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Ramada Caravela Beach Resort
Close to Varca Beach, Ramada Caravela offers a fitness centre, conference hall with internet facility, restaurants and bars. Nestled on th... more »


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Ramada Caravela Beach Resort-Hotel_Ramada_Caravela_Goa_Suite_Interior_room.jpg, Goa Ramada Caravela Beach Resort-Ramada-Caravela-Beach-Resort-Goa-Standard-Room.jpg, Goa Ramada Caravela Beach Resort-Ramada-Caravela-Beach-Resort-Goa-Superior-Room.jpg, Goa Ramada Caravela Beach Resort-Hotel_Ramada_Caravela_Goa_Suite_room.jpg, Goa
The Zuri White Sands Goa Resort & Casino
850 m from Varca Beach, 3.3 km from Fatrade Beach, Awarded 'Best Hotel' by Carlson Presidents Awards One of the most exotic 5 star beach re... more »


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The Zuri White Sands Resort & Casino-The-Zuri-White-Sand-Resort-Casino-Superior-Room.jpg, Goa The Zuri White Sands Resort & Casino--The-Zuri-White-Sand-Premium-Room-.jpg, Goa The Zuri White Sands Resort & Casino-The-Zuri-White-Sand-Garden-View.jpg, Goa The Zuri White Sands Resort & Casino-The-Zuri-White-Sand-Garden-Room.jpg, Goa The Zuri White Sands Resort & Casino-The-Zuri-White-Sand-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Goa
The Golden Palms Hotel & Spa, Colva
A 20 minutes ride from Margao Railway Station, Pearls Oceanique Resort (Now The Golden Palms Hotel and Spa) is a 4 star deluxe hotel offeri... more »
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Golden Palms Hotel & Spa (earlier known as Pearls Oceanique Resort)-Golden_Palms_Hotel_And_Spa_Goa_D Pearls Oceanique Resort-Reception.jpg, Goa
Longuinhos Beach Resort
Located just 1.2 km from Colva bus stand, Longuinhos Beach Resort offers facilities like Wi-Fi, spa, swimming pool, restaurant and private ... more »
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Longuinhos Beach Resort-Pool_Facing_Deluxe_Room.jpg, Goa Longuinhos Beach Resort-Longuinhos-Beach-Resort-Goa-Suite-Room.jpg, Goa Longuinhos Beach Resort-Facade_1.jpg, Goa Longuinhos Beach Resort-Luxury Room (1)_room.jpg, Goa Longuinhos Beach Resort-Suite_3_room.jpg, Goa
Acacia Palms Resort
It is perfect for families looking for a relaxed vacation, couples in search of romance, corporates looking to motivate and reward their te... more »
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Acacia Palms Resort-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Goa Acacia Palms Resort-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Goa Acacia Palms Resort-Room_3.jpg, Goa Acacia Palms Resort-Room_5.jpg, Goa Acacia Palms Resort-Room_4.jpg, Goa
The HQ
The HQ is 95 m from Vasco da Gama Railway Station, 1.8 km from Baina Beach and 4.4 km from Dabolim Airport. It has restaurants and a bar. ... more »
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The HQ-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Goa The HQ-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Goa The HQ-Reception_Area.jpg, Goa The HQ-Standard_Deluxe_Room.jpg, Goa The HQ-Lobby_Area_1.jpg, Goa
La Ben Resort
La Ben Resort is just 800 m away from Colva Beach. It offers complimentary breakfast and dinner, and exciting sightseeing packages. Located... more »
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La Ben Resort-200x150_La_Ben_Resort_Goa_Standard_Non_Ac_Room.jpg, Goa La Ben Resort-200x150_La_Ben_Resort_Goa_Deluxe_Ac_Room.jpg, Goa La Ben Resort-200x150_La_Ben_Resort_Nomac.jpg, Goa La Ben Resort-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Goa La Ben Resort-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Goa
Hotel Om Shiv
Just 2.7 km from Margao Railway Station, Hotel Om Shiv offers easy access to the Colva Beach and has a restaurant and internet cafe. Locat... more »
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Hotel Om Shiv-Hotel-Om-Shiv-suite-room.jpg, Goa Hotel Om Shiv-Hotel-Om-Shiv-Luxury-suite-AC.jpg, Goa Hotel Om Shiv-Hotel-Om-Shiv-DELUXE-ROOM.jpg, Goa Hotel Om Shiv-Hotel-OM-Shiva-standard-room.jpg, Goa
Hotel Panchsheel
Located just 2.8 km from Margao railway station and 15 minutes drive from Colva Beach, Hotel Panchsheel offers a multi-function hall and bar... more »
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Hotel Panchsheel-Hotel_Panchsheel_Non_AC_Bedroom_1_room.jpg, Goa Hotel Panchsheel-Room_2_.jpg, Goa Hotel Panchsheel-Hotel_Panchsheel_Ac_Deluxe_Suite_3_room.jpg, Goa Hotel Panchsheel-Hotel_Panchsheel_Non_AC_Bedroom_3_room.jpg, Goa
Silver Sands Beach Resort
A stone's throw away from Colva Beach, Silver Sands Beach Resort has a conference hall, pool, gym, Wi-Fi facility, restaurants and bar. Sil... more »
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Silver Sands Beach Resort-Suite.jpg, Goa Silver Sands Beach Resort-Suite_1.jpg, Goa Silver Sands Beach Resort-Suite_3.jpg, Goa Silver Sands Beach Resort-Standard_Room_1.jpg, Goa Silver Sands Beach Resort-Superior_Room_1.jpg, Goa
The Byke Old Anchor
280 m from Cavelossim Beach, 2.3 km from Mobor Beach, 5.2 km from Carmona Beach, Poolside barbecue, Coffee shop, Bar, Wi-Fi connectivity A ... more »
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The Byke Old Anchor - Pure Veg -Exterior_View_3.jpg, Goa The Byke Old Anchor - Pure Veg -Exterior_View_2.jpg, Goa The Byke Old Anchor - Pure Veg -Reception_1.jpg, Goa The Byke Old Anchor - Pure Veg -Lounge_1.jpg, Goa The Byke Old Anchor - Pure Veg -Lounge_2.jpg, Goa
Resort Dona Sylvia
Dona Sylvia Beach Resort, located around 3.5 km from Betul Beach, offers Wi-Fi, spa, restaurant, bar, fitness centre and conference hall. Do... more »


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Resort Dona Sylvia-Room.jpg, Goa Resort Dona Sylvia-Resort_Dona_Sylvia_Goa_Superior_Room_room.jpg, Goa Resort Dona Sylvia-Superior_Room.jpg, Goa Resort Dona Sylvia-Deluxe_twin_Room.jpg, Goa Resort Dona Sylvia-Suite_Room.jpg, Goa
Taj Exotica
1.3 km from Cavelossim Beach, 5.1 km from Varca Beach, 7.9 km from Margaon Railway Station, Beauty parlour, Ballroom, Shopping arcade, Wi-Fi... more »


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Taj Exotica-Taj-Exotica-Goa-Presidential-Villa-Two-Bedrooms.jpg, Goa Taj Exotica-Taj-Exotica-Goa-Luxury-Room.jpg, Goa Taj Exotica-Taj-Exotica-Goa-Luxury-Room.jpg, Goa Taj Exotica-Taj-Exotica-Goa-Villa.jpg, Goa
Hotel Cliff
A luxury property, 2.4 km from Dabolim Airport, 1.3 km from Hansa Naval Base Golf Course Located close to Dabolim Railway Station (750 m)... more »
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Hotel Cliff-Hotel_Cliff_Goa_Suite_1_room.jpg, Goa Hotel Cliff-Hotel_Cliff_Goa_Deluxe_Room_3_room.jpg, Goa Hotel Cliff-Facade.jpg, Goa Hotel Cliff-Hotel_Cliff_Goa_Suite_4_room.jpg, Goa Hotel Cliff-Exterior_View.jpg, Goa
Alila Diwa
500 m from Martin's Corner, 2.8 km from Utorda Beach, 16.8 km from Dabolim Airport, 4 Restaurants, Swimming pool, Health club, Spa, Business... more »


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Alila Diwa-Alila-Diwa-Goa-Terrace-Room.jpg, Goa Alila Diwa-200x150_Alila_Diwa_Goa_Family_Terrace.jpg, Goa Alila Diwa-200x150_Alila_Diwa_Goa_Loft_Room.jpg, Goa Alila Diwa-200x150_Alila_Diwa_Goa_Terrace_Room.jpg, Goa Alila Diwa-Alila-Diwa-Goa-Diwa-Suite.jpg, Goa

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South Goa is a popular attraction in Goa that compels the travelers to visit the place and make their journey enjoyable. There are a number of attractions that travelers can explore and make their travel memorable. Some of the popular attractions of South Goa are Panaji, Mapusa, Pilar, Margao, Vasco-Da-Gama, Mormugao Harbour and Chandor. All these travel destinations are diverse from one another and a large number of travelers visit this place to make the tour pleasurable. Apart from these attractions, the natural loveliness of the place is another attractive feature of Goa that captivates travelers from far distances and compels them to visit the place. Travelers can plan their travel to Goa from by booking the flight tickets and rooms in the renowned hotels in South Goa, Goa. There are a number of South Goa hotels, Goa that welcome number of travelers every year. The Goa hotels are very popular for serving the best accommodation and hospitality to make their customers feel pleased and impressed. The charges of hotels in Goa are affordable in range hotels. One can easily get the desirable room in reputed hotels in Goa for comfy stay and perfect hospitality.


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