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Noor Mahal
Within 8 km from the railway station, Noor Mahal features pool, banquet halls, wellness centre, spa, five dining options, games facilities a... more »


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Noor Mahal-Noor-Mahal-Karnal-Club-Royal.jpg, Karnal Noor Mahal-Club_Room.jpg, Karnal Noor Mahal-Facade.jpg, Karnal Noor Mahal-Facade 1.jpg, Karnal Noor Mahal-Lobby.jpg, Karnal
Hotel Dreamz
Hotel Dreamz is located at GT Road in Karnal, Rajasthan. Hotel Dreamz is about 7 kms from the Karnal airport, 3 kms from the Karnal railway ... more »


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Hotel Dreamz-l_4556_1350623764.jpg, Karnal Hotel Dreamz-l_4556_1350623912.jpg, Karnal Hotel Dreamz-l_4556_1350623764.jpg, Karnal Hotel Dreamz-l_4556_1350624077.jpg, Karnal Hotel Dreamz-l_4556_1350623875.jpg, Karnal
Hotel Gian Residency
Hotel Gian Residency is a well maintained hotel at Karnal in Haryana. The hotel is located near the City bus stand which serves as its USP. ... more »


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Hotel Gian Residency-l_4563_1350634190.jpg, Karnal Hotel Gian Residency-l_4563_1350634305.jpg, Karnal Hotel Gian Residency-l_4563_1350634277.jpg, Karnal Hotel Gian Residency-l_4563_1350634349.jpg, Karnal Hotel Gian Residency-l_4563_1350634330.jpg, Karnal
Hotel Prem Plaza
A 3 star property, 500 m from Karnal Railway Station and Bus Stand, restaurant, Bar, Conference Hall Located in the heart of the city, Ho... more »
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Hotel Prem Plaza-Hotel_Prem_Plaza_Karnal_Executive_1_room.jpg, Karnal Hotel Prem Plaza-Hotel_Prem_Plaza_Karnal_Presidential_Suite_1_room1394275566574.jpg, Karnal Hotel Prem Plaza-Hotel_Prem_Plaza_Karnal_Deluxe_1_room.jpg, Karnal
Hotel Gian Residency
Gian Residency, a magnificently designed luxurious hotel in Karnal, is favorably located in close proximity with the Railway Station (3.6 km... more »
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Hotel Gian Residency -Passage.jpg, Karnal Hotel Gian Residency -Passage 1.jpg, Karnal Hotel Gian Residency -Banquet Hall.jpg, Karnal Hotel Gian Residency -Conference Hall.jpg, Karnal
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Hotel Haveli
Hotel Haveli is a budget hotel which offers Executive room, Executive suite and Presidential Suite to its guests. It is located near Karnal ... more »


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Hotel Haveli-l_4552_1350565565.jpg, Karnal Hotel Haveli-l_4552_1350565776.jpg, Karnal Hotel Haveli-l_4552_1350565707.jpg, Karnal Hotel Haveli-l_4552_1350565694.jpg, Karnal Hotel Haveli-l_4552_1350565577.jpg, Karnal
Leela Grande Hotel
Leela Grande hotel is a budget hotel located at Kunjpura in Karnal, Haryana. The USP of the hotel is that it is centrally located in between... more »


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Leela Grande Hotel-l_4567_1350632605.jpg, Karnal Leela Grande Hotel-l_4567_1350632775.jpg, Karnal Leela Grande Hotel-l_4567_1350632740.jpg, Karnal Leela Grande Hotel-l_4567_1350632935.jpg, Karnal Leela Grande Hotel-l_4567_1350632605.jpg, Karnal
Hotel Akashdeep
Hotel Akashdeep is a well-known budget hotel located at Sabzi Mandi in Karnal, Haryana. The hotel offers three types of well decorated rooms... more »

Hotel Akashdeep-l_4598_1350899620.jpg, Karnal Hotel Akashdeep-l_4598_1350899620.jpg, Karnal Hotel Akashdeep-l_4598_1350899844.jpg, Karnal Hotel Akashdeep-l_4598_1350899774.jpg, Karnal Hotel Akashdeep-l_4598_1350899810.jpg, Karnal
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-dev2.jpg, Karnal -dev1411667173319.jpg, Karnal -dev11411667185497.jpg, Karnal -dev4.jpg, Karnal
Comffort Inn
GT Road  
For visiting Karnal, Comfort Inn is the place to stay in. Hotel Comfort Inn is a budget hotel located at GT Road in Karnal, Haryana. Comfort... more »

Comffort Inn-l_4551_1350565086.jpg, Karnal Comffort Inn-l_4551_1350565119.jpg, Karnal Comffort Inn-l_4551_1350565156.jpg, Karnal Comffort Inn-l_4551_1350565213.jpg, Karnal Comffort Inn-l_4551_1350565180.jpg, Karnal
Hotel Savoy Green
Hotel Savoy Green is well located at Karnal, Rajasthan. The position of the hotel is very convenient and serves as the USP of the hotel. The... more »
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Hotel Savoy Green-l_4555_1350622097.jpg, Karnal Hotel Savoy Green-l_4555_1350622363.jpg, Karnal Hotel Savoy Green-l_4555_1350622114.jpg, Karnal Hotel Savoy Green-l_4555_1350622133.jpg, Karnal Hotel Savoy Green-l_4555_1350622266.jpg, Karnal
Hotel Pearl
Hotel Pearl is at Kunjpura road in Karnal, Haryana. FREE PICK UP AND DROP. Deluxe and Super Deluxe room. foreign exchang... more »

Hotel Pearl-l_4604_1350910758.jpg, Karnal Hotel Pearl-l_4604_1350910867.jpg, Karnal Hotel Pearl-l_4604_1350911062.jpg, Karnal Hotel Pearl-l_4604_1350910758.jpg, Karnal Hotel Pearl-l_4604_1350911231.jpg, Karnal
Hotel Dreamz Residency
Hotel Dreamz Residency is a quality hotel which is located in Karnal, Rajasthan. The distance of the hotel is very minimal from any source o... more »

Hotel Dreamz Residency-l_4554_1350566826.jpg, Karnal Hotel Dreamz Residency-l_4554_1350566851.jpg, Karnal Hotel Dreamz Residency-l_4554_1350566885.jpg, Karnal Hotel Dreamz Residency-l_4554_1350566875.jpg, Karnal Hotel Dreamz Residency-l_4554_1350566840.jpg, Karnal
Hotel Fidalgo
Hotel Fidalgo is a prominent hotel in Karnal, Rajashan. The hotel is 100 kms from Karan Gate which serves as the USP of the hotel. The hotel... more »


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Hotel Fidalgo-l_4575_1350642643.jpg, Karnal Hotel Fidalgo-l_4575_1350642709.jpg, Karnal Hotel Fidalgo-l_4575_1350642727.jpg, Karnal Hotel Fidalgo-l_4575_1350642879.jpg, Karnal Hotel Fidalgo-l_4575_1350642913.jpg, Karnal

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Karnal Overview: Hotels in Karnal

Karnal is a hub of activity. While in Karnal you can really enjoy your holiday by visiting many places in and around the city. When you choose to take a break in Karnal there are many things to see and do. You can go sightseeing by road or go walking in the area you are in Karnal. There are many ways you can reach Karnal. Karnal is accessible by road from nearby towns. When you are visiting Karnal next, you can come here for a family holiday, weekend break and general vacation tour. Take a break from the activities of daily life and head to Karnal. A holiday here will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.


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