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Hotels in Dr Dada Vaidya Road, Goa

Panjim Inn
Located 5.9 km from Miramar Beach, Panjim Inn has an art gallery, restaurant and conference hall on offer, besides Wi-Fi and airport transfe... more »
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 Panjim Inn-200x150_Panjim_Inn_Goa_Room_3.jpg, Goa  Panjim Inn-200x150_Panjim_Inn_Goa_Room_2.jpg, Goa  Panjim Inn-200x150_Panjim_Inn_Goa_Room_1.jpg, Goa  Panjim Inn-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Goa  Panjim Inn-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Goa
Park Prime - Goa
1.3 km from Interstate Bus Terminal, 2.1 km from Mala Lake, 5.1 km from Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Wi-Fi, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Trave... more »
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Marigold Hotel-Exterior__View.jpg, Goa Hotel Rose Valley Marigold-Hotel_Rose_Valley_Marigold_Elite_Bedroom_1_room.jpg, Goa Marigold Hotel-Marigold-Hotel-Goa-Marigold-Suite-Mandovi-River-View.jpg, Goa Marigold Hotel-Marigold-Hotel-Goa-Executive.jpg, Goa Marigold Hotel-Marigold-Hotel-Goa-Marigold-Suite.jpg, Goa
Ginger Hotel - Goa
11.7 km from Carambolim railway station, 600 m from Kadamba Bus Terminus, 6.3 km from Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, 9.5 km from Basilica of ... more »
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Ginger Hotel - Goa-200x150_Ginger_Hotel_Goa_Standard_Room.jpg, Goa Ginger Hotel - Goa-Ginger-Hotel-Faridabad-last-Minute-Single.jpg, Goa Ginger Hotel - Goa-200x150_Agartala_Room_1.jpg, Goa Ginger Hotel - Goa-Exterior_View.jpg, Goa Ginger Hotel - Goa-Ginger-Hotel-Faridabad-last-Minute-Double-1.jpg, Goa
The Signature Crest - Betim- Serviced Apartment
Location Betim is nestled between the Mandovi river bridge and Porvorim. The Signature Crest Apartment is a blend of comfort of a private ... more »
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The Signature Crest - Betim- Serviced Apartment-Room_1.jpg, Goa The Signature Crest - Betim- Serviced Apartment-Bedroom_4.jpg, Goa The Signature Crest - Betim- Serviced Apartment-Exterior_Room_2.jpg, Goa The Signature Crest - Betim- Serviced Apartment-Bedroom_3.jpg, Goa The Signature Crest - Betim- Serviced Apartment-Exterior_Room_3.jpg, Goa
Vivanta by Taj - Panaji Goa
Vivanta by Taj is just 2.4 km from Miramar Beach. It offers everything from ballrooms to restaurants, spa, pool, gym, bar and more. Minutes... more »


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Vivanta by Taj - Panaji Goa-Vivanta-by-Taj-Panaji-Deluxe-Delight.jpg, Goa Vivanta by Taj - Panaji Goa-Vivanta-by-Taj-Panaji-Deluxe-Allure-Suite.jpg, Goa Vivanta by Taj - Panaji Goa-Vivanta-by-Taj-Panaji-Goa-Premium-Indulgence.jpg, Goa Vivanta by Taj - Panaji Goa-Vivanta-by-Taj-Panaji-Goa-Premium-Indulgence.jpg, Goa
Palacio De Goa
2.6 km from Goa State Museum, 3.6 km from Miramar Beach, 6.8 km from Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, 2 Restaurants, Conference hall Located about... more »
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Palacio De Goa-Eterior_View.jpg, Goa Palacio De Goa-Hotel_Palacio_De_Goa_Goa_4_Bed_AC_Bedroom1_room.jpg, Goa Palacio De Goa-Palacio-De-Goa-Goa-Multi-Four-Bed-Ac.jpg, Goa Palacio De Goa-Palacio-De-Goa-Goa-Twin-Bed-Ac.jpg, Goa Palacio De Goa-Palacio-De-Goa-Goa-Twin-Bed-Non-Ac.jpg, Goa
Goa Marriott Resort & Spa
2.4 km from Miramar Beach, 4.9 km from Casino Carnival, Ballroom, Fitness Centre, Swimming pool, Kids room, Restaurants- Waterfront Terrace ... more »


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Goa Marriott Resort & Spa -1 - Lobby.jpg, Goa Goa Marriott Resort & Spa -200x150_Goa_Marriott_Resort__Spa_Goa_bay_View_Guest_Room.jpg, Goa Goa Marriott Resort & Spa -200x150_Goa_Marriott_Resort__Spa_Goa_Garden_View.jpg, Goa Goa Marriott Resort & Spa -200x150_Goa_Marriott_Resort__Spa_Goa_bay_View_Patio_Guest_Room.jpg, Goa Goa Marriott Resort & Spa -Exterior_View_.jpg, Goa
Dolphin Bay
Location Dolphin Bay Hotel is located in Verem in north Goa about 35 km from Dabolim Airport, 12 km away from Thivim Railway Station and 10 ... more »
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Dolphin Bay-Suite_Washroom.jpg, Goa Dolphin Bay-Suite_2.jpg, Goa Dolphin Bay-Deluxe_Room_2.jpg, Goa Dolphin Bay-Reception.jpg, Goa Dolphin Bay-Swimming_Pool_1.jpg, Goa
Hotel Orion
2.8 km from Ferry Jetty, 3.1 km from Bus Depot, 7 km from Panjim, 9.4 km from Santona Beach, 9.7 km from Candolim Beach Hotel Orion is sit... more »
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Hotel Orion-Hotel-Orien-Deluxe-Twin-Bed-Room.jpg, Goa Hotel Orion-200x150_Hotel_Orion_Goa_Suite_Room.jpg, Goa Hotel Orion-Entrance_View.jpg, Goa Hotel Orion-Hotel-Orion-Goa-Executive-Deluxe.jpg, Goa Hotel Orion	-Lobby_1.jpg, Goa
Duke's Villa
The quintessential non-hotel hotel, Duke's Villa in Panjim is a charming two-storey villa located in a very quiet and green neighborhood, th... more »
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Duke's Villa-Rooftop_Restaurant.jpg, Goa Duke's Villa-Lobby_1.jpg, Goa Duke's Villa-Two_Bedroom_Suite_Bedroom_2.jpg, Goa Duke's Villa-Suite_Washroom.jpg, Goa Duke's Villa-Lobby_2.jpg, Goa
This 4 star hotel is well facilitated for a leisurely stay by the sea. Relax here with the sea, sand and surf. Thivim Railway Station is ap... more »
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Vista Do Rio-Swimming_Pool_1.jpg, Goa Vista Do Rio-Exterior_View.jpg, Goa Vista Do Rio-Reception.jpg, Goa Vista Do Rio-Swimming_Pool_2.jpg, Goa Vista Do Rio-Room_Block.jpg, Goa
Hotel Solmar
Hotel Solmar features a swimming pool, banquet hall, restaurant and bar. Caranzalem Beach is just 4.6 km away from the hotel Hotel Solmar i... more »
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Hotel Solmar-Hotel_Solmar_Goa_AC_Standard_Double_room.jpg, Goa Hotel Solmar-Hotel-Solmar-Goa-Non-Ac-Deluxe-Double.jpg, Goa Hotel Solmar-Hotel-Manvins-Goa-Standard-Non-Ac.jpg, Goa Hotel Solmar-Exterior_View.jpg, Goa
Swim Sea Beach Resort
Swim Sea Beach Resort is situated around 1.8 km away from Dona Paula Beach, and has a swimming pool, multi-cuisine restaurant and bar. Loca... more »
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Swim Sea Beach Resort-Swim-Sea-Beach-Resort-front-ac.jpg, Goa Swim Sea Beach Resort-Swim-Sea-Beach-Resort-seaview-nonac.jpg, Goa Swim Sea Beach Resort-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Goa Swim Sea Beach Resort-Swim-Sea-Beach-Resort-seaview-ac.jpg, Goa Swim Sea Beach Resort-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Goa
Kris Resort
Calangute Beach can be reached within 5 minutes from Kris Resort, which provides facilities like conference hall, pool, parlour and restaura... more »
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Kris Resort-Deluxe_With_Balcony_Room_2.jpg, Goa Kris Resort-200X150_Kris_Resort_Goa_Room_.jpg, Goa Kris Resort-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Goa Kris Resort-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Goa Kris Resort-_Hotel_Entrance_.jpg, Goa
Belle Vista Wado - Enviro Green Resorts
5.4 km from Calangute Beach, 4.4 km from Aprora Market, 6.8 km from Fort Aguada, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Rooftop dining area, Book store, ... more »
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Belle Vista Wado - Enviro Green Resorts-Suite.jpg, Goa Belle Vista Wado - Enviro Green Resorts-Hotel_Bella_Vista_Goa_Deluxe_AC_Room_Interior1_room137708751 Belle Vista Wado - Enviro Green Resorts-Exterior_View1381125232425.jpg, Goa Belle Vista Wado - Enviro Green Resorts-_200x150_Belle_Vista_Wado_Goa_Deluxe.jpg, Goa Belle Vista Wado - Enviro Green Resorts-Hotel_Bella_Vista_Goa_Deluxe_AC_Room_Interior_room1377087519
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On your next holiday to Goa, a visit to Dr Dada Vaidya Road is a must. There are many places of interest that you must visit in Goa, which has plenty of activities and things to do while on vacation here. Dr Dada Vaidya Road is a central hub in the city.  A visit to Dr Dada Vaidya Road will give you a greater insight in to Goa. In and around Dr Dada Vaidya Road visitors can explore various other places of interest including restaurants, shops and other establishments. Dr Dada Vaidya Road on your next visit to Goa should be on your sightseeing and holiday itinerary.


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