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Mumbai’s Domestic Airport is also known as Santa Cruz Airport. There are two terminals for this Domestic Airport 1-A and 1-B. Terminal 1-A and 1-B are interconnected with each other with the help of terminal 1-C.Terminal 1-A is presently being used by Air India for its domestic flights and it was opened in April 1992. Terminal 1-B was opened in Santa Cruz building and earlier it was used for both domestic and International purposes but later-on in 1998, it was solely being used for domestic airlines. The total area of terminal 1-A is 15,000 metre2 and it has total 54 check counters including 9 self, 6 Kiosk and 8 security channels. Terminal 1-B has 72 check counters along with 12 self, 9 Kiosk and 12 security channels. Area of terminal 1-B is 18,900 metre2.Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport and the Santa Cruz Domestic Airport of Mumbai both are having different entrance but their runway is common. If you want to reach Domestic Airport you have to get to Ville Parle, the nearest railway station from this Domestic Airport. Entrance of the Domestic Airport is about 2 Km far from Ville Parle east railway station. You can easily reach there with the help of busses or auto. Close to the vicinity of Domestic Airport one can find number of hotels at affordable rates. Hotels near domestic airport, Mumbai can be the best option for middle class people. Anyone can go to for booking hotels in Mumbai. The site offers an easy way to book hotels with discounts and holidays packages.