Jaipur Railway Station Hotels, Jaipur

Hotels in Jaipur Railway Station, Jaipur

Hotel Acacia Inn
MI Road  
Hotel Acacia Inn is 1 km from Raiway Station & close to Sindhi Camp Bus Station & Airport is 12 km away. Some of the major tourist attract... more »
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Hotel Acacia Inn-Hotel-Acacia-Inn-Business-Class-Room-view.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Acacia Inn-_MG_5302_room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Acacia Inn-_MG_5265.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Acacia Inn-Deluxe Room 1_room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Acacia Inn-businss class 2_room.jpg, Jaipur
Vesta International
2.2 km from Jaipur Junction, 5.4 km from Hawa Mahal, 2 multi-cuisine restaurants, In-house bar, Confectionery, Swimming pool, Gymnasium, 3 C... more »
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Vesta International-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Jaipur Vesta International-Hotel_Vesta_International_Jaipur_Executive_Room1_room.jpg, Jaipur Vesta International-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Jaipur Vesta International-Hotel_Vesta_International_Jaipur_Executive_Room_room.jpg, Jaipur Vesta International-Lobby_1.jpg, Jaipur
Hotel Trilok Palace
Hotel Trilok Palace is situated in Sail Colony, near Jaipur Railway Station. Owing to its proximity to the railway station and popular touri... more »
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Hotel Trilok Palace-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Trilok Palace-Hotel-Trilok-Palace-Air-Cooled-Room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Trilok Palace-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Trilok Palace-Entrance_Area.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Trilok Palace-Reception.jpg, Jaipur
All Seasons Homestay
1.7 km from Sindhi Camp Bus Station, 2 km from Jaipur Junction Railway Station, 4.4 km from Hawa Mahal, Free Wi-Fi, Kitchen and refrigerator... more »
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All Seasons Homestay-All-Seasons-Homestay-Jaipur-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Jaipur All Seasons Homestay-All-Seasons-Homestay-Jaipur-Super-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Jaipur All Seasons Homestay-All_Seasons_Homestay_Jaipur_Super_Deluxe_Room_1_room.jpg, Jaipur
Maharani Palace
Maharani Palace lies 2.1 km from Jaipur Junction and 3.2 km from Hawa Mahal. The hotel features a restaurant, bar, pub and three multi-func... more »
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Maharani Palace-Deluxe Room 1_room.jpg, Jaipur Maharani Palace-Executive Room 1_room.jpg, Jaipur Maharani Palace-Facade.jpg, Jaipur Maharani Palace-Deluxe Room_room.jpg, Jaipur Maharani Palace-Executive Room_room.jpg, Jaipur
Raya Inn
Hotel Raya Inn in Jaipur enjoys prime location and offers the best of comfort and hospitality to the guests. The personalized service and f... more »
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Raya Inn-Raya-Inn-Jaipur-Premium-Room.jpg, Jaipur Raya Inn-Exterior_View.jpg, Jaipur Raya Inn-Raya-Inn-Jaipur-Executive-Room.jpg, Jaipur Raya Inn-Exterior_View1.jpg, Jaipur Raya Inn-Lobby.jpg, Jaipur
Hotel White Lily
Hotel White Liily offers 32 well-appointed and tastefully decorated rooms equipped with air-conditioner, satellite television, intercom, da... more »
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Hotel White Lily-hotel-white-lily-jaipur-2_room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel White Lily-hotel-white-lily-jaipur-2.jpg, Jaipur Hotel White Lily-hotel-white-lily-jaipur-3.jpg, Jaipur Hotel White Lily-hotel-white-lily-jaipur-1.jpg, Jaipur Hotel White Lily-hotel-white-lily-jaipur-1_room.jpg, Jaipur
Hotel Satyam
Hotel Satyam is situated in the heart of the city and lies within a 20-minute drive of Jaipur Airport. A large number of tourist attractions... more »
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Hotel Satyam-Exterior_View.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Satyam-Hotel_Satyam_Jaipur_Deluxe_Air_Cooled_Room_room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Satyam-Hotel_ Satyam_ Deluxe_AC_room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Satyam-Hotel_Satyam_Jaipur_Deluxe_Air_Cooled_Room_room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Satyam-Royal_Super_Deluxe_1.jpg, Jaipur
Hotel Moon Light Palace
Hotel Moon Light Palace, close to several prominent attractions of the city, is less than a 5-minute drive from Jaipur Junction Railway Stat... more »
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Hotel Moon Light Palace-Hotel-Moon-Light-Palace-Super-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Moon Light Palace-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Moon Light Palace-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Moon Light Palace-Deluxe_Room_1.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Moon Light Palace-Deluxe_Room_2.jpg, Jaipur
Hotel Purohit
Hotel Purohit is a 25 year old hotel that offers a convenient stay to business travellers as well as tourists who are on a budget trip. With... more »
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Hotel Purohit-Exterior_View.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Purohit-Semi_Deluxe_Room_1.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Purohit-Semi_Deluxe_Room_2.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Purohit-Reception.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Purohit-Lobby.jpg, Jaipur
Hotel Meenakshi Palace
Location Hotel Meenakshi Palace is located on Ram Mandir Road, and is within walking distance of the railway station, approximately 1 km awa... more »
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Hotel Meenakshi Palace-Room_1.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Meenakshi Palace-Reception.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Meenakshi Palace-Room_2.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Meenakshi Palace-Exterior_View.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Meenakshi Palace-Hotel-Meenakshi-Palace-Deluxe.jpg, Jaipur
The Floret Empire Regency
The Floret Empire Regency features tastefully designed, cozy and well-appointed rooms for a comfortable and a memorable stay.Rooms are fitt... more »
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Mapple Empire Regency-Exterior_View.jpg, Jaipur Mapple Empire Regency-Mapple-Empire-Regency-Jaipur-Room-2.jpg, Jaipur Mapple Empire Regency-Lobby.jpg, Jaipur Mapple Empire Regency-Lawn.jpg, Jaipur Mapple Empire Regency-Room_1.jpg, Jaipur
Hotel Diana Palace
Location Hotel Diana Palace is located on Hathroi Ajmer Road in Jaipur. Categorised as a 3 Star property, Hotel Diana Palace provides a comf... more »
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Hotel  Diana Palace-23072012629.jpg, Jaipur Hotel  Diana Palace-Photo0092_room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel  Diana Palace-Photo0087_room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel  Diana Palace-23072012628.jpg, Jaipur Hotel  Diana Palace-230720126321398329358733.jpg, Jaipur
Alsisar Haveli
Location Alsisar Haveli is located on Sansar Chandra Road, in the heart of the city. It lies within a half kilometre radius of the bus stand... more »
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Alsisar Haveli-Alsisar-Haveli-Jaipur-Deluxe-Room-2.jpg, Jaipur Alsisar Haveli-Alsisar-Haveli-Jaipur-Deluxe-Room-1.jpg, Jaipur Alsisar Haveli-Alsisar-Haveli-Jaipur-Standard-room.jpg, Jaipur Alsisar Haveli-Exterior_View_.jpg, Jaipur Alsisar Haveli-Hotel_Night_View_Exterior_.jpg, Jaipur
Hotel Aashish
Hotel Aashish, located on Ajmer Road, lies opposite Hathroi School in Jaipur. Jaipur Junction also lies in proximity to the property, making... more »
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Hotel Aashish-Exterior_View.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Aashish-Room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Aashish-Conference_Hall.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Aashish-Restaurant.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Aashish-Exterior_View.jpg, Jaipur
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On your next holiday to Jaipur, a visit to Jaipur Railway Station is a must. There are many places of interest that you must visit in Jaipur, which has plenty of activities and things to do while on vacation here. Jaipur Railway Station is a central hub in the city.  A visit to Jaipur Railway Station will give you a greater insight in to Jaipur. In and around Jaipur Railway Station visitors can explore various other places of interest including restaurants, shops and other establishments. Jaipur Railway Station on your next visit to Jaipur should be on your sightseeing and holiday itinerary.


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