Bus Stand Hotels, Katra

Hotels in Bus Stand, Katra

Atul Regency
A short walk from Bus Stand and 2 km from Helipad, Atul Regency has restaurant, Wi-Fi and secretarial services. Located on the Jammu Road, ... more »
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Atul Regency-Atul-Regency-Katra-Standard-Double-Non-Ac.jpg, Katra Atul Regency-Family Suite Room_room.jpg, Katra Atul Regency-Deluxe Room  2_room.jpg, Katra Atul Regency-Facade_1.jpg, Katra Atul Regency-Deluxe Room_room1400502627517.jpg, Katra
Bhawani International
Bhawani International, lying 300 m from Yatra Registration Office and Bus Stand, offers a restaurant, travel desk and Wi-Fi connectivity. ... more »
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Bhawani International-family4_room1390285786677.jpg, Katra Bhawani International-sup dlx_room.jpg, Katra Bhawani International-family suite_room.jpg, Katra Bhawani International-dlx ac_room.jpg, Katra Bhawani International-family4_room.jpg, Katra
Malti Palace
1.5 km from Katra Bus Stand, 3 km from Katra Railway Station, 3 km from Banganga, Multi-cuisine restaurant Malti Palace is an affordable ac... more »
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Malti Palace-Malti-palac-Deluxe-Double-Non-Ac.jpg, Katra Malti Palace-Room2_room.jpg, Katra Malti Palace-Room2_room1393396427678.jpg, Katra Malti Palace-Four Bed AC  Room 1_room.jpg, Katra Malti Palace-Triple Bed AC Room 2_room.jpg, Katra
Hotel Subhash International
Hotel is located at starting point of Baanganga, Hotel Subash International features a restaurant, Wi-Fi, travel desk, cafe and ice cream pa... more »
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Hotel Subhash International-Hotel_Subhash_International_Katra_Family_Suite_room.jpg, Katra Hotel Subhash International-family room_room.jpg, Katra Hotel Subhash International-dlx room_room.jpg, Katra Hotel Subhash International-family room_room1395131534280.jpg, Katra Hotel Subhash International-Deluxe Room 2_room.jpg, Katra
Jai Ma Inn Hotels
Located within walking distance from the bus stand, Jai Maa Inn Hotel is a great choice for travellers who are on their way to the highly re... more »
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Jai Ma Inn Hotels-JAI_family_room.jpg, Katra Jai Ma Inn Hotels-Luxury Room 1_room.jpg, Katra Jai Ma Inn Hotels-Suite Room_room.jpg, Katra Jai Ma Inn Hotels-Classic Room_room.jpg, Katra Jai Ma Inn Hotels-Upper Classic Room 2_room.jpg, Katra
The White Hotel
The White Hotel is 4 km away from Katra Railway Station. It features Banquet Hall, Spa, Pool, Gym and Multi-Cuisine Restaurant Situated in ... more »


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The White Hotel-Executive_Room.jpg, Katra The White Hotel-Club_Suite.jpg, Katra The White Hotel-The-White-Hotel-Tarrace-Roo.jpg, Katra The White Hotel-The_White_Hotel_Katra_Club_Prive_Deluxe_Room_room.jpg, Katra The White Hotel-Executive_Room.jpg, Katra
Bali Resorts
Located just 550 m from Katra Bus Stand, Bali Resorts offers an Ayurveda centre, health club, multi-cuisine restaurant & coffee shop. Locat... more »
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Bali Resorts-Bali-Resort-Super-Four-Deluxe.jpg, Katra Bali Resorts-Suite Room 2_room.jpg, Katra Bali Resorts-Super Deluxe Room_room.jpg, Katra Bali Resorts-Deluxe Room_room.jpg, Katra Bali Resorts-Suite Room 1_room.jpg, Katra
Jagdish Residency
Hotel Jagdish Residency is only 500 m away from Katra Bus Stand and 500 m from the railway station. It features a multi-cuisine restaurant. ... more »
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Jagdish Residency-jagdish-residency-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Katra Jagdish Residency-Room_1.jpg, Katra Jagdish Residency-Jagdish_Residency_Katra_Standard_Non_Ac_room.jpg, Katra Jagdish Residency-triple_room.jpg, Katra Jagdish Residency-triple_room1388818950109.jpg, Katra
Van Durga Villas and Suites
Snug amid lush green surroundings, Van Durga Villas and Suites offers comfortable accommodation facility to guests. This 3 star facility has... more »
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Van Durga Villas and Suites-Villas_room.jpg, Katra Van Durga Villas and Suites-Super Deluxe_room.jpg, Katra Van Durga Villas and Suites-Suite Room_room.jpg, Katra Van Durga Villas and Suites-Family Suite Room 4_room.jpg, Katra Van Durga Villas and Suites-Family Suite Room_room.jpg, Katra
Hotel New Ashok
Hotel New Ashok, situated on the Helipad Road in Katra (Jammu & Kashmir), unlike many other hotels in the area is a family-owned property t... more »
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Hotel New Ashoka-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Katra Hotel New Ashoka-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Katra Hotel New Ashoka-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Katra Hotel New Ashoka-Reception.jpg, Katra Hotel New Ashoka-Lobby.jpg, Katra
Hotel Maa
Located just 5 minutes away from the Katra Bus Stand and Yatra prachi counter, Hotel Maa offers travel and tour assistance. Enjoying a prim... more »
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Hotel Maa-Triple Bed Non Ac Room2_room.jpg, Katra Hotel Maa-Double Bed Non AC Room2_room.jpg, Katra Hotel Maa-Triple Bed Non Ac Room_room.jpg, Katra Hotel Maa-Double Bed Non AC Room1_room.jpg, Katra Hotel Maa-Triple Bed Non Ac Room1_room.jpg, Katra
Hotel Vishal
Located within 3 km from the Katra railway station and helipad, Hotel Vishal features a multi-cuisine restaurant and health spa. Hotel Vish... more »
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Hotel Vishal-Room_room1394176728589.jpg, Katra Hotel Vishal-Room_room.jpg, Katra Hotel Vishal-Five bedded_room1399888650464.jpg, Katra Hotel Vishal-Suite Room 2_room.jpg, Katra Hotel Vishal-Triple Bed Deluxe Room 1_room.jpg, Katra
Hotel Kapoor Palace
400m from Banganga Temple, 1 km from Katra Railway Station, Nearby Hill Fast Food Restaurant and Lavanya Shopping Complex Located within wa... more »
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Hotel Kapoor Palace-Hotel-Kapoor-Palace-Katra-Executive-Ac.jpg, Katra Hotel Kapoor Palace-Hotel-Kapoor-Palace-Katra-Four-Bedded-Non-Ac-Room.jpg, Katra Hotel Kapoor Palace-Double Bed Non AC Room 1_room.jpg, Katra
The Atrium on the Greens
500 Meters from Katra Railway Station, 12 km from Vaishno Devi Temple, In-house multi-cuisine restaurant, Coffee shop, Holistic spa, Landsca... more »
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The Atrium on the Greens-Deluxe Room_room.jpg, Katra The Atrium on the Greens-Family Suite Room 4_room.jpg, Katra The Atrium on the Greens-Family Room 1_room.jpg, Katra The Atrium on the Greens-Deluxe Room 2_room.jpg, Katra The Atrium on the Greens-Family Room 2_room.jpg, Katra
Hotel Ishan
Hotel Ishan, lying close to Katra Bus Stand and Charan Paduka, has facilities like Wi- Fi, travel desk and multi-cuisine restaurant. Hotel ... more »
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Hotel Ishan-200x150_Hotel_Ishan_Katra_Super_Deluxe_Ac_Room.jpg, Katra Hotel Ishan-200x150_Hotel_Ishan_Katra_Deluxe_Non.jpg, Katra Hotel Ishan-200x150_Hotel_Ishan_Katra_Super_Deluxe_Non_Ac_Room.jpg, Katra Hotel Ishan-9500127_room.jpg, Katra Hotel Ishan-13360093_room1389160140056.jpg, Katra

Bus Stand (Katra) Hotels - Book Cheap Bus Stand Hotels & Accommodations in Katra

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On your next holiday to Katra, a visit to Bus Stand is a must. There are many places of interest that you must visit in Katra, which has plenty of activities and things to do while on vacation here. Bus Stand is a central hub in the city.  A visit to Bus Stand will give you a greater insight in to Katra. In and around Bus Stand visitors can explore various other places of interest including restaurants, shops and other establishments. Bus Stand on your next visit to Katra should be on your sightseeing and holiday itinerary.


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