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Saj Resort - Pure Veg
6.9 km from Wilson Point, 7.4 km from Polo Grounds, 8.3 km from Lodwick Point, Spa, Recreation centre, Swimming pool, Children park, Confer... more »
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Saj Resort - Pure Veg-Saj-Resort-Pure-Veg-Mahabaleshwar-Luxury-Ac-Room.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Saj Resort - Pure Veg-Saj-Resort-Pure-Veg-Mahabaleshwar-Luxury-Ac.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Saj Resort - Pure Veg-Saj-Resort-Pure-Veg-Mahabaleshwar-Cottage-Ac.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Saj Resort - Pure Veg-Saj-Resort-Pure-Veg-Mahabaleshwar-Luxury-Family-Ac.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Saj Resort - Pure Veg-Saj-Resort-Pure-Veg-Mahabaleshwar-Deluxe-Ac.jpg, Mahabaleshwar
Hotel J's Excellenccy
Located in Ganesh Peth, Hotel Js Excellenccy enjoys proximity to two of the noted attractions of the region, namely Venna Lake and Wilson Po... more »
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Hotel J's Excellenccy-Excutive rooms_room.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Hotel J's Excellenccy-Excutive rooms_room.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Hotel J's Excellenccy-Superior  room_room.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Hotel J's Excellenccy-BATHROOM1_room.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Hotel J's Excellenccy-tub  bath_room.jpg, Mahabaleshwar
Nest Holiday Home
Nest Holiday Home is a widely developed hotel property which is proudly located at Bhilar in Panchgani, Maharashtra. Nest Holiday Home is a ... more »

Nest Holiday Home-l_4877_1353908711.jpg, Panchgani Nest Holiday Home-l_4877_1353908766.jpg, Panchgani Nest Holiday Home-l_4877_1353908722.jpg, Panchgani Nest Holiday Home-l_4877_1353908711.jpg, Panchgani Nest Holiday Home-l_4877_1353908809.jpg, Panchgani
Brightland Resort & Spa
6.5 km from Venna Lake, 4.5 km from Hunter's point, 9.8 km from Arthur's Seat, Banqueting and conferencing facilities, Swimming pool, Fitnes... more »
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Brightland Holiday Village-Brightland_Holiday_Village_Mahabaleshwar_Lavender_Regular_.jpg, Mahabales Brightland Holiday Village-Brightland-Holiday-Village-Mahabaleshwar-Tulip-Wing-Duplex-Upper.jpg, Mah Brightland Holiday Village-Brightland-Holiday-Village-Poolside-Upper.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Brightland Holiday Village-Brightland-Holiday-Village-Poolside-Lower.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Brightland Holiday Village-Brightland-Holiday-Village-Mahabaleshwar-Lvy-Suite.jpg, Mahabaleshwar
Baba Agro Holiday Home
Baba Agro Holiday Home is a well established budget hotel which is conveniently located at Bhilar in Panchgani, Maharashtra. The hotel livin... more »

Baba Agro Holiday Home-l_4867_1353675072.jpg, Panchgani Baba Agro Holiday Home-l_4867_1353675095.jpg, Panchgani Baba Agro Holiday Home-l_4867_1353675072.jpg, Panchgani Baba Agro Holiday Home-l_4867_1353675220.jpg, Panchgani Baba Agro Holiday Home-l_4867_1353675186.jpg, Panchgani
Mayur Agro Park
Mayur Agro Park is a budget hotel which is well located at Bhilar in Panchgani, Maharashtra. The location of the hotel is its biggest asset ... more »

Mayur Agro Park-l_4866_1353669990.jpg, Panchgani Mayur Agro Park-l_4866_1353670011.jpg, Panchgani Mayur Agro Park-l_4866_1353669990.jpg, Panchgani Mayur Agro Park-l_4866_1353670143.jpg, Panchgani Mayur Agro Park-l_4866_1353670114.jpg, Panchgani
Bella Vista Resort
Bella Vista Resort is a 3 star property nestled in the serene of nature, 120 km from Pune Airport. It features comfortable and well-appoint... more »
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Bella Vista Resort-Deluxe_room.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Bella Vista Resort-exterior.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Bella Vista Resort-Valley Deluxe_room.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Bella Vista Resort-Reception.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Bella Vista Resort-Valley deluxe2_room.jpg, Mahabaleshwar
Vijay Guest House
Vijay Guest house is a Guest House which is well located at Dr. Ambedkar Colony in Panchgani, Maharashtra. The location of the guest house i... more »

Vijay Guest House-l_4858_1353649304.jpg, Panchgani Vijay Guest House-l_4858_1353649355.jpg, Panchgani Vijay Guest House-l_4858_1353649411.jpg, Panchgani Vijay Guest House-l_4858_1353649304.jpg, Panchgani Vijay Guest House-l_4858_1353649466.jpg, Panchgani
Shreyas Hotel
300 m from Mahabaleshwar Palace, 5.6 km from Mahabaleshwar Mandir, Swimming pool, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Bar Located in the heart of Mah... more »
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Shreyas Hotel-Shreyas-Hotel-Mahabaleshwar-Classic-Ac-Cottage.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Shreyas Hotel-Shreyas_Hotel_Mahabaleshwar_Classic_Room1_room.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Shreyas Hotel-Shreyas_Hotel_Mahabaleshwar_Classic_Room2_2_room.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Shreyas Hotel-Shreyas_Hotel_Mahabaleshwar_Family_Cottage_Room2_room.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Shreyas Hotel-Exterior21377238566389.jpg, Mahabaleshwar
Blue Country Resort
Within 4 km from Devil's Kitchen and Table Land, Blue Country Resort offers a swimming pool and facilities for indoor and outdoor games. Se... more »
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Blue Country Resort-Blue-Country-Resort-Superior-Pool-View.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Blue Country Resort-Blue-Country-Resort-Standard-Ac-Room.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Blue Country Resort-Blue-Country-Resort-Deluxe.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Blue Country Resort-Blue-Country-Resort-Superior.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Blue Country Resort-Blue-Country-Resort-Valley-View-Ac-Room.jpg, Mahabaleshwar
Hotel Millennium Park
2.5 km from Holy Catholic Church, 3.2 km from Panchgani, 9.6 km from Mapro Dam, Restaurant, 2 Bars, Ayurvedic massage parlour, Gym Nestled... more »
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Hotel Millennium Park-Hotel-Millennium-Park-Mahabaleshwar-Deluxe-Ac.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Hotel Millennium Park-Hotel-Millennium-Park-Mahabaleshwar-Family-Room.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Hotel Millennium Park-Hotel-Millennium-Park-Mahabaleshwar-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Hotel Millennium Park-Hotel-Millennium-Park-Mahabaleshwar-Premium-Suite.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Hotel Millennium Park-Hotel-Millennium-Park-Mahabaleshwar-Super-Deluxe_room.jpg, Mahabaleshwar
Regal - Woodside Retreat
Located at a distance of 850 m from bus stand, Regal - Woodside Retreat has a swimming pool and conference hall. Regal - Woodside Retreat i... more »
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Regal - Woodside Retreat-Regal-Woodside-Exotic-Ac.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Regal - Woodside Retreat-Regal-Woodside-Elite-Cottage-Ac.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Regal - Woodside Retreat-Regal-Woodside-Elegant-Pool-View-Ac-Room.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Regal - Woodside Retreat-Regal-Woodside-Classic-Non-Ac.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Regal - Woodside Retreat-Regal-Woodside-Retreat-Mahabaleshwar-Exotic-Non-AC.jpg, Mahabaleshwar
Hotel Krishna Continental
Located at a 20-minute drive from the Mahabaleshwar Temple, Hotel Krishna Continental offers travel desk and indoor games facility. Located... more »
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Hotel Krishna Continental-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Hotel Krishna Continental-Hotel_ Krishna _Continental_Mahabaleshwar Hotel Krishna Continental-Hotel_ Krishna _Continental_Mahabaleshwar  Family_Room_1_room.jpg, Mahabal Hotel Krishna Continental-Hotel_ Krishna _Continental_Mahabaleshwar  Executive_Couple_Washrroom_1_ro
Grand Resort
Just 900 m from ST Bus Stand and 6.2 km from Mahabaleshwar Temple, Grand Resort offers gym, swimming pool, spa and indoor/outdoor games. Ne... more »
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Grand Resort-Grand-Resort-Super-deluxe-Non-Ac-photo.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Grand Resort-Grand-Resort-Non-Ac-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Grand Resort-Grand-Resort-Non-Ac-Grandwoods.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Grand Resort-Grand-Resort-Mahabaleshwar-Super-Deluxe-Non-Ac_.jpg, Mahabaleshwar Grand Resort-Grand-Resort-Mahabaleshwar-Non-AC-Super-Deluxe-Family_.jpg, Mahabaleshwar
Jaffer Bhais Hotel Brickland Panchgani
Jaffer Bhais Hotel Brickland Panchgani is located in the land of beautiful valleys of Mahabaleshwar. Located within proximity to the Airport... more »
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-Guest Room.jpg, Mahabaleshwar -Room Standard.jpg, Mahabaleshwar

Hotels in Mahabaleshwar | Find 185 Mahabaleshwar Hotels Online | Book Budget, Cheap & Star Hotels in Mahabaleshwar, India

Mahabaleshwar Overview: Hotels in Mahabaleshwar

Lush green flora, fresh mountain air and breathtaking soaring peaks – this is Mahabaleshwar, the perfect summer gateway for people of Maharashtra.


Mahabaleshwar is the most famous tourist spot and popular hill station in Satara district in the state of Maharashtra, which was the summer capital during British presidency. The words Mahabaleshwar has derived from Sanskrit word meaning “God of Great power”, and true to its meaning the place, altitude of 1372m above sea level, is full of greenery with old world charm giving a spectacular view of the surrounding hills and yet being equally modern. Due to its magnificent scenic beauty, with springs and waterfalls in the plateau of Mahabaleshwar, it is also called ‘Queen of hills’. A tour to Mahabaleshwar should be at least for a couple of days for there is much to see around the country side.


Mahabaleshwar is a tourist destination for almost a thousand people every year. It is 120 km from southwest of Pune and 285 km from Mumbai and road transportation is the main mode of transportation to get in such a beautiful place. The best time to visit the place is from March to May, and due to heavy rainfall the place gets temporarily closed from June to September mid. Mahabaleshwar Hotels are in abundance and while most the hotels of Mahabaleshwar are town based but some of them also offers beautiful scenic view for the visitors.


Tourist spots



Mahabaleshwar has twenty five visiting “points”. These points are named after the British Administrator who found the splendid place and these points are various edges of plateau which are located in different directions. To visit these points there are various rental cars, taxis and even horses are easily available and government buses are also available. Few of the most visiting are Lodwick Point, Arthur’s seat, Babington Point, Wilson Point – also known as sunrise point is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar, Kate’s Point, Bombay Point, Elephant’s head Point and Lingamala falls.


Old Mahabaleshwar which is also known as ‘Kshetra Mahabaleshwar’ is located off main road just before reaching Venna Lake, which is also a tourist favourite place for boating, fishing and pony riding. While visiting old Mahabaleshwar one should also visit Panchgana Mandir, which is believed to contain the spirit of five rivers Koyna, Venna, Gayatri and famous Krishna River. For sightseeing there are Mount Malcolm, Holy Cross Church, Pratapgad Fort.


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