Mall Road Hotels, Manali

Hotels in Mall Road, Manali

Yak Hotel
Yak Hotel, located within 400 m from the Tibetan Monastery, offers facilities like restaurant, travel desk and business centre. Situated o... more »
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Yak Hotel-Duplex_Room.jpg, Manali Yak Hotel-Super_Deluxe_Room.jpg, Manali Yak Hotel-Deluxe_Room.jpg, Manali Yak Hotel-Exterior_View.jpg, Manali Yak Hotel-Yak_Hotel_Manali_Honeymoon_Suite_room.jpg, Manali
Hotel New Adarsh
Located near The Mall Road, Hotel New Adarsh has a multi-cuisine restaurant and travel desk. It arranges for adventurous activities like tre... more »
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Hotel New Adarsh-Hotel_New_Adarsh_Super_Deluxe_room.jpg, Manali Hotel New Adarsh-Hotel_New_Adarsh_Super_Deluxe_Bathroom_room.jpg, Manali Hotel New Adarsh-Reception11376382685999.jpg, Manali
Silmog Garden
150 m from Manali Bus Station, 1.3 km from Hadimba Devi Temple, 84 m from The Mall Road, Separate veg and non-veg restaurant, Internet Situ... more »
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Silmog Garden-Hotel_Silmog_Garden_Manali_Family_Room_room.jpg, Manali Silmog Garden-200x150_Silmog_Garden_Manali_Standard.jpg, Manali Silmog Garden-200x150_Silmog_Garden_Superdeluxe.jpg, Manali Silmog Garden-Silmog-Garden-Deluxe-Room-.jpg, Manali Silmog Garden-Reception.jpg, Manali
Hotel Snow View
Hotel Snow View is a 3 star property located centrally on the ever-bustling Mall Road in Manali. The hotel offers 45 elegantly-designed room... more »
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Hotel Snow View-Hotel-Snow-View-Manali-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Manali Hotel Snow View-Exterior1376374765260.jpg, Manali Hotel Snow View-Hotel snow View_Manali_Super_Deluxe_Room4_room.jpg, Manali Hotel Snow View-Hotel-Snow-View-Manali-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Manali Hotel Snow View-Hotel snow View_Manali_Deluxe_Room1_room1376376622702.jpg, Manali
Hotel Ambika
Hotel Ambika lies in proximity to the Mall Road, in Manali. Popular tourist attractions like Jagat Sukh, Club House and Manu Temple can be r... more »
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Hotel Ambika-_Exterior_View_1_.jpg, Manali Hotel Ambika-Hotel-Ambika-Manali-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Manali Hotel Ambika-Hotel-Ambika-Manali-Family-Suite-Room.jpg, Manali Hotel Ambika-_Exterior_View_2_.jpg, Manali Hotel Ambika-_Room_1_.jpg, Manali
Hotel Himgiri
Located within 200 m from the bus depot and 1.9 km from Hidimba Devi Temple, Hotel Himgiri offers a banquet hall and free Wi-Fi. Surrounde... more »
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Hotel Himgiri-Hotel_Himgiri_Manali_Super_Deluxe_Room2.jpg, Manali Hotel Himgiri-Hotel_Himgiri_Manali_Deluxe_Room2_room.jpg, Manali Hotel Himgiri-Hotel_Himgiri_Manali_Super_Deluxe_Room6.jpg, Manali Hotel Himgiri-Hotel_Himgiri_Manali_Super_Deluxe_Room5.jpg, Manali Hotel Himgiri-Hotel_Himgiri_Manali_Super_Deluxe_Room1.jpg, Manali
Hotel Royal
Hotel Royal lies just 2 km away from Manali Bus Depot and The Mall. It provides free Wi-Fi and parking facility. Set amidst fresh and lush ... more »
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Hotel Royal-Hotel-Royal-Manali-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Manali Hotel Royal-Exterior_View2.jpg, Manali Hotel Royal-Hotel-Royal-Manali-Economy-Room.jpg, Manali Hotel Royal-Hotel-Royal-Manali-Semi-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Manali Hotel Royal-Hotel_Royal_Manali_Super_Deluxe4_room.jpg, Manali
Hotel Swan
Hotel Swan, situated on Mall Road, is barely a 10 minute walk from the main bus stand. Encompassed by soaring Himalayan peaks in the hill re... more »
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Hotel Swan-Hotel_Swan_Manali_Deluxe_room.jpg, Manali Hotel Swan-Bedroom.jpg, Manali Hotel Swan-Bedroom_2.jpg, Manali
Hotel Suraj
It is a 1 star hotel, situated within outstanding scenery and provides facilities such as Intercom facility, Cable T.V., Room service, etc.... more »
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Hotel Suraj-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Manali Hotel Suraj-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Manali Hotel Suraj-Room_1.jpg, Manali Hotel Suraj-Room_2.jpg, Manali Hotel Suraj-Room_3.jpg, Manali
Hotel Hilltop
Hotel Hilltop offers cosy and comfortable accommodation to the visitors. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities. All the rooms have T... more »
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Hotel Hilltop-Room_1.jpg, Manali Hotel Hilltop-Room_2.jpg, Manali Hotel Hilltop-Room_3.jpg, Manali Hotel Hilltop-Room_4.jpg, Manali Hotel Hilltop-Room_5.jpg, Manali
IBEX Hotel
One of the most suitable and budget-friendly accommodation service providers IBEX Hotel, Manali offers hotel facilities, such as restaurant... more »
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IBEX Hotel-Exterior_View.jpg, Manali IBEX Hotel-IBEX-Hotel-Manali-Family-Suite.jpg, Manali IBEX Hotel-IBEX-Hotel-Manali-Deluxe.jpg, Manali IBEX Hotel-IBEX-Hotel-Manali-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Manali IBEX Hotel-Room_1.jpg, Manali
Hotel New Shivalik
New Shivalik is Manali's centrally placed hotel on the Mall road with all comforts and facilities. This is the most preferred hotel by tou... more »
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Hotel New Shivalik-Hotel-New-Shivalik-Manali-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Manali Hotel New Shivalik-New Shivalik.jpg, Manali Hotel New Shivalik-New Shivalik trend line super deluxe (3)_room.jpg, Manali Hotel New Shivalik-New Shivalik trend line super deluxe (1)_room.jpg, Manali
Hotel Neelkanth
Hotel Neelkanth offers a pleasant stay to vacationers visiting the beautiful hill station of Manali. This is an ideal option to leisure trav... more »
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Hotel Neelkanth-Exterior_View.jpg, Manali Hotel Neelkanth-Hotel-Neelkanth-Manali-Deluxe.jpg, Manali Hotel Neelkanth-Deluxe_Room_6_.jpg, Manali Hotel Neelkanth-Deluxe_Room_7.jpg, Manali Hotel Neelkanth-Deluxe_Room_8.jpg, Manali
Hotel Chelsea
Hotel Chelsea offers comfortable stay in the heart of city. All the rooms are tastefully furnished and well equipped with a cable televisio... more »
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Hotel Drilbu
240 m from Mall Road, 2.3 km from Hadimba Devi Temple, 12.1 km from Solang Valley A walk away from the famous Mall Road, Hotel Drilbu is ... more »
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Hotel Drilbu-Hotel_Drilbu_Manali_Deluxe_Room_room.jpg, Manali Hotel Drilbu-Hotel_Drilbu_Manali_Super_Deluxe_Room_room.jpg, Manali Hotel Drilbu-IMG_3726_room.jpg, Manali Hotel Drilbu-IMG_3730_room.jpg, Manali Hotel Drilbu-IMG_3711_room.jpg, Manali

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On your next holiday to Manali, a visit to Mall Road is a must. There are many places of interest that you must visit in Manali, which has plenty of activities and things to do while on vacation here. Mall Road is a central hub in the city.  A visit to Mall Road will give you a greater insight in to Manali. In and around Mall Road visitors can explore various other places of interest including restaurants, shops and other establishments. Mall Road on your next visit to Manali should be on your sightseeing and holiday itinerary.


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