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Kasauli Castle Resort is the renowned hotel in the region that is apposite for all those looking for a combination of style and comfort. Those seeking sheer luxury can check in Victoria Continental Inn, which boasts of swanky rooms, spacious meeting spaces and well-decorated eating outlets. Besides lavish hotels, there are Kasauli budget hotels for tourists looking for an economical option to stay. At www.makemytrip.com, tourists can find plenty of luxury and budget hotels in Kasauli as well as the services rendered by them.

Hemkunth Hotel

1 km from Kasauli Bus Station, 1 km from Mall Road, 4.4 km from Monkey Point, Restaurant, Coffee shop, Banquet & conference facility, Intern... more »
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Hemkunth Resorts-Exterior_View.jpg, Kasauli Hemkunth Resorts-Hemkunth-Resorts-Kasauli-Deluxe.jpg, Kasauli Hemkunth Resorts-Hemkunth-Resorts-Kasauli-Semi-Deluxe.jpg, Kasauli Hemkunth Hotel -Conference_Hall.jpg, Kasauli Hemkunth Resorts-Parking_Area.jpg, Kasauli

UNA Comfort Kasauli Exotica

A 3-star property in Kasauli, 65 kms from Chandigarh Airport, 32 kms from Kalka Railway Station 2 kilometres from the Kasauli Club and ... more »
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UNA Comfort Kasauli Exotica-Restaurant3.jpg, Kasauli UNA Comfort Kasauli Exotica-Restaurant4.jpg, Kasauli UNA Comfort Kasauli Exotica-Restaurant2.jpg, Kasauli

UNA Comfort Kasauli Hills Resorts

UNA Comfort Kasauli Hills Resorts is nestled in the majestic city of Kasauli featuring 7 spacious, cozy and comfortable rooms to make you s... more »
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 UNA Comfort Kasauli Hills Resorts-Deluxe Treetop Cottage 2_room.jpg, Kasauli  UNA Comfort Kasauli Hills Resorts-Deluxe Treetop Cottage_room.jpg, Kasauli  UNA Comfort Kasauli Hills Resorts-Bar.jpg, Kasauli

Winnies Holiday Resort

Winnies Holiday Inn is around 10 minutes drive from the railway station. It has a restaurant, multi-purpose halls and recreational facilitie... more »
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Winnies Holiday Inn-Winnies-Holiday-Inn-Kasauli-Studio-Room.jpg, Kasauli Winnies Holiday Inn-Winnies-Holiday-Inn-Kasauli-Deluxe-Cottage.jpg, Kasauli Winnies Holiday Inn-Winnies-Holiday-Inn-Kasauli-Standard-Room.jpg, Kasauli Winnies Holiday Inn-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Kasauli Winnies Holiday Inn-Winnies-Holiday-Inn-Kasauli-Cottage-Room.jpg, Kasauli

Pine Drive Resort-17 km to Barog & 6 km to Solan

Situated in Barog Valley, Pine Drive Resort offers Wi-Fi, conference room, multi-cuisine restaurant and bar. Nestled amidst the verdant h... more »
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Pine Drive Resort-Lobby.jpg, Kasauli

Barog Heights-19 km from Kasauli & 8 km from Solan

Barog Heights, located 4 km from Barog Railway Station and Dagshai Jail Museum, offers conference facility, discotheque, restaurant & bar. ... more »
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Barog Heights-Barog-Heights-Kasauli-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Kasauli Barog Heights-Restaurant.jpg, Kasauli

Kasauli Regency

Located just 6 km away from Manki Point, Kasauli Regency features a rooftop open-air restaurant & bar, Library, and Wi-Fi internet facility.... more »
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Kasauli Regency-Suite_Luxury.jpg, Kasauli Kasauli Regency-Sitting_Family_Suite.jpg, Kasauli Kasauli Regency-Living_Room_Luxury_Suite.jpg, Kasauli Kasauli Regency-Kasauli_Regency_Kasauli_Luxury_Suite_room.jpg, Kasauli Kasauli Regency-Living_Room_Luxury_Suite.jpg, Kasauli

Kasauli Residency

Approved by Himachal tourism, Kasauli Residency is a newly built home stay with modern facilities and decent ambience. A Wi-Fi enabled prope... more »
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Kasauli Residency A Home Stay-Overview.jpg, Kasauli Kasauli Residency A Home Stay-Exterior_View_.jpg, Kasauli Kasauli Residency A Home Stay-Kasauli-Residency-A-Home-Stay-Kasauli-Deluxe-Room-1.jpg, Kasauli Kasauli Residency A Home Stay-Kasauli-Residency-A-Home-Stay-Kasauli-Deluxe-Room-2.jpg, Kasauli Kasauli Residency A Home Stay-Kasauli-Residency-A-Home-Stay-Kasauli-Family-Suite-Room-2.jpg, Kasauli

Hills Pride Resorts

5.3 km from Kasauli Bus Station, 8.6 from Manki Point, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Conference hall, Complimentary Wi-Fi internet Hill's Pride... more »
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Hills Pride Resorts-Hills-Pride-Resorts-Kasauli-Log-Huts.jpg, Kasauli Hills Pride Resorts-Deluxe_Room.jpg, Kasauli Hills Pride Resorts-Premium_Log_Hut.jpg, Kasauli Hills Pride Resorts-Super_Deluxe_Room.jpg, Kasauli

Hotel Kasauli Castle

Hotel Kasauli Castle is located at Kimmughat in Kasauli in the Solan District of Himachal Pradesh. Hotel Kasauli Castle is a quaint hotel o... more »
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Hotel Kasauli Castle-Hotel-Kasauli-Castle-Kasauli-Premium-Deluxe-Ac.jpg, Kasauli Hotel Kasauli Castle-Hotel-Kasauli-Castle-Kasauli-Super-Deluxe-Ac.jpg, Kasauli Hotel Kasauli Castle-Hotel-Kasauli-Castle-Kasauli-Luxury-Suite-Ac.jpg, Kasauli Hotel Kasauli Castle-Hotel-Kasauli-Castle-Kasauli-Premium-Deluxe.jpg, Kasauli Hotel Kasauli Castle-Hotel-Kasauli-Castle-Kasauli-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Kasauli

Surya Rock Rose Resort

Surya Rock Rose Resort is a 3 star property located in the heart of kausali. The resort is in vicinity to Chandigarh Junction (51 km) and C... more »
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Surya Rock Rose Resort-Exterior 1.jpg, Kasauli Surya Rock Rose Resort-Exterior 3.jpg, Kasauli Surya Rock Rose Resort-Exterior 2.jpg, Kasauli Surya Rock Rose Resort-Room interior.jpg, Kasauli Surya Rock Rose Resort-Room 8.jpg, Kasauli

UNA Home Stay Mahal Farm

UNA Home Stay Mahal Farm nestled in the magnific city of Kasauli and features spacious and clean rooms to make your stay comfortable. In-roo... more »
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UNA Home Stay Mahal Farm-Deluxe_room.jpg, Kasauli UNA Home Stay Mahal Farm-Deluxe Room.jpg, Kasauli UNA Home Stay Mahal Farm-Room Interior.jpg, Kasauli

Baikunth Resort

Set amidst 5 acres of sparkling green pine forest, Baikunth Resorts is a heaven of peace and tranquility, where the only sound one hears is ... more »
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Baikunth Resort-Deluxe_Cottage_Room.jpg, Kasauli Baikunth Resort-Main_Lawn_3.jpg, Kasauli Baikunth Resort-Main_Lawn_2.jpg, Kasauli Baikunth Resort-Baikunth-Resort-Kasauli-Superior-Room.jpg, Kasauli Baikunth Resort-Cottage_Exterior_View_1.jpg, Kasauli

Suryavilas Luxury Spa & Resort- 30 kms from Kasauli

Suryavilas Luxury Spa & Resort is located at Gandhigram on Kumarhatti-Nahan Road near Kasauli in the Solan district. The nearest airport is ... more »
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Suryavilas Luxury Spa & Resort- 30 kms from kasauli-Room.jpg, Kasauli Suryavilas Luxury Spa & Resort- 30 kms from kasauli-Room_Amenities_1.jpg, Kasauli Suryavilas Luxury Spa & Resort- 30 kms from kasauli-Room_3.jpg, Kasauli Suryavilas Luxury Spa & Resort- 30 kms from kasauli-Suryavilas_Kasauli_Luxury_room.jpg, Kasauli Suryavilas Luxury Spa & Resort- 30 kms from kasauli-Suryavilas_Kasauli_Premium_room1395909682590.jpg

Hotel R Maidens

Ideally located near the Church of Kasauli a 2-star property, Hotel R Maidens offers lawns/gardens, internet facility and parking facility. ... more »
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Hotel R Maidens-Exterior_View.jpg, Kasauli Hotel R Maidens-Room_1.jpg, Kasauli Hotel R Maidens-Room_2.jpg, Kasauli Hotel R Maidens-Room_3.jpg, Kasauli Hotel R Maidens-Room_4.jpg, Kasauli
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Kasauli Hotels Overview:

A prime destination, situated 77 km from shimla at an altitude of 1,927meters; Kasauli is an alluring little town which exists in the time warp of the 19th century. Its majestic ambience is armored by paved paths, old-fashioned shops and Barnett roof houses with amiable exteriors. Huge horse chestnuts, chir-pine and Himalayan oak forests surround Kasauli. Its slender road parts up and down the hillsides and offer some bravura auras of nature. The reasonably attractive hill-station of Kasauli has a Pasteur Institute that produces anti-rabies vaccine against mad dog-bite and also provides treatment to the victims who till now suffer with the dead disease, Hydrophobia.


Located in the southern part of Shimla is the Panchmunda ridge. It is crossed by a railway route through a tunnel, the longest in the Kalka-Shimla run at Barog, where a series of cleft occur at its edge. The first ridge above Kalka rises hastily to pine-clad Kasauli at a height of 1,927meters and is joined by a 12-km restrained path. Surrounded with intense forested path, Kasauli is the residence of various scarce species of the Himalayan fauna. The gurgling white water, the entrancing alpine meadows and gigantic snowstorm provide a perpetual glee to the tourists. Kasauli hotels are located mainly on the hills and provide an enchanting view of the city. Hotels in Kasauli are traditional and very homely as the local people run them. Most hotels in Kasauli are within budget and provide splendid services. Kasauli hotels provide local cuisines with all national and international delicacies. The prices provided by the Kasauli hotels help you to get budget Kasauli hotels. Many of the cheap Kasauli hotels are not that splendidly built but food and others services are same as any budget Kasauli hotel. These cheap Kasauli hotels are also very homely and provide a great view of the valley.


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