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Situated 6.6 km from Khajuraho railway station, Ramada features a restaurant, bar, pool, souvenir shop, massage centre, disco and multi-pur... more »


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Ramada -Room_4.jpg, Khajuraho Ramada -Room_1.jpg, Khajuraho Ramada -Room_3.jpg, Khajuraho Ramada -Room_2.jpg, Khajuraho Ramada -Restaurant.jpg, Khajuraho
Taj Hotel Chandela
3.3 km from Khajuraho Railway Station, 3.6 km from Khajuraho Airport, Landscaped gardens, Jungle trip, Mini-golf course A unit of the worl... more »


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Taj Hotel Chandela-Exterior_View_11381315433007.jpg, Khajuraho Taj Hotel Chandela-Lobby_1.jpg, Khajuraho Taj Hotel Chandela-Bar_1.jpg, Khajuraho Taj Hotel Chandela-Room_1.jpg, Khajuraho Taj Hotel Chandela-Room_2.jpg, Khajuraho
Hotel Euro Star Inn
Ideally positioned just 5-minutes drive from airport and 10-minutes drive from railway station, whereas bus stand is at short stroll away f... more »
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Hotel Euro Star Inn-_Exterior_View_.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Euro Star Inn-Hotel-Euro-Star-Inn-Executive-Room.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Euro Star Inn-Deluxe Room (8)_room.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Euro Star Inn-luxury bathroom_room1389976258676.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Euro Star Inn-DSCN4239_room1389977420363.jpg, Khajuraho
Hotel Zen
Hotel Zen is located on the Jain Temple Road in Khajuraho, just 5 km from the airport. Railway station is 7 km away while the bus stand is ... more »
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Hotel Zen-Exterior_View.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Zen-Hotel-Zen-Standard-Non-Ac.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Zen-Hotel-Zen-Standard-Non-Ac.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Zen-Staircase.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Zen-Room_1.jpg, Khajuraho
Hotel Marble Palace
The hotel is located near the Western Tempel of Khajuraho. Hotel Marbel Palace offers accommodation for the guests in rooms with amenities l... more »
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Hotel Marble Palace-Exterior_View_.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Marble Palace-Hotel-Marble-Palace-Standard-Ac.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Marble Palace-Room.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Marble Palace-Reception.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Marble Palace-Lobby.jpg, Khajuraho
Usha Bundela
Situated on Temple Road in Rajnagar area, Usha Bundela has a centrallocation in Khajuraho. The hotel is a 5-minute drive from Kandariya Mah... more »
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Usha Bundela-Usha-Bundela-Khajuraho-Deluxe.jpg, Khajuraho Usha Bundela-Usha-Bundela-Khajuraho-Standard.jpg, Khajuraho
Hotel Surya
Hotel Surya Khajuraho is a standard accommodation facility, located in the vicinity of Western Group of Temples, Khajuraho. Shivsagar Lake,... more »
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Hotel Surya-Hotel-Surya-Khajuraho-Executive-Ac.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Surya-Hotel-Surya-Khajuraho-Standard-Non-Ac.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Surya-Hotel-Surya-Khajuraho-Deluxe-Non-Ac.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Surya-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Surya-Hotel-Surya-Khajuraho-Deluxe-Ac.jpg, Khajuraho
Shri Krishna Jungle Resort
Shri Krishna Jungle Resort, surrounded by lush green garden, is around 5 minutes drive from Khajuraho Airport. Away from the city, it is an ... more »
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Shri Krishna Jungle Resort-Cottage_Exterior_1.jpg, Khajuraho Shri Krishna Jungle Resort-Shri-Krishna-Jungle-Resort-Khajuraho-Superior-Cottage-5.jpg, Khajuraho Shri Krishna Jungle Resort-Shri-Krishna-Jungle-Resort-Khajuraho-Superior-Cottage-2.jpg, Khajuraho Shri Krishna Jungle Resort-Shri-Krishna-Jungle-Resort-Khajuraho-Superior-Cottage-3.jpg, Khajuraho Shri Krishna Jungle Resort-Shri-Krishna-Jungle-Resort-Khajuraho-Superior-Cottage-1.jpg, Khajuraho
Hotel Isabel Palace
Located close to Khajuraho Airport, Hotel Isabel Palace has conference hall, free Wi-Fi, restaurant and travel desk. Offering a comfortabl... more »
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Hotel Isabel Palace-Hotel-Isabel-Palace-Khajuraho-Standard-Non-Ac-Room.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Isabel Palace-Hotel-Isabel-Palace-Khajuraho-Superior-Ac-Room.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Isabel Palace-Hotel-Isabel-Palace-Khajuraho-Royal-Deluxe-Ac-Room.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Isabel Palace-Hotel-Isabel-Palace-Khajuraho-Deluxe-Ac-Room.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Isabel Palace-_Exterior_View_1.jpg, Khajuraho
The Lalit Temple View
Just 500 m from Western Group of Temples, Tribal Art Museum Nearby, In-house restaurants 'Panna', Mahua- The Bar, Close to Mediterraneo Rest... more »


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The Lalit Temple View -200x150_The_Lalit_Temple_View_New_Delhi_The_Lalit_Garden_View_Room.jpg, Khaju The Lalit Temple View -200x150_The_Lalit_Temple_View_New_Delhi_Executive_Room.jpg, Khajuraho The Lalit Temple View -200x150_The_Lalit_Temple_View_New_Delhi_Luxury_Suite.jpg, Khajuraho The Lalit Temple View -200x150_The_Lalit_Temple_View_New_Delhi_Presidential_Suite.jpg, Khajuraho The Lalit Temple View -The-Lalit-Temple-View-Garden.jpg, Khajuraho
Hotel Harmony
Khajuraho Hotel Harmony, located on Jain Temple Road, is about a 10-minute drive from the Khajuraho railway station. Known for its warm hosp... more »
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Hotel Harmony-Hotel-Harmony-Deluxe-Suite.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Harmony-Hotel-Harmony-Standard-Non-Ac.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Harmony-Hotel-Harmony-Deluxe-Ac.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Harmony-Hotel-Harmony-Family-Room-Ac.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Harmony-Room_2.jpg, Khajuraho
Hotel Shanti
The hotel is located opposite to Shivsagar Lake in Khajuraho. Hotel Shanti offers accommodation for the guests in rooms with amenities like ... more »
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Hotel Shanti-Exterior_View.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Shanti-Room_1.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Shanti-Room_2.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Shanti-Room_3.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Shanti-Room_4.jpg, Khajuraho
Yogi Asharam Guest House
Sprawling over two acres of land, Hotel Yogi Asharam Guest House is located on Rajnagar Road in Khajuraho. This hotel can be accessed in a 5... more »
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Hotel Yogi Asharam Guest House-Exterior_View_.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Yogi Asharam Guest House-Entrance_Area_.jpg, Khajuraho  Yogi Asharam Guest House-Deluxe_Room.jpg, Khajuraho  Yogi Asharam Guest House-Super_Deluxe_Room.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Yogi Asharam Guest House-Washroom.jpg, Khajuraho
Hotel Green House and Restaurant
Hotel Green House and Restaurant is a budget hotel which is conveniently located at Mela Ground in Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh. The hotel is n... more »


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Hotel Green House and Restaurant-l_4743_1352457246.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Green House and Restaurant-l_4743_1369482853.JPG, Khajuraho Hotel Green House and Restaurant-l_4743_1352457306.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Green House and Restaurant-l_4743_1352457246.jpg, Khajuraho Hotel Green House and Restaurant-l_4743_1369483458.JPG, Khajuraho
Hotel Lakeside
Hotel Lakeside is a quality budget property that provides visitors to the beautiful temple city of Khajuraho with comfortable accommodation... more »
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Hotels in Khajuraho | Find 40 Khajuraho Hotels Online | Book Budget, Cheap & Star Hotels in Khajuraho, India

Khajuraho Overview: Hotels in Khajuraho

Khajuraho, a small town in the District of Madhya Pradesh is called as the Land of the Moon God. Located in the Bundelkhand region, this small modest place is famous for Vindhya Range of mountains and Hindu and Jain temples. The erotic rock carvings of these groups of 9th to 12th century temples make Khajuraho a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Khajuraho is an example of the Indian aesthetics and Indo-Aryan architecture. Khajuraho gets its name from “Khajur” which means date as the famous temples of the city were left under the date palm trees for several years. Khajuraho, the capital of the Chandelas for a short time was the religious center of the Chandela dynasty. Several beautiful places with historical importance makes this beautiful place a hot spot tourist destination.


The lovely Temples of Khajuraho are divided into Eastern group, Western group and Southern group. You can enjoy the beauty of these temples after complete relaxation. To cater to the requirements of tourists and visitors, several hotels and restaurants have been made in this quiet village of Madhya Pradesh. Casa Di William, Surya, Lakeside, Gautama , Harmony are some of the cheap as well as prestigious hotels in Khajuraho. Apart from these, various other luxurious deluxe hotels are present in this small town. You can easily book Khajuraho hotels from according to your budget and convenience. For providing convenient trips to the visitors, various facilities are provided by the Maharashtra tourism Department. Further, there are various other tourist destinations to lure the travelers.


The rooms of the Khajuraho hotels are designed in a magnificent way that could accommodate approximately 3 to 4 members in a single room. These hotels in Khajuraho provide a splendid view of the beautiful village. There are many airconditioned, bright rooms for the customers to choose the right one is really a hard cup of coffee. Cheap Khajuraho hotels and budget Khajuraho hotels are there for the people who don’t want to spend much. The spacious rooms of the luxurious hotels make your stay a really pleasurable one. Several fun activities are also provided for the children in the deluxe hotels of Khajuraho.


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