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Hotel Snow Park

Hotel Snow Park, situated in New Manali, offers a blissful stay to guests at affordable rates. This 3 star hotel lies in vicinity of Gayatri... more »
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Hotel Snow Park-Hotel_Snow_Park_Manali_Standard_Room7_room1377606788579.jpg, Manali Hotel Snow Park-Hotel_Snow_Park_Manali_Deluxe_Room1_room1377607019310.jpg, Manali Hotel Snow Park-Hotel_Snow_Park_Manali_Family_Suite_Interiors2_room1377606853197.jpg, Manali Hotel Snow Park-Exterior_View21377607574237.jpg, Manali Hotel Snow Park-Hotel_Snow_Park_Manali_Luxury_Room14_room1377606950099.jpg, Manali

The Holiday Resorts & Cottages, Manali

3.5 km from Mall road, 5 km from Hadimba Devi Temple, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Business centre, Free Wi-Fi & Free Parking The Holiday Reso... more »
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Holiday Cottages and Resorts-Holiday-DEluxe-Room.jpg, Manali

Hotel Jupiter

Hotel Jupiter is a 3 Star (facility wise) which provides luxurious accommodation with warm hospitality and spirited service, all at reasonab... more »
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Hotel Dream Land - River side

1.9 km from Hidimba Devi Temple, 1 km from The Mall Road, 1 km from Manu Temple, Multi-cuisine restaurant Nestled on the banks of the River... more »
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Hotel Dream Land-DSC07170.jpg, Manali Hotel Dream Land-P5250061.jpg, Manali Hotel Dream Land-Picture 019.jpg, Manali Hotel Dream Land-DSC07200.jpg, Manali Hotel Dream Land - River side hotel-DSC071811395672989487.jpg, Manali

Citrus Manali Resorts

A 4 star property located on Kullu - Manali National Highway, Citrus Manali Resorts features comfortable and well-furnished rooms equipped ... more »
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Citrus Manali Resorts-Suite Room_room.jpg, Manali Citrus Manali Resorts-Duplex Room 2_room.jpg, Manali Citrus Manali Resorts-River View Room 3_room.jpg, Manali Citrus Manali Resorts-Premier Room_room.jpg, Manali Citrus Manali Resorts-River View Room_room.jpg, Manali

Broadways Inn

10 km from Naggar, 5.2 km from Patlikuhal, 3.8 km from Katrain, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Conference hall Broadways Inn is a 3 star hotel i... more »
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Broadways Inn-Super_Deluxe_Room_1.jpg, Manali Broadways Inn-Reception.jpg, Manali Broadways Inn-Super_Deluxe_Room_2.jpg, Manali Broadways Inn-Suite_2.jpg, Manali Broadways Inn-Deluxe_Room_3.jpg, Manali

Sun Park Resort

Sun Park Resort is located just 500 m away from Hadimba Temple. It has a conference hall, Wi-Fi facility, restaurant, bar and a discotheque.... more »
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Sun Park Resort-Sun-Park-Resort-Manali-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Manali Sun Park Resort-200x150_Sun_Park_hotel__Honeymoon_Suite_View_.jpg, Manali Sun Park Resort-200x150_Sun_Park_hotel_Room_2_.jpg, Manali Sun Park Resort-1  Deluxe Room ( sun park )_room.jpg, Manali Sun Park Resort-Premium Family Suite_room.jpg, Manali

Silmog Garden

150 m from Manali Bus Station, 1.3 km from Hadimba Devi Temple, 84 m from The Mall Road, Separate veg and non-veg restaurant, Internet Situ... more »
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Silmog Garden-Hotel_Silmog_Garden_Manali_Family_Room_room.jpg, Manali Silmog Garden-200x150_Silmog_Garden_Manali_Standard.jpg, Manali Silmog Garden-200x150_Silmog_Garden_Superdeluxe.jpg, Manali Silmog Garden-Silmog-Garden-Deluxe-Room-.jpg, Manali Silmog Garden-Reception.jpg, Manali

Apple Country Resort

2 Km from The Mall Road, 12.1 km from Solang Valley, Pure veg restaurant, Internet, Bar, Discotheque, Ayurvedic spa, Health club, Lawns, Tra... more »
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Apple Country Resort - Pure Veg Resort-Apple-Country-Resort-Manali-Mountain-View.jpg, Manali Apple Country Resort - Pure Veg Resort-Apple-Country-Resort-Manali-Cottage.jpg, Manali Apple Country Resort - Pure Veg Resort-Apple-Country-Resort-Manali-Duplex-Suite.jpg, Manali Apple Country Resort - Pure Veg Resort-200x150_Apple_Country_Resort_Manali_Duplex_Suite.jpg, Manali Apple Country Resort - Pure Veg Resort-Exterior_View.jpg, Manali

Sarthak Resorts

Scenic beauty, lush green forests, paddy fields, surrounding apple orchards and the enchanting view of the Himalayan Country Side is only ac... more »
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Sarthak Resorts-Sarthak_Resort_Manali_Honeymoon_Room_room.jpg, Manali Sarthak Resorts-Sarthak_Resort_Manali_Family_Room_3_Bedded_Pine_View_room.jpg, Manali Sarthak Resorts-Sarthak_Resort_Manali_Standard_Room_room.jpg, Manali Sarthak Resorts-Manali-Sarthak-Resorts-Standard-Non-View-Room.jpg, Manali Sarthak Resorts-Sarthak_Resort_Manali_Family_Room_room.jpg, Manali

Swiss Wood Hotel

Swiss Wood Hotel situated in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India. The Hotel is located just 1500 meters from the near mall road Manali. Not very... more »
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-DSC_0048_room.jpg, Manali -DSC02058_room.jpg, Manali -DSC02044_room.jpg, Manali -DSC02041_room1411492131388.jpg, Manali -DSC020391411447337147.jpg, Manali

Span Resort & Spa

Located 10Km away from Manali Bus Depot, Span Resort & Spa offers a conference centre, spa, gym, restaurants, pool and bar. Span Resort & S... more »


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Span Resort-Room.jpg, Manali Span Resort & Spa-Span-Resort-Spa-Manali-Premier-Room.jpg, Manali Span Resort & Spa-Span-Resort-Spa-Manali-Grand-Deluxe.jpg, Manali Span Resort & Spa-Span-Resort-Spa-Manali-Elite-Room.jpg, Manali Span Resort & Spa-Span_Resort_&_Spa_Manali_Deluxe_Room_room.jpg, Manali

Snow Valley Resorts

Log Hut  
1.3 km from Manu Temple, 2.1 km from Manali Bus Depot, In-house restaurant, Rooftop coffee shop, Free Wifi & Free Parking Snow Valley Reso... more »
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Snow Valley Resorts-Snow_Vally_Resorts_Manali_Duplex_Room_room1376375432486.jpg, Manali Snow Valley Resorts-Snow-Valley-Resort-Maharaja-Room.jpg, Manali Snow Valley Resorts-Snow-Valley-Resort-Super-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Manali Snow Valley Resorts-Snow-Valley-Resort-Presidential-Room.jpg, Manali Snow Valley Resorts-Snow-Valley-Resort-Luxury-Room.jpg, Manali

Quality Inn River Country Resort

6 km from Manu Temple, 2.9 km from Van Vihar, 5.5 km from Hidimba Devi Temple, Spa, Multi-cuisine restaurant & bar, Coffee shop Located of... more »
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Quality Inn River Country Resort-Quality_Inn_River_Country_Resort_Manali_Deluxe_Room_room.jpg, Manal Quality Inn River Country Resort-Quality_Inn_River_Country_Resort_Manali_Two_Bedroom_Cottage1_room.j

Honeymoon Inn

2.1 km from Tibetan Monastery, 1.8 km from Manali Bus Depot, 3.8 km from Manu Temple, Conference Hall, Discotheque Honeymoon Inn is located... more »
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Honeymoon Inn-Honeymoon-Inn-Manali-Regent-Room.jpg, Manali Honeymoon Inn-Honeymoon-Inn-Manali-Super-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Manali Honeymoon Inn-Honeymoon-Inn-Manali-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Manali Honeymoon Inn-Honeymoon-Inn-Manali-Honeymoon-Special.jpg, Manali Honeymoon Inn-Honeymoon Inn-Deluxe Room_room.jpg, Manali
Hotels in Manali : 540, Manali Hotels Booking Online | Book Budget, Luxury, Star & Cheap Hotels in Manali, India

Manali Hotels Overview:

Manali is a hill station in Himachal Pradesh, very exciting destination which lies  40 km closer to  Kullu valley on the National Highway leading to Leh, with wonderful landscape  and beautiful spots for adventure sports, besides heart fulfilling environment of greenery, with jubilantly flowing Beas river and mighty mountain peaks, adding to its importance the heritage factor of Manali believed to be named after the originator of Hindu dharma shastra, Manu, who stepped off his ark in this place to recreate human life after the great  deluge destroyed the living beings in the world., while there are very interesting tourism locations around this town.

About hotels in Manali there are  at least 256 Hotels in Manali , among which Villa Reverine, WelcomHeritage Solang Valley Resort, Sojourn Homes and Cottages, Himkund Cottages, Vacres Manali Resorts, Sterling Holiday White Mist, Apple Country Resort, Snow Valley Resorts, Club Mahindra Snowpeaks Timer Trails, Manu Allaya, Holiday Inn Manali , Hotel Sunpark, HoneyMoon Inn, Manali Heights, Banon Resorts, Royal Park Resort, Hotel Beas, Orchard Greens, Snowcrest Manor, Sarthak Resorts, Manali Resorts, Kunzam Hotel, Hiltone Resorts, Johnson’s Lodge, Span Resort are all rated high with wonderful guest reviews, and there are many other  one, two, three, four & five star rated hotels in Manali, besides  budget hotels having  spacious rooms, clean upkeep and nearer to all tourist attractions and adventure sports locations.

About Manali history, in earlier days it was a God forsaken territory very few people inhabiting the place, a set of nomadic hunters called ‘rakshas’ settling in this place, followed by another community called ‘naur’ or ‘nar’ which is a group unique with Kullu valley people, later this group becoming vast land owners employing the earlier residents ‘rakshas’ as their farm labourers, until British entered the scene introducing cultivation of apple and trout at Manali, the climatic condition of this place was so suiting that fruit cultivation, yielding large amount of crops, making Manali these days exporter of Apples to places throughout the world, while as per the legends Manali is said to be the discovery of Manu who landed here after the great deluge that occurred thousands of years before, because of that fact it was first called ‘ manu-alaya’ later transformed into Manali, which are the information available to us about Manali and to know more about Manali you can go through five reference URLs given in the site



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