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Country Club Valley Vista
9.5 km from Coakers Walk, 14 km from Palni Hills, 29.8 km from Berijam Lake, On-site multi-cuisine restaurant and bar Nestling beautifully ... more »
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Country Club Valley Vista-_Exterior_View_1.jpg, Kodaikanal Country Club Valley Vista-Country-Club-Valley-Vista-Kodaikanal-Studio-Room.jpg, Kodaikanal Country Club Valley Vista-Country_Club_Valley_Vista_Kodaikanal_Deluxe_Room_3_room.jpg, Kodaikanal Country Club Valley Vista-Hotel_Country_Club_Valley_Vista_Kodaikanal_Studio_Room_room.jpg, Kodaikana Country Club Valley Vista-Hotel_Country_Club_Valley_Vista_Kodaikanal_Deluxe_Room1_room.jpg, Kodaikan
Richwin Hotel
350 m from Kodaikanal Bus Stand, Richwin Hotel lies near the Bryant Park and Coaker's Walk and features a terrace restaurant. Richwin Hotel... more »
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Richwin Hotel-Hotel_Richwin_Kodaikanal_4_Bed_Suite1_room.jpg, Kodaikanal Richwin Hotel-Richwin-Hotel-Kodaikanal-Standard-Room.jpg, Kodaikanal Richwin Hotel-Hotel_Richwin_Kodaikanal_Standard_Room_room.jpg, Kodaikanal Richwin Hotel-Deluxe_Room.jpg, Kodaikanal
Hotel Varaha Valley
A 15-minute short walk from Kodaikanal Lake, Hotel Varaha Valley houses a restaurant, coffee shop and a dining hall. Free on-site parking i... more »
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Hotel Varaha Valley-Exterior.jpg, Kodaikanal Hotel Varaha Valley-Reception.jpg, Kodaikanal Hotel Varaha Valley-Stairway.jpg, Kodaikanal Hotel Varaha Valley-Room_1.jpg, Kodaikanal Hotel Varaha Valley-Room_2.jpg, Kodaikanal
United 21 Resort
Situated at a distance of 2.3 km from Kodaikanal Lake, United-21 Resort offers facilities like internet access, multi-cuisine restaurant and... more »
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Summer Migration-Reception.jpg, Kodaikanal Summer Migration-Restaurant.jpg, Kodaikanal United 21 Resort-Hotel_United_21_Resort_Kodaikanal_Valley_View_room.jpg, Kodaikanal United 21 Resort-Hotel_United_21_Resort_Kodaikanal_Standard_room.jpg, Kodaikanal United 21 Resort-Exterior.jpg, Kodaikanal
Kodai By The Lake
7.3 km from Pillar Rocks, Within a walking distance from Bus Stand, Kodaikanal Lake, Kurinji Temple and Bryant Park, On-site multi-cuisine r... more »
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Sterling Holidays - Kodai by the Lake-Sterling-Holiday-Resorts-By-the-Lake-Deluxe-Suite.jpg, Kodaika Sterling Holidays - Kodai by the Lake-Sterling-Holiday-Resorts-By-the-Lake-Luxury-Suite.jpg, Kodaika Kodai By The Lake-Kodai - By The Lake, Front exteriors (2)1380194719644.jpg, Kodaikanal Kodai By The Lake-Kodai_By_The_ Lake _Kodaikanal_Superior_Room_room.jpg, Kodaikanal Kodai By The Lake-Kodai-By-Lake-Junior-Suite.jpg, Kodaikanal
Valley View - A Sterling Holidays Resort
Located close to the Bear Shola Falls and Kodaikanal Lake, this resort features a conference hall, internet, restaurant, gift shop and libra... more »
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Valley View - A Sterling Holidays Resort-Valley_View_A_Sterling_Holidays_Resort_Kodaikanal_Deluxe_Su Sterling Holidays Valley View -Sterling-Valley-View-Kodaikanal-Luxury-Suite-Room-2.jpg, Kodaikanal Sterling Holidays Valley View -Sterling-Valley-View-Kodaikanal-Luxury-Suite-Room-1.jpg, Kodaikanal Sterling Holidays Valley View -Sterling-Valley-View-Kodaikanal-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Kodaikanal Sterling Holidays Valley View -Sterling-Valley-View-Kodaikanal-Superior-Room.jpg, Kodaikanal
Le Poshe by Sparsa
Le Poshe by Sparsa is located in the beautiful hill station of Kodaikanal. The hotel features simple yet comfortable rooms offering basic am... more »
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-IMG_9646_room1404361692794.jpg, Kodaikanal -IMG_9648_room1404361734525.jpg, Kodaikanal Le Poshe by Sparsa -Exterior View.jpg, Kodaikanal -IMG_9653_room1404361737184.jpg, Kodaikanal
Hotel Hilltop Towers
5.9 km from Palani Hill, 1.6 km from Bryant Park, 2.9 km from Kurinji Andavar Temple, 4 Multi-cuisine restaurants, Coffee house, Ice-cream p... more »
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Hotel Hilltop Towers-Honeymoon_Suite_1.jpg, Kodaikanal Hotel Hilltop Towers-Family_Triple_Room_Washroom.jpg, Kodaikanal Hotel Hilltop Towers-Honeymoon_Suite_Washroom_1.jpg, Kodaikanal Hotel Hilltop Towers-Superior_Deluxe_Room_2.jpg, Kodaikanal Hotel Hilltop Towers-Superior_Deluxe_Room_1.jpg, Kodaikanal
Hotel Sivapriya
1.6 km from Kodaikanal Bus Stand, 2.8 km from Bryant Park, 2.9 km from Kodaikanal Lake, 6.5 km from Silver Cascade Waterfall, In-house multi... more »
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Hotel Sivapriya-Hotel-Sivapriya-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Kodaikanal Hotel Sivapriya-Hotel_Sivapriya_Kodaikanal_Super_Deluxe_Room_room.jpg, Kodaikanal Hotel Sivapriya-Hotel_Sivapriya_Kodaikanal_Deluxe_Room_room.jpg, Kodaikanal Hotel Sivapriya-Hotel_Sivapriya_Kodaikanal_Deluxe_Room1_room.jpg, Kodaikanal
Hotel Kodai International
Luxury property located 3.4 km from Bear Shola Falls, 1.5 km from Kodaikanal Lake, Health club, Ayurvedic massage, Beauty shop, 24-hour Coff... more »
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Hotel Kodai International-Hotel-Kodai-International-Kodaikanal-Superior-Room.jpg, Kodaikanal Hotel Kodai International-Hotel_Kodai_International_Kodaikanal_Junior_Suite2_room.jpg, Kodaikanal Hotel Kodai International-Hotel_Kodai_International_Kodaikanal_Suite_Balcony_View_room.jpg, Kodaikan Hotel Kodai International-Exterior_View.jpg, Kodaikanal Hotel Kodai International-Hotel_Kodai_International_Kodaikanal_Junior_Suite1_room.jpg, Kodaikanal
Pine Borough Inn
Pine Borough Inn, just 2 km from Bear Shola Falls, offers a restaurant, internet access, kid's play area and organises activities like campf... more »
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Pine Borough Inn-Pine-Borough-Inn-Kodaikanal-Double-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Kodaikanal Pine Borough Inn-Pine Borough - family room_room.jpg, Kodaikanal Pine Borough Inn-Pine Borough - Double Room_room.jpg, Kodaikanal Pine Borough Inn-Pine Borough - Suite_room.jpg, Kodaikanal Pine Borough Inn-Exterior View3.jpg, Kodaikanal
Altius Nest
3 km from Kodaikanal Lake, 2.6 km from Bryant Park Altius Nest is a property with 3 star facilities, ideally located in the alluring hills ... more »
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Altius Nest-Room_Interior.jpg, Kodaikanal Altius Nest-Washroom.jpg, Kodaikanal Altius Nest-Restaurant.jpg, Kodaikanal
Valley View Inn
3.7 km from Kodaikanal Lake, 2 km from Bryant Park, 1.5 km from Coakers Walk, In-house restaurant with good food Valley View Inn is a 3 sta... more »
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Valley View Inn-Double_Deluxe_Room.jpg, Kodaikanal Valley View Inn-Double_Deluxe_Room_2.jpg, Kodaikanal
JC Woodville Manor
JC Woodville Manor is 500 m from Coaker's Walk and 1 km from Kodaikanal Lake. It features restaurant and travel desk Located close to the b... more »
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JC Woodville Manor-JC_Woodville_Manor_Kodaikanal_Family_Room3_room.jpg, Kodaikanal JC Woodville Manor-JC_Woodville_Manor_Kodaikanal_Family_Room2_room.jpg, Kodaikanal
Kodai Retreat
Less than 2 km away from Kodaikanal Bus Stand, Kodai Retreat offers a conference hall, travel desk and is located close to Cafe Coffee Day. ... more »
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Kodairetreat-Entrance_Area_.jpg, Kodaikanal Kodairetreat-Kodairetreat-Kodaikanal-2Bed-Room-Suite.jpg, Kodaikanal Kodairetreat-Kodairetreat-Kodaikanal-Banglow.jpg, Kodaikanal Kodairetreat-Kodairetreat-Kodaikanal-Deluxe.jpg, Kodaikanal Kodairetreat-Kodairetreat-Kodaikanal-3-Bed-Room-Suite.jpg, Kodaikanal

Hotels in Kodaikanal | Find 121 Kodaikanal Hotels Online | Book Budget, Cheap & Star Hotels in Kodaikanal, India

Kodaikanal Overview: Hotels in Kodaikanal

If you love greenery and hills then this is the place where you should land up. Known for its unique summer forests, the princess of hill stations is situated in Dindigul district of southern state of India, TamilNadu. Built during British rule in India the hill station has got an essence of both colonial touch as well as traditional Hinduism. It was built in 1845 by British rulers with an intention of holiday spot as well as business. Coffee, Pine trees for timbers were planted which also added to an industrial edge of the small town. Today Kodaikanal is also known for coffee plantation apart from its major economic boost tourism.


It is one of the famous tourist attractions of Southern India. Frequent trains, bus services and flights till nearby airports are available. Palanistation is the nearest railway station. Madurai &Coimbatore are the nearest airports.


People from all parts of the world visit kodaikanal. Tourism is the main economic support for the hill station. Due to development in nearby cities it has also become a famous weekend gateway and a gradual rise in the tourist industry has been observed in recent years.


Tourist attraction & accommodation

There are many places to visit in and around Kodaikanal. Few of the famous spots are: 1. Bryant Park 2. Kodaikanal Lake 3. Pillar Rocks 4. Murugan Temple 5. La Salette Church.


For accommodation there are numerous resorts & Hotels in Kodaikanal. There is also a popular mode of tourist accommodation called home stay. In home stay people rent out a portion of their house and provide a guest service with home cooked ethnic food as well as modern cuisines as per the choices of the guests.


Hotels in Kodaikanal are available in every spot of the city. Resorts and hotels are one of the best businesses in this hill station. People of every class and standard can afford a stay in the green city. The peak season to visit is winter when the hills are at their best even though a decent crowd attraction is observed throughout the year. Being connected to the old British Empire people around the globe get attracted to the place. There are many British origins staying in the city as well.


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