from the Louisa Point, a further famous point. The fort is now in ruins but was an imposing muscular structure during its zenith. A few other famous points are the Monkey Point, the Porcupine Point and the One Tree Hill Point. Matheran is stuffed with buildings and monuments that is prearranged in a style that is motivated from old British architecture. Most of these structures are now stated as heritages.


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