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Kanyakumari hotels have earned several awards and testimonials for their best-in-class hospitality and high quality standards. One of the known hotels in the city is Indien Hermitage, which houses well-decorated rooms, restaurant, swimming pool and various other amenities. Contemporary amenities can also be found in Sparsa Resort and Hotel Sea View.
Tourists who do not require luxurious facilities and are seeking affordable accommodation can choose to stay in any of the Kanyakumari budget hotels. Though the budget hotels provide the basic facilities, they do not compromise with the quality. Tourists can visit www.makemytrip.com for booking a hotel or resort in Kanyakumari.
Hotel Trisea
Just 270 m from Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Hotel Tri Sea features a rooftop pool, and offers conference and banquet facilities. Hotel Tri S... more »
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Hotel Trisea-Hotel_Trisea_Kanyakumari_4_Bed_AC_room.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Trisea-Hotel_Trisea_Kanyakumari_Three_Bedroom_AC_And_Non_AC_room.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Trisea-Hotel_Trisea_Kanyakumari_Three_Bedroom_AC_And_Non_AC_room1378977297780.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Trisea-Hotel_Trisea_Kanyakumari_2_Bed_Deluxe_AC_room.jpg, Kanyakumari
Sea View
350 m from Thiruvalluvar Statue, 1.1 km from Kanyakumari Railway Station, 2.3 km from Baywatch Amusement Park, Internet Access, Conference h... more »
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Sea View-Sea-View-Kanyakumari-Standard-Ac-Room.jpg, Kanyakumari Sea View-Sea-View-Kanyakumari-Twin-Ac-Room.jpg, Kanyakumari Sea View-Sea-View-Kanyakumari-Executive-Suite-Ac.jpg, Kanyakumari Sea View-Sea-View-Kanyakumari-Deluxe-Ac-Room.jpg, Kanyakumari Sea View-Exterior_View_.jpg, Kanyakumari
Hotel Gopi Nivas Grand
230 m from Melody Park, 750 m from Guhanatheeswarar Temple, 1 km from Kanyakumari Railway Station, On-site multi-cuisine restaurant, Rooftop... more »
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Hotel Gopi Nivas Grand-Hotel_Gopi_Nivas_Grand_kanyakumari_Superior_Triple_Bed_Room_room.jpg, Kanyaku Hotel Gopi Nivas Grand-Hotel_Gopi_Nivas_Grand_kanyakumari_Superior_Double_Bed_Room2_room.jpg, Kanyak Hotel Gopi Nivas Grand-Hotel-Gopi-Nivas-Grand-Four-Bedded-Superior-Room.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Gopi Nivas Grand-Hotel_Gopi_Nivas_Grand_kanyakumari_Standard_Triple_Non_AC_Room_room.jpg, Kany
Hotel Maadhini
650m from Guhanatheeswarar Temple, 1.7 km from Kanyakumari Railway Station, conference hall, 2 Restaurants, Bar Located near the Kanyakumar... more »
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Hotel Maadhini-Hotel-Maadhini-Kanyakumari-Double-Bed-Non-Ac.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Maadhini-Hotel-Maadhini-Kanyakumari-Deluxe-Ac.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Maadhini-Hotel-Maadhini-Kanyakumari-Deluxe-Triple-Bed-Ac.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Maadhini-Hotel-Maadhini-Kanyakumari-Standard-Ac.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Maadhini-Hotel_Maadhini_Kanyakumari_Non_AC_Triple_Bed_Room2_room.jpg, Kanyakumari
Hotel Singaar International
Just 1.1 km from both Kanyakumari Beach and Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Hotel Singaar International offers multi-cuisine restaurants & bar. ... more »
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Hotel Singaar International-Hotel-Singaar-International-Kanyakumari-Deluxe.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Singaar International-Hotel-Singaar-International-Kanyakumari-Non-Ac-Room.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Singaar International-Hotel_Singaar_International_Kanyakumari_Super_Deluxe_Room3_room.jpg, Kan Hotel Singaar International-Hotel_Singaar_International_Kanyakumari_Luxury_Room2_room1379135779866.j Hotel Singaar International-Hotel_Singaar_International_Kanyakumari_Standard_Room_room.jpg, Kanyakum
Hotel Sunworld
Located 1.1 km from the railway station and just 450 m from Thiruvalluvar Statue, Hotel Sun World features a restaurant and party lawn. Ho... more »
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Hotel Sunworld-_Exterior_View.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Sunworld-Hotel-Sunworld-kanyakumari-Sea-Facing-Ac-Standard.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Sunworld-_Room_1.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Sunworld-_Room_2.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Sunworld-_Room_3.jpg, Kanyakumari
Hotel Cape Residency
600 m from Chakra Pond, 1.3 km from Kanyakumari Railway Station, 1.8 km from Kanyakumari Beach Hotel Cape Residency is a 3 star accommod... more »
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Hotel Cape Residency-Suite_AC_Room.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Cape Residency-Non_AC_Double_Room.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Cape Residency-Suite_Dining_Area.jpg, Kanyakumari
Sparsa Resort
2 km from Kanyakumari Railway Station, 1.5 km from Sunset Point, 1.3 km from Boating Dock for Vivekananda Rock Sparsa Resort located in Ka... more »
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Sparsa Resort-200x150_Sparsa_Resort_Room.jpg, Kanyakumari Sparsa Resort-Hotel_Sparsa_Residency_Kanyakumari_Deluxe_Room1_room.jpg, Kanyakumari Sparsa Resort-Hotel_Sparsa_Residency_Kanyakumari_Deluxe_Room3_room1379307415357.jpg, Kanyakumari Sparsa Resort-Exterior_View.jpg, Kanyakumari
Hotel Sivamurugan
Situated 2 km from Kanyakumari Railway Station, Hotel Sivamurugan features a dining hall and offers facilities like laundry, parking and me... more »
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Hotel Sivamurugan -Hotel_Sivamurugan_Kanyakumari_Double_Bedroom_AC3_room.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Sivamurugan -Triple Bed Room_room.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Sivamurugan -Family Room_room.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Sivamurugan -Hotel_Sivamurugan_Kanyakumari_3_Bedroom_AC1_room.jpg, Kanyakumari
Parvathi Residency (20mins from Kanyakumari Town)
Parvathi Residency is an unassuming property which offers a delightful array of services and facilities at economical costs and caters to a... more »
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Parvathi Residency (20mins from Kanyakumari Town)-Exterior_View.jpg, Kanyakumari Parvathi Residency (20mins from Kanyakumari Town)-Exterior_View.jpg, Kanyakumari Parvathi Residency (20mins from Kanyakumari Town)-Parvathi-Residency-20mins-From-Kanyakumari-Town-Ka
Triveni Tourist Home
Located just a walk away from Kanyakumari railway station and Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Triveni Tourist Home has a restaurant and travel de... more »
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Triveni Tourist Home-Exterior_View.jpg, Kanyakumari Triveni Tourist Home-Room_1.jpg, Kanyakumari Triveni Tourist Home-Room_2.jpg, Kanyakumari Triveni Tourist Home-Room_3.jpg, Kanyakumari Triveni Tourist Home-Lobby.jpg, Kanyakumari
Parvathi International (20mins from Kanyakumari Town)
2 km from Nagercoil Railway Junction, 900 m from Nagaraja Coil Temple, In-house multi-cuisine restaurant Parvathi International is an unas... more »
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Parvathi International (20mins from Kanyakumari Town)-Parvathi-International-20mins-From-Kanyakumari Parvathi International (20mins from Kanyakumari Town)-Hotel_Parvathi_International_Kanyakumari_Delux
Hotel Shivas Residency
Hotel Shivas residency has always been in the fore front to render services to the tourists, who come to the land's end. It is situated at t... more »
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Hotel Shivas Residency-Exteroir_.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Shivas Residency-Hotel-Shivas-Residency-Kanyakumari-Standard-Non-Ac.jpg, Kanyakumari
Hotel Bharani
A budget hotel, just few minutes walk from the Railway Station, Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Thiruvalluvar Statue Located 1 kilometer fr... more »
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Hotel Bharani-Hotel_Bharani_Kanyakumari_Twin_Bedroom_Ac_room.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Bharani-Hotel_Bharani_Kanyakumari_Triple_Bedroom_Ac_room.jpg, Kanyakumari Hotel Bharani-Single_Bedroom.jpg, Kanyakumari
Hotel Manickam
400 m from Boating Dock for Vivekananda Rock, 500 m from Thiruvalluvar Statue, 1.2 km from Kanyakumari Railway Station Everything about Ho... more »
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Manickam Tourist Home-Room_1.jpg, Kanyakumari Manickam Tourist Home-Room_2.jpg, Kanyakumari Manickam Tourist Home-Room_3.jpg, Kanyakumari Manickam Tourist Home-Room_4.jpg, Kanyakumari Manickam Tourist Home-Restaurant_1.jpg, Kanyakumari
Hotels in Kanyakumari | Find 27 Kanyakumari Hotels Online | Book Budget, Cheap & Star Hotels in Kanyakumari, India

Kanyakumari Overview: Hotels in Kanyakumari

One of the most striking places to visit in India is Kanyakumari located in the state of Tamil Nadu which is also popular as Cape Comorin. The city is full of attractive places which makes it one of the most prominent tourist places of the country. Since it is located in the southernmost part of the nation, this interesting fact makes it much renowned not only in the country but worldwide. This is the reason tourists are always ready to discover this interesting city of Tamil Nadu.


The city is placed on the coast of the Indian Oceana and this fabulous location impressed the British so much that they renamed it as Cape Comorin emphasizing on its beauty. The city embodies all the attractive things that this country has to offer the world. You can find numerous temples, churches and religious monuments that will keep the head spinning. It is a city of mixed tradition and custom that is showcased in the arts, houses, buildings and even in the food. You can Kumari Amman Temple or to the Vattakottai Fort also depict the Indian history and astonishingly stills stands erect.


Being the hub of tourist, the city possesses many budget Kanyakumari hotels that let the travelers to have a pleasant and trouble free stay. These Kanyakumari hotels are perfect from all aspects. Each of them is built on a perfect location so that the tourists can enjoy a panoramic view even from inside the window or from the balcony of the Kanyakumari hotels. No matter whether you stay in the northernmost valley of Kashmir or in the western part of Rajasthan, you can come down to this compelling city of the country and for your comfort you can also book cheap Kanyakumari hotels through the Internet. This is the simplest task that you can perform by following few clicks. Find out the suitable one and book Kanyakumari hotels at a very reasonable price tag. So make your journey more comfortable and explore this southernmost part of the country.


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